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Writer of kinky horse words, and less kinky comments that can be longer than some entire fics.

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After two years... our salvation has been delivered! We have reached true enlightenment!


Thanks. Sorry this took so long to get started.

I love some of your stories

Congratulations on publishing this. I've been waiting. :twilightsmile:

Finally, some straight up play, everything I've ever wanted from this story! It feels like everything up to this point has been teasing and we finally have the payoff!


Thanks you! Glad you enjoy it.

Yes, but good build up just makes the fun that much more fun. And Luna has plenty of more fun to go.

This chapter has some of the elements I love most about CtS fics. For me, there's something beautiful and sweet about pre-scene conversations between doms and subs, where plans are made and boundaries are discussed.

I'm really glad we get to see more of Gregor. In the last story, you hinted that he was a sweet and caring dom outside of his roleplayed persona, and I really enjoyed reading more of him here.

Thank you very much, and agree, one of the best parts I love most about CTS is the scene setting, the little breaks from the action that make clear that this is all just a big, fun, kinky game everyone is playing and reinforcing how much trust and caring underlying everything done, no matter how intense and kinky.

And glad you liked Gregor, I'm very glad he's been so well received, of course I had to bring him back and give him a bit more focus, just wait, things well get even better soon.

Жду продолжение!)

Спасибо. Много веселья в магазине.
(And thank you Google Translate :twilightsheepish:)

:twilightsmile: "Spike? What are you reading?"
:moustache: "Nothing! Don't come in here!"

This ia shaping up well to be good story. Slower to get in action than most, but with the ambitious scene setting, I can't complain.

Still hoping we get to see the scene with Cadence and Shining Armour at some point.

If not, oh well, this is great in and of itself.

Poor Luna. I wonder what event brought her fear of inhibitor rings... Still the story is very much enjoyable.

Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next!
I am wondering though how many of them suspect her real identity.

That is on the list of one shots to get to... eventually...

Well, she does give a time line for when she realized how much she dislikes them, and we know of at least one decently major bit of fun she had there.

I will be trying to get more done faster, IRL kind of kicked my ass over the last few months, and yeah, seems her disguise might not be quite as secure as she thinks it is.

Please do not rush it. I know very well how real life events can exhaust creativity.

Yeah, Luna falls for the classic trope of letting her disguise be too reminiscent of herself. Especially with her rather unique dialect. Anyone seeing Fading Crescent can't help but be reminded of their ruler, can they? With her colour scheme and general Moon theme. Cadence made a pretty good argument in one of the earlier stories for Heartthrob's appearance.

I wonder though if she truly messed up out of arrogance, or if what was hinted in the classroom scene wss true. That she really wasn't trying because she wanted ponies who knew her to see through the disguise.

I'd say neither, it's just her personality is too distinctive for her to hide well. That and she needs to invest a few more skill points in bluff if she wants to pull something like this off.

You'd think with how many points she has in intimidation she'd be a better bluffer. :raritywink:

Eh, those two are very different skills. Plus Luna isn't the type to make threats she isn't entirely willing to follow through on.

True, although mamy rp systems tend to clump them together under "charisma".

No she is not, she is an honest badass.

Amazing story! Also, I'm curious to see what we'll learn about Wood in the Aftercare chapter.

Any idea for when the next chapter is coming?

Hopefully soon 2020 kind of kicked my ass, but slowly plugging along. Next chapter is done, but want to try and get all three chapters ready before posting them to avoid more delays.

No problem.
Yeah 2020 has not been a great year for anyone, but great to hear your still chugging along.

Just keep it coming dude! No pun intended.:twilightoops:

That was honestly adorable. Nothing else needs to be said except that Wood is best boi

But it's such a good pun.... especially for what our little slave-mare is going to be running into next.
Yes he is! Glad you liked it, bit of sweet little fun between the more messy fun.

Baring something going wrong, tomorrow.

thank you been looking forward to this story for a while

It's nice to see in these stories that there is a near-instant response to somebody not feeling up to a specific kink, to a point that they are panicking and need help calming down and given proper aftercare. It really helps world-build The Clocktower Society as a safe place for everyone involved.

:twilightsmile: Very glad you liked that part. And yeah, it's one of the reasons I love writing CTS stories so much.


Very happy to hear that, one chapter to go and the wait will not be anywhere near as long.

Lily's response to the grievous error of nearly invoking The Pink Menace is the only appropriate one.

One does not lightly invoke the name of an Eldritch Partier.

Let's see... If my mental timeline is correct, this raises the question of just who it is leading the Den Mothers at the moment.

Worth the wait, Sera, and glad to see Wood getting the type of action he prefers - and Luna getting to worship at her altar of choice again! ;)

Glad you liked it! And yeah, those two did end up being cute together.

I'm so glad to see this develop more and more. The way the story is starting to evolve is epic.

Please I love the care you take with your characters and the situations they are in.

I wonder who the real dom in this chapter was

Just because Luna prefers to be a sub, doesn't mean she doesn't know what she wants.


I think this has become one of my top stories to read. I hope you'll write more for Luna I'm the future, you for it so well.
Thank you for putting your hard work into this so we can all read and enjoy it ^^

Thank you very much!

IRL is kind of...... not the best but, trying to get more written!

Thank you, I'm glad this scene worked so well.

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