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At one time, Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek gods. Then they let the first pony in.

There goes the neighborhood

Editors: Tek, Themaskedferret, FanOfMostEverything, BluePaladin42, GhostOfHeraclitus

Cover art is Lady-Princess-Goddess by Cherryviolets and a commission for Mother-Of-Trolls
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First comment reserved for the author. Seven chapters, already written and put out one per day, starting... well, why not now?

I have no idea what originally triggered this story idea, but it dates back to an odd thought/conversation about how much Greek there was in My Little Pony, from pegasi to the tall mountain on which the goddesses made their home, and two totally random brain cells made contact.

What if Olympus and Canterlot are the same thing?

Olympus: lazy gods and goddesses throwing parties and snubbing each other while they look down on the commoners.
Canterlot: Royals, just the same.

I would like to thank my editors (above) for their tireless work at making my dull prose interesting and particularly CherryViolets, who inspired me into actually finishing this after I saw the beautiful picture of Celestia.

The story is tagged 'Sex' mostly for Zeus, who will bang anything that moves and some things that don't. Writing this story gave me new respect for Disney who managed to make the animated Hercules G rated, including Zeus.

I'm not sure why them being horses would bother Zeus at all. I'm sure he's changed into a horse to sleep with *someone*. :trollestia:

7172278 Interestingly, the second largest horse in the world (as of around a year ago) was a Belgian draft horse by the name of Zeus.

When Celestia wants to play chess master, she might set up the board, but thats only because she has already rolled up your character sheet with GM priviledges and stolen all your aces for the after match poker game. :trollestia:

Oh this is very funny Zeus is already sizing up the now arrives right now what a considerate host and right while his wife is in the same room, oh adultery...adultery never changes. This has already showed promise perversion, drunkenness and humanoid and Pony shipping hang in the air oh such a forbidden fruit that taste so sweet. The author sure knows how to entertain me

me think Zeus will be in trouble once Candace, and Twilight get there..... me think Candace and the other goddess of love and such will become quick friends while Twilight nature will most likely have the whole place running like clockwork,

7172223 I normally go by my username on the site ^^; Love the coverart btw.

And so it begins. Everyone, you're in for a treat. :pinkiehappy:

7172406 hey, you helped frost the cupcakes :pinkiehappy:
7172388 Fixed it. And yes, I love that picture. I sent the permission request back in Feb. Hooked me right through the feelz.
7172377 I honestly tried to find a place for those two, because Cadence is obviously Aphrodite and Shining Armor is Adonis, but I couldn't find a spot where they'd fit.
7172330 Zeus in mythology was... hm... aggressively promiscuous much in the same understated way that a politician tends to wander in the direction of a TV camera. Hera, however, is a goddess of virtue and marital responsibility.
7172326 Please. She does not steal your aces. They were never yours to begin with.
7172287 Shhh. He's in disguise, playing tourist. Hide your mares.
7172278 It's not necessarily the species of the new goddesses, but his position he's protecting. He likes to be on top. (snerk)


Ah, I apologise, I forgot the deck is a lesser ones for lesser players.

That, and Zeus is going to be stalked by cupcakes.

Intresting choice. Stalked by the horse of the man in black, or the so quiet and self effacing.

Hey Loki. Green and Bulky to see you. :yay:

7172466 i can see cadnace as her but i see shiny armor as Ares and twilight would be Athena, or they just come in and replace them, or been pretty much doing those 3 jobs while those 3 been play hooky, hell i could see that Zeus being to busy doing the thing not to notice that half of his kids and fellow gods have all left they jobs becuase they sick of them and other have take up the jobs


Well, this is looking fun so far, and I am curious to see which princess Zeus will stick his dick in first and how long it will take to get there.

7172377 It's a very good thing Twilight isn't here. Zeus would lure her off on her own with the promise of a lesson fast enough to leave Rainbow reeling, and I really don't see her holding up well after the inevitable results of that escapade.

7172496 oh i can see it happen but when he try she goes bad shit crazy rage shift that will make Hera cry with pride, i can even picture it he try it she flip and send him flying away back to his him in one hit, while the princess are have tea with Hera and one of the princess make off comment about a bet or something doing with Zeus and Twilight


7172507 Twilight isn't that violent. She will be confused and nervous which will make it very easy for him to take advantage of her, and after he does she will be left feeling awful and uncomfortable so she will try to bottle it up and forget it ever happened. And then she will discover that she is pregnant and everything will get much worse. :twilightoops:

7172517 true but i can see her go crazy, she can be scary and will fight back

You really captured the ludicrous nature of Greek myth here. I approve.

I'm being thrown off by this setting, but then again, it migth just be the kind of silly fun I enjoy to read.
And thus I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.
Please don't let me down :raritycry:

I love crossovers with the classic Greek pantheon! And one that's from one of my favorite authors too?! That's just a massive strawberry on top of the Ambrosia flavored cake! :twilightsmile:

Though not gonna lie, when I saw the story's title in my feed, I thought it was a different story with the same title that had come back from the dead lol

7172223 Oh! Just gotta ask one question though, and I will hide it behind spoiler bars just to play it safe... will Poseidon make an appearance to troll his brother Zeus about the new "goddesses" he made, seeing as he is not only the god of the sea, but also the one of earthquakes, creator and god of chariots and (most importantly in relation to Celestia and Luna) horses/equines? :trollestia:

Oh Celestia, you minx XD

7172676 One story? There's four of them in Fimfiction now. (Prak already dropped me a note) :pinkiehappy: And I'm not saying about King Seapony.
7172671 Me? Write a story that's about silly fun? Heaven forbid. Just sit back and count the cameos...

“Totally understandable,” said Celestia, nodding her head. “But I could not help but notice on our way here how many nymphs and dryads were awakening to begin their cavorting around.”

“Staff,” said Zeus.

“Adorable ones too,” said Celestia. “Cute little rumps and darling little breasts. There must be such a cloth shortage here, because the whole bunch seemed to be sharing one kerchief as an outfit. And they looked chilly.”

Oh, Georg, no.

7172743 Really? Can you link to them? This is the first one I've seen.

Haha, it has begun. I need to get back to work, it looks like. :twilightsheepish:

Well, this looks like one to follow. My favourite representation of the Greek Gods is Orpheus in the Underworld (not coincidentally my favourite operetta, and not because of the Infernal Galop). This looks to have the Gods in a similar vein.

7172377 Um, the GOD of love is a boy... name of Eros, son of Aphrodite and some unknown other god, to her husband Aephestus's chagrin (although lesser legends suggest that he's adopted). And yes, he'd probably get along with Cadance just fine. It's Aphrodite herself that would be trouble... she's usually depicted as a vain, lustful, aggressive little minx.

Will prometheus be part of your story or the aristocracies gods have committed among the years?
Greek mythology is a very f:yay:d concept and contains incest, rape ,kidnapping. But the most interesting fact is that among all the gods Hades has the lowest amount of aristocracies committed. So the god of underworld is the nicest one.

This certainly has a neat set of wordplay, and congrats on a new story that looks to be going places, much to zeus's dismay, and hera's amusement.

Mares? That definitely will not stop Zeus.
Kinda reminds me of "the War of the Gods" by Évariste de Parny.

7173444 True dat!:coolphoto:

The only female anything safe from Zeus is Hestia, who tricked him into making a sacred oath to never touch her...

As a Greek myths nerd and a Celestia fanboy, I am hype.

Oh, I can tell this will be fun already. Younger Luna feels like your little teen kid sister while Celestia, while not at her Mother of All standards, has such an air of responsibility to her, and she's playing the game. Given time, I'm sure Zeus will find an alicorn stallion form to test out.

But I do love that Celestia had taken over for Apollo and Zeus never knew because he never read the letters :rainbowlaugh:

7173369 Wrong.
"APHRODITE (a-fro-DYE-tee; Roman name Venus) was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility"

Chuck Norris Celestia has the greatest Poker-Face of all time. He She won the 1983 World Series of Poker despite holding only a Joker, a "Get Out of Jail Free" Monopoly card, the 2 of clubs, the 7 of spades, and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

I know he's been a bull at one point.

You ever moved into that new place and only then found out they have a No Pets policy?

7173459 You forgot the Greek Goddess of Night, Nyx. Of the same generation as Gaea, she is the mother of multiple offspring, including Thanatos, Hypnos, and the Fates, many of whom she conceived without a partner. Zeus is actually scared of her in the myths. The threat of her intervention would get Zeus to behave/forgive one of her children who offended Zeus.

and she builds a castle

7173797 More of a goddess of LUST, actually... girl really went around (Aephestos once was forced to put her in a CAGE, for goodness' sake!), and the times she made a couple it didn't always end well... remember Helen of Troy? Her doing.

7173858 The Caves of Nyx in the Underworld is where the Titans are locked up too. Zeus doesn't do much for Father's Day, other than dodge paternity suits.
7173675 Yep, that hits the nail right on the head.
7173574 Hermes hasn't exactly been the best of postalgods, and is a little slack on delivery. Don't worry. Watch for the last chapter.
7173567 Ναί!
7173382 Trying to keep things light-hearted. Having that heart torn out every day would not help. :scootangel:
7173369 I can just see Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle stared at her brother with her jaw almost touching the floor. Finally, when she had gotten enough breath to keep from passing out, she sent Spike into the other room and closed the door. She walked up to Shining Armor and poked him in the chest with one hoof while growling, "Tell me the truth this time, mister."
"I'm officially the god of love now, Twily." Shining Armor's grin only grew. "The paperwork just got done the day before yesterday. I would have dropped over to tell you then, but Cadence wanted to celebrate, and it went on a lot longer than I--"
"Stop!" shouted Twilight with her hooves over her ears. "Right now! Stop it! You're my brother, for pony's sake! I don't want to hear it!"

That face, I can't. I just can't. :rainbowlaugh:

O ho ho, this is going to be brilliant!

7173797 The Greeks had room for more than one love deity. Although their love deities were vastly outnumbered by their war deities.

7173872 nope
dont fucking argue with pudgy

Bah. Zeus would be shapechanging into a stallion before you'd have time to say "Hyperion's your uncle". I'm just saying...

7173905 Then Twilight meets Hecate, goddess of magic and sorcery and the two spend a few eons playing with !!Science!!, as a combination of Dwarf Fortress style and Girl Genius style.


No, Zeus did plenty of sexy stuff without shapeshifting. He was fond of banging horses, a practice continued by both the Greeks and the Romans.

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