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'It doesn't make any difference what you do in the bedroom as long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses.' - George Bernard Shaw

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This is a solid first chapter. I'm really enjoying this so far. It's a pretty unique premise, but you make it work, and work well. It's not overstated or too subtle, and that's a balance that's harder to get right than you'd think.

Transgender isn't really my taste/preference, so I'll put this in the "Maybe read" pile.

Great chapter here! It really had me on edge!

This is a great start and I'm really enjoying this.

7533131 Thanks! There was a lot to consider when I was trying to fit the premise into the episode. I wasn't sure how much license I could take with Coloratura and Svengallop's past relationship. They were pretty businesslike in the episode, so I thought I'd make that the 'dying embers' of a once loving relationship. :twilightblush:

7533161 Thanks for considering it! You won't regret it, promise. The editor, Manifest, is full on hetero and, speaking for him here, admitted he found it hot. :raritywink:

7533185 Thanks. I wasn't sure if the conflict would fit in with the fluff of the rest of the story, but I felt like it was important to tie up that loose end. I certainly enjoyed the world-building that Manifest and I put into this chapter. :twilightsheepish:

7533190 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Are femcolt and futa the same thing?

Narrowly escaped a bad end there. Donut Joe is so badass! I cheered when he arrived and kicked that sorry flank.

Towertop means stop, drop, unknot and comfort! Got that, beyotch?!

Haven't read, but:
* Why is the giant blaring title logo embedded no less than five times in this chapter in addition to its appearance on the cover image?
* Apparently this is based on a setting established in another, unfinished story? Should part of that be read before this? If so, how much?

(Edit: Replied to at 7534249, with story spoilers.)

Amazing work for a first story. Lots of laughs, d'aaw, charm and thrills. Cinnamon Chai is best pony.

is prostate milking and the gentle emission thing really a thing? I'm....intrigued. So you can make cum flow steadily without ejaculation? Coloratura was obviously enjoying herself but was the description suggested she wasn't orgasming?

And Coloratura made to have a mare orgasm? Was that just a dry ejaculation after being milked dry? Or is there something more? And is there real basis for this in real life?

Not that I want to try it or anything...

7533968 I think that's what they call a page break. Notice how it's always in between scenes?

And no, the author mentioned this is a standalone story.


is prostate milking and the gentle emission thing really a thing? I'm....intrigued. So you can make cum flow steadily without ejaculation? Coloratura was obviously enjoying herself but was the description suggested she wasn't orgasming?

I looked it up as part of editing this. I was surprised to find that the answer is 'yes'. Apparently you can milk a prostate. It can be done to achieve a regular orgasm, a ruined one or this gentle emission thing. Apparently the latter requires a lot of cooperation from the submissive, a truly willing effort. And apparently according to one guide I read on the subject 'gentle emission' implies no orgasm at all. The testimonies of subs undergoing this describe it as a very, very long sense of release without ejaculation or orgasm. One sub described it as a very long, slow, intense and pleasurable 'wee'.

Interestingly multiple accounts from various subs describe feeling even more submissive and devoted afterwards. And apparently they become unable to ejaculate again for hours up to a day after a full milking. Which leads us on to the next question of 'female male orgasms'.

And Coloratura made to have a mare orgasm? Was that just a dry ejaculation after being milked dry? Or is there something more? And is there real basis for this in real life?

Double Rainboom tried to explain this one to me. She described it as, as you say, kind of like a dry ejaculation. However normally ejaculation and orgasm isn't possible after the prostate is fully milked and emptied (which is why it's used to maintain chastity in a sub). It's an incredibly delicate process that requires the sub and dom to really work together. The sub apparently must be in the happy lala land of subspace and maintain the state as long as possible. While in this state they're meant to begin the process with conscious willful pelvic contractions, kind of like simulating an orgasm. Guidance and encouragement from the dom at this point helps (spanking, taps, etc. to guide the tempo of contractions). Constant stimulation (e.g. anal, or Double Rainboom tells me penis or prostate stimulation) in combination with subspace can trigger a sort of dry ejaculation by triggering the physical (and mental) reflex that normally initiates ejaculation. Because it's dry apparently it can be made to last longer. Hence the 'female male orgasm'.

Apparently achieving this 'female male orgasm' requires lots of training and conditioning and a very, very patient and encouraging dom and only meant for advanced long term couples as there is a very high failure rate in the initial stages of training. As you know, most subs derive lots of pleasure from pleasuring their doms and succeeding in fulfilling their dom's orders and expectations. Failing is frustrating for subs and repeated failure can damage confidence and self-esteem and be harmful to their psyche. Some subs even 'fake' an orgasm just to avoid disappointing their doms and end up feeling guilty and depressed over it. It takes a very loving and supportive dom who clearly states failure is okay and facilitates a policy of open honest communication to achieve eventual success.

Y'know, I've delved into a lot in femsubbing and I don't think I've ever come across something this involved and complex. I've never been interested in male subs before I started editing for Double Rainbow. She has certainly opened my eyes to some very fascinating things.

7534301 why do you always give me new fetishes, even when you're just editing?!

I guess I should blame the writer. Y u do this to me?! Dear writer, I love you

It sounds like something super initimate that only really close trusting couples can do. In a way that's sorta sweet.

Also congrats on the feature!

“I mean, I know it’s your first time with–with somepony like me. But if you find it troubling, I brought a changeling fire potion from the society.” She reached out for a potion bottle poking out of her saddlebags, one that contained what looked like liquified green flames. “I can transform into a real mare if you want. I–” Coloratura’s voice trailed off into a soft eep as his magical grip grasped the bottle. She gulped as she watched him uncap the bottle. Wordlessly, he levitated the bottle over to her wash basin before emptying its contents.

She gaped, looking between the bottle and him.

“Don’t need that.” Joe muttered, leaning in towards her. “You’re already the most beautiful mare in my life.”

I made an account just to say that this is the most romantic clopfic moment ever and...

“Heh,” he chuckled, “Might have gone and borrowed a few Clocktower training manuals, maybe practiced on a banana or two. Prefer you to the banana. Bananas don’t squeal as loud.”

this is the funniest clopfic moment ever.

This was absolutely fantastic. I hadn't expected to find a story about honest to goodness gender identity but there it is. Definitely worth the follow.

What do giant obnoxious images have to do with breaking pages? I thought that was what chapter breaks were for.

I'm glad that the clop was optional. I'll probably go back and read it, but I'm glad you gave the option.

As for the story itself, I loved it. It was adorable, serious, and delved into a lot of what I was most curious about when it came to the lore of the Clocktower Society. Well done, and good luck with the next story you write

Oh man,I am adoring this story. It's just so full of fantastic heartwarming moments. Thanks for writing this. I'm sitting here with a big goofy grin on my face enjoying a nice case of the warm and fuzzies.

Edit : I read the sixth chapter and now have a slightly different look on my face. Whew. Oy vey,that was steamy.

Sent by Pen Mightier and I am glad he shouted this out.

There's an extreme lack of femcolt on this website.

Lovely story, only gripe would be the use of futa(nari) instead of herm(afrodite) that got me annoyed a bit. Why have a non Japanese(neighponese?) character use japanese "slangs" when it doesnt fit them.

Okay, so to start with... first chapter was pretty good with plenty of solid emotional context to really make me feel for Coloratura as a character. Second chapter was kind of overly abbreviated and really doesn't accomplish much on its own beyond transitioning between the preceding and subsequent chapters. It really could have used more content to flesh itself out, or otherwise might have been better combined with or spilt between either of the adjacent chapters. Third chapter was a return to form in terms of providing good emotional context, but also introduced some potentially needless complications involving Joe's mother.

Her being a member of Clocktower alone would have seemingly have been enough of an icebreaker without also needing to be intersexed, or maybe just a male crossdresser. Not that I really mind the concept of Joe's mother being futa, but the whole curse of Discord angle sort of feels like an unnecessary extraneous detail that only raise questions which needlessly distract from the primary plot. Not to mention that in both her case and Coloratura's I find myself strangely off put by the implications that Equestria is so intolerant, which seemingly stands in stark contrast to episodes of the actual show, like Brotherhooves Social, where we saw BigMac crossdressing without anyone making much fuss about it at all.

Unfortunately that now brings me to the forth chapter, which is where this story just about loses me completely. Admittedly, you did warn about dark themes, but that's not what bothers me. Rather, it's the awkward and overly-forced way in which you dealt with them.

It started out more or less okay, with Svengallop coming across as mostly just a jealous ex-boyfriend who can't take a clue, and I was eagerly expecting Joe to scare the creep off while telling him never to come back... but then safewords were invoked sending up a distress flare and summoning a dozen guards who proceed proceed to drag Svengallop off saying he'll never see the light of day again. Not that I've any love lost for the overly possessive jerk, but the whole thing just feels like too much *Disproportionate Retribution*, for what little offense he actually committed. Sure he vaguely mentioned something about owing money, and in other less savory settings that could lead to some rather unfortunate consequences, but here there's just not enough context to make that connection obvious and so it feels more like everypony is just jumping to conclusions and making wild accusations without any evidence to back it up.

Maybe if Joe was an active Torchbearer instead of retired, and if the whole thing had been a sting operation with Svengallop already under suspicion of illicit activities it could have worked better. However, even that would predicate on knowing what a Torchbearer even is in the first place, something that this story by itself never really explains properly. I'd have been completely lost if it weren't for the fact I've read the forums and seen Manifest Harmony briefly mentioned them.

Anyway, sorry for bothering you with a rant. I really did like most of what you did in the first few chapters, and maybe, I'll come back and try finishing this story later. But for right now I'm going to need to take a break and washout the bad taste that forth chapter left me with.

7533161 I thought the same thing too, but the clop isn't fully needed and the story alone is amazing and worth it.

Damn, Joe is one lucky stallion. Great story, love the cute femcolt Rara. :twilightsmile:

The story was well told, but I'm not into m/m

This fic was beautiful! You did such an amazing job!:yay:

Is it cool if I add this to the "Transgender Bronies" group if it isn't already?

It was at this chapter, I stopped reading...

I.. Oh my stars, I think I've found a new favourite story on the site. I mean, safe, sane, consensual, and most importantly, loving smut between a trans girl (or a different universe's analogue of one) and her Master? Not even mentioning the heart-melting love story beforehand? This entire story hit like, so many of my buttons, in all the right ways. I can only hope one day I'll find my own Donut Joe.. But yeah. This story is incredible, and you should be proud! Thank you. :twilightsmile:

I have to say, this story was going along very nicely for me until the "futa" talk and Chai just blurting everything out. It's... not a very sensitive way of writing about the subject. Totally killed my interest in what felt like a very heartfelt story of self discovery for a transgender pony.

“NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNHH!” She shrieked, arching her back off the bed...

Nyan? She meows when orgasming?

By Discord's tits, I thought we already crushed all the big players.

Discord has tits?:rainbowhuh:

Yes, but they're as useless as the titties on a boar hog (as my grandmother used to say):ajsmug:

Glad you answered that question. I was wondering myself.

I looked it up. A futa is a hermaphrodite or chick with a dick. It is not a transgender but a third sex.

Cadence only giggled at her student’s earnestness. “You can always use the Changeling fire kiln at the transformation center and keep up the magic with potions for eleven months. A lot of ponies at Clocktower Equestria West do that. It just takes a lot of patience and perseverance.” Cadence said. “What amazes me most is that the public still buys into the whole ‘magic of love’ thing.”

I smell winningverse.

She was quickly whisked away to dreams of a place far, far away from there, a land where the sun sets in the sea, a sanctuary hidden from the eyes of the world, a haven where confused ponies like her are welcome.

“Oh, you’re too precious! I’m not letting you go! Please, marry my son!”

’Mom just proposed to me. Now I know I’ve completely bucked up the meet-the-mom moment.’

:rainbowlaugh: That’s not a thing.

I would like us to stay friends, Rara.”

She grinned knowingly. She knew this one. “It’s half-full, of course.”

Since you’re emptying it I would say half empty but if you were filling it I would say half full.

Kokorotora before doing the same with his own.

This is what it was to be Master’s pet, his helpless plaything, a toy for his pleasure. Every squeeze, every firm grip hammered home how much she belonged to him. She floated on a cloud of fulfilled calm, a subspace of contentment, knowing she was fully his.

> tfw no existentially fulfilled subby gf.

I love how good this story is! I've read it several times over the years, and it's really quite something! This time I'm back again because I've managed to snag myself a lovely lady like Rara and I shared this story with her. Also, now that I've played the game, I totally see the bioshock references in the chapter. Well done.

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