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This story is a sequel to The Traveling Tutor and the Diplomats Daughter

A simple test with an unexpected result sends Princess Twilight Sparkle’s life in an unexpected direction, accelerating a high-speed collision course with the young magic tutor she met and fell in love with just over a year ago. But angry Griffons, arrogant Royals, in-laws and other mighty forces from Canterlot and beyond seek to tear the young lovers apart and enforce their own will upon their future regardless of either Twilight or Green Grass’ plans for a life together.

Too bad for them.

Thanks to my editors: Peter, Logan, Featherprop and Tek
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Cover Credit to Micah Weltsch at Micahdesigns on Instagram.

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Comment #1 reserved for the author: This story was published during George's March, the third (or fourth) story in the Traveling Tutor series. I think you'll enjoy this one, even though the number of fountains utilized is fairly small. There will be an appearance by Sunny and Gilda, as well as all of the regular cast of characters, lasting from that first little plus sign on a piece of plastic until the exchange of vows in a destroyed Canterlot. Um... Well, not destroyed totally.


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EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It's back, it's back, oh yes, THANK YOU!

Oh, it's that sort of test... Let me do the count of individuals who are going to have kittens and/or double kittens.
Celestia, Princess, Grand manipulator, current, maternal auntie, future
Luna, Princess, Superior Letch, current, cool auntie, future.
Shining Armour, Soon to be psychotic, Gelding Shears owner.
Cadance, Ecstatic Princess, Sunday edition bearing, Shining Armour pacifying, for the purpose of.
Night Light, Lord, Sword Bearing, Future son in law threatening, for the use of (Just Tradition you understand).

I can't think of anything better to say than great first chapter!

No dying, it is forbidden! Not because I type so, of course, but beca-GRRRK! *flop*

Hi, this is the idiot's lawyer. While dying due to overwriting is not unheard of, it is understood that death would be a less than pleasant state of being for the author. Please ensure thyself of good health by occasionally taking a break.

She just had to keep up the family tradition... :unsuresweetie:

Yes! Been waiting for this one.


About Dad-Gum Time!!!!


I kid. u no ah lurve yew, georgy...

Misread the title as "The Time Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam"

I think it's probably a pass twilight.

[/Whatever it was. After all, it was just a true-false test. And not even that difficult. Ponies all across Equestria took this test every day, probably. They did not fret, or chew their mane… quote]

I think she might be very wrong there and that a good number of ponies fret and chew their mane while making this test.

Today is now officially a very strong candidate for "Best Tuesday Ever!"

Seriously though. Its great to have the adventures of my absolute favorite Twilight Sparkle pairing coming back for another story. A toast!

It begins! :pinkiehappy:

Oh dear. Just imagine how Pinkie will react when she hears this. And the rest of Twilight's friends as well. And the other princesses... Oh goodness, this is going to go nationwide in a matter of days, if not hours.

Eagerly looking forward to it.

Okay, I am gonna need to know just exactly what order I am supposed to read these, from the sounds of it. (Right now, I am nearly 3/4 through Letters From a Little Princess Monster, which, btw, has earned itself a place in my Best of the Best shelf. (31 fics in that shelf, as opposed to over 1200 Favorited fics... that places it in the top 2.5% of the stories I really liked, and probably top 1% of ALL the fics I have read on this site so far)

I can tell I will never be out of good reading material as long as you keep writing them. :twilightsmile:

Wait, so she's shedding feathers now? Does that mean she went through all of season 3 pregnant? :twilightblush:

I remember the last fic ended right after "The Crystal Empire".

"Princess Cadance is counting on us to do our part to get the Games Inspector to choose the Crystal Empire! I just need to vomit and then eat an entire jar of pickles first."

At the dress fittings before the coronation.
"Alicornification includes an inversion of the chest/waist size ratio, right?"

5694538 He is a MACHINE, there is no other explanation for the amount of work he has coming out soon!
What about the fact that he has been working on all of this for a while, what about that explanation? :pinkiehappy:
Well, yeah.... if you want the explanation to be bland and boring.
No!:pinkiegasp: I don't want that! Yeppers, he is a machine, like the Terminator:pinkiecrazy: .... only less "Hasta la vista, baby" and more "I come bearing horse-words, fear my Writer's Block of Doom!"

Anyways, the continuing tales of Greenie, the earth pony stallion who showed me OC romances with main characters of a popular show CAN work, and got me hooked on Georg's writing skill. Looking forward to this just as much as the rest of yall.

5694495 Add: Every member of the nobility with a son 'just about your age, Your Highness.'
5694538 Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon: Work until you hear your dead ancestors calling for you. Then you may take a ten minute break
5694783 I thought about it, but writing time loop stories confuse me (other than Monster. She had a very nice section in Letters).
5694814 Well, it's a bio-alchemical reaction that shows a positive result, but it reveals a failure in her fourteen-volume plan for the proper progression of a romantic relationship, skipping whole chapters in the process! It's terrible! It's wonderful! It's... terwonderble??
5695034 And poor Princess Celestia will be the last one to find out. Watch out for running gags.
5695219 Traveling Tutor, Diplomat's Daughter, Diplomacy by Other Means, and this one. You don't have to read Diplomacy, but it will prevent some confusion because I tend to gloss over descriptions that have shown up in other stories (which I'm working on, really) Plus it's awesome, if a bit bloody.
5695251 More fun. Rarity gets to fit a moving target.
Rarity: Twilight, you put on another quarter inch around your barrel just last month! How many pickles have you been eating?
Twilight: Four
Rarity: Well, that's not bad.
Twilight: Barrels.
5695355 I just couldn't wait any more. I've been getting much better quality out of my work by waiting and doing a thourough job on editng (and spll cheking) but April is coming up *fast*

5695831 One other question; are these Monster side stories, or just a seperate universe series using that brilliantly funny EP unicorn tutor? :twilightsmile:


The traveling tutor series is a different series from the monster series. It's in the same universe as Diplomacy by other means, and Genesis though.

5695872 Thank you. And I am looking forward to reading these stories, considering how much I am loving the Monster stories


I started with the monster series myself. They're very different. There's some elements in common (Optio Pumpernickel) but also some huge differences. Greengrass x Twilight is the general theme of the 'traveling tutor' fics.

They're just as well writen, but expect a very different style and feel. Also the really early ones are earnestly less well written, because Georg hadn't had as much experience as he got later. No offence intended Georg. I'll be disappointed if, in a few years, my old stuff isn't worse than my new stuff. That would be sad.

5695901 lol, Thats understandable. I have seen it in several fics, including in V-Pony's Blue Angel where you can see how his writing skills improved as he wrote. (800k words... his writing BETTER improve lol) Even my own skills improved the more I wrote.

I do know I would love to see him get the Monster stories published as a book. I would literally be first in line for a copy. (was first one to get name on the list for Pink Eyes, and beat by maybe a minute from being first to send in payment lol... I am that serious a collector of FiMfictions-turned-books)

But she knew one Princess who would be able to tell her.

And I'm sure Cadance will be all too happy to tell her - once she is done channeling her inner Twilight in the most jubilant yes-dance witnessed by ponykind.

Good to see this storyline continue - the previous installments have been all kinds of fun and I don't doubt the trend will continue here. Twilight's pregnancy could have been seen coming (the mishap with spoon sizes and her preventative medicine was hardly an attempt at subtlety after all :trollestia: ), and I'm pretty excited to see this outcome explored - and how Equestria learns why you don't piss off a hormonal, moodswing-prone Alicorn :pinkiecrazy:

So Twilight's little boyfriend knocked her up. Go on.

Twilight, honey, I think that the only pony who can really tell you if that's a pass or a fail is you. Do you want to have a foal with Green Grass?

5694286 Woot! You got featured (logged on and saw it on the board). Congrats!

I sense more explosions in the future. More explosions, with Blueblood in close proximity, are always a good thing.

"My dear student, can you explain to me why there is a Blueblood-shaped hole in the roof of the main waiting chamber? I only ask for the record, of course. Personally, I've wanted to do that for years and I've lost count of the number of times I've persuaded Luna not to do it. She will be jealous that you beat her to it, you know!"

Oh hell no. :flutterrage:I hope she destroyed him.

Let us hope that dear Blueblood is only slightly crispy and blackened around the edges. It will sear the douchey juices into him fully, and make for excellent antagonistic follies in the coming chapters.

5697328 Not the way he's acting here. :ajbemused:

5697328 Considering what all I know happens... he deserves every bit of it.:pinkiecrazy:

I'll say 50/50 chance of either slamming Blueblood into the furniture/wall/ceiling/mountain, or a teleport.

Georg you're such a tease, I can't wait to see the other Princesses' reactions to this. :trollestia:



Oh why do you tease us so with these horrible delicious cliffhangers and side plots. *throws self on drama couch* :raritydespair:

On an unrelated note, are all the chapter titles going to have a variation of the word "pop" in them? Because there's this rather immature German pun that I can't get out of my head now, thank y'all kindly. :ajbemused:

5697398 5697428 5697572 5697594

Gentleman, gentleman! You are all thinking... rather inside the box. Destroying him (via telekinetic crush or vaporization) is not a thing a princess just does to clods like him no matter how tempting; besides, she wouldn't want to upset the Princesses with repair bills for the walls/ceilings or leave the lingering scent of burnt hair/flesh/fop to wrinkle the noses of the innocent cleaning crews and maids. Nor would she just teleport him as that's a rather "tame" way to handle an ego such as his that needs to be taken down a peg or two (million).

No, what she will do to him will be one (or more) things that will haunt him for the rest of his days (no matter how short they may be, given how he is going about things) and make him BEG for the good ole days when all he had to worry about was cake in his coat and mane. :pinkiecrazy: :trollestia:

Ah, yes. Earth ponies' pre-Equestrian democratic traditions mean that they didn't really have any nobility when the three tribes unified. And now they're woefully underrepresented in the upper tiers of society... to whatever extent that actually matters. That's rather variable.

Also, we have our conflict. Declaring the engagement wasn't scheduled yet, and so Twilight needs to race to cover her rump. After all, I'm sure she's already thought of a dozen disaster scenarios stemming from an illegitimate royal birth.

And as for Blueblood, well, wrong place, wrong time, and most especially wrong pony. Unless, of course, you're playing with our expectations. I look forward to seeing his fate.


...and she had even gotten a teensy bit… bite-y around the library over the last few weeks. Although Rainbow Dash deserved it for dropping by and trying to steal the last blueberry muffin at breakfast yesterday.

"Rainbow, I'm so sorry!"
"Nah, it's cool. So when does my horn grow in?"
"... What?"
"Duh. Bitten by an alicorn? That's the origin of, like, five different superheroes. Are you radioactive right now?"
"In the sense of black body radiation, yes, but—"
"Make that nine superheroes. I'm gonna need to think of a name."

She turned him into a potted plant?

Or else she teleported away.

Cool. I love it when Blueblood gets hospitalized.

Just wanted to add: Am I the only one who was shocked by the frankly shameless level of racism in Crosswind's internal monologue?

Twilight did the only thing she could think of doing.

Well I don't think he'll be siring any heirs any time soon.


No! That fountain has very romantic imagery for her now.


It does seem like an Earth Pony's lot is not a happy one in Equestria

5697968 Who doesn't? Especially after acting like a total b!tch towards Rarity, even though she ain't on the top of my fav list if I lived in Equestria Blue Blood would be on my hit list.

Well, if I am any judge, there will be a Royal Proclamation soon, to be announced by town criers the length and breadth of the land.

5698104 Oh, there is another JUST like her but for a different tribe of pony coming soon. But yeah, she is quite stuck on her cloud of "High and Mighty pegasus" looking down upon the groundbounders.

I think the first thing she is gonna do is vomit all over Blueblood. After that however...


Naw, through various shenanigans Shining Armor is the last to find out. Strangely Princess Twilight Sparkle is okay with this. :trollestia::twilightsheepish:

Laconic summary of this Chapter. Twilight is TARDY. Oh, and she has to take a test.

Somebody go get me a mop and a bucket of that industrial cleaner. This pool of blood and broken teeth isn't going to clean itself, you know?

Nooooooo!! How could you leave it there?? Right there? Forget the cliffhanger, I think you just pushed us all off. Well, not as far as BB just pushed Twilight. But I don't think it's possible to push farther than that.....lol.

I'll laugh so hard if she disintegrates the ring. :rainbowlaugh:


Oh? Too inside the box? Alright then. I can think outside the box. *clears keyboard*

Part One:

The Most High & Royal Court was crowded this day, with the exception of the shaft of light that shone upon a lone and chained unicorn by the name of Blueblood. With eyes brimming with barely held tears, he looked up to his beloved Auntie Celestia, whom was looking down upon Blueblood as one would upon an unsightly spot that needed to be bleached with all the fury of a nuclear inferno.

With a gentle stroke of her magnificent wing, Princess Celestia quietly soothed the trembling form of Twilight Sparkle. "Oh Celestia, it was terrible! He, he tried to force his unwanted advances upon me!" the young princess cried out as the audience that had gathered this day in court gasped in astonished shock upon hearing this most blasphemous of actions.

"Oh my dearest Twilight, perhaps it was all a grave misunderstanding? Come, my Nephew, do speak of what you meant. Is this all but a mere misunderstanding?"


"I have heard enough!" Celestia proclaimed as the rising sun calls to the morning. "I am related by the merest slivers of infinitesimally abysmal occurrence of tragic goblet of wine some thousand years past from a cousin's ill-advised indiscretion, and thus cannot be called to give a fittingly unbiased punishment. Whom here can proclaim a fitting justice to my most spoiled and misbegotten nephew?"

A grand door opened, and a parade of animate cakes of all shapes and sized did hop in time to some unheard music derived from the dark and howling depths of Pandemonium. The grand and carnivorous cakes chanted their abyssal song as they surrounded the chained prince who shivered in fear of having frosting stain his coat. Held aloft on a palanquin of cotton candy, did Pinkie Pie enter the sacred court. With a cheery squeak she spoke, "Oh Princess Celestia, I would say we should make cupcakes of him, but I fear the otherwise delicious confections would spread plague and most unsightly rashes with he as the main ingredient!"

Blueblood sighed in relief at this.

"So instead, we should have him attend clown college and work full-time entertaining at foals birthday parties! With no free cake for him!"

Blueblood blanched at this.

Then another door opened, and into the court did erupt a burgeoning cloud of darkest storm and cracking thunder. From terrible gales did issue forth a white chariot pulled by a dozen pegasi composed of pure lightning. From the chariot did stand Rainbow Dash, who proclaimed, "As the twerp is not even two-percent as cool as Tirek getting relief cream from the pharmacy for bowel incontinence, I say we shave his coat off, tie him up, and use him as bait for hydra spotting in the upcoming televised wild discovery series!"

Blueblood's teeth chattered in worry at this.

A door appeared, and from it did a most calm and radiant maiden did lightly step forth. Heralded by neither insane cakes nor intimidating storms, Fluttershy simply and gently trotted her way to the center of the room. With a most bright and gentle set of eyes did the fair maiden of Ponyville sweetly suggest, "May I recommend him as a new slumville for a set of particularly excruciatingly painful set of skin-devouring parasites? They get so awfully hungry and they would very much like a nice place to call home where they can raise their itty bitty little babies. Um, if that's okay?"

Blueblood tried to squirm towards the carnivorous cakes. They seemed suddenly merciful.

5699318 Reads what is written and applauds vigorously. Not what will happen in the story, of course, but definitely a thumping good read that gave him the chuckles. "I say, old bean, I give that a solid "thumbs up"!" Eagerly awaits "part two".

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