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Started writing stories as a way to escape from reality for a few moments, will mainly focus on crossovers and alt. Universe stories with Adventure, Drama and Romance.

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Seems interesting keep up the good work 👍

Love the story so far and not gonna lie Kaori is my favorite to.

He's more metal than manly in my opinion.
How did you manage to comment on my story instead of my blog post?

No idea also nice pace choose reincarnation instead of the same cliché dropped of near Ponyville

I shall follow this story’s career with great intrest

iam not even reading it yet and i demand more chapters now...
only one chapter is sin..

Hanayama, the man, no doubt this will be interesting.

My only complain (before even reading the first chapter) is that it feels weird for him to be still called 'Kaoru [Insert-English-for-Equestria-Here].

I'll give you a bit more after reading the first chapter.

This pleases me vastly!

The force from Kaoru's swings causes his attack to follow, missing Musashi and leaving Kaoru in a wobbly standing state. Loosing the sight in his left eye causes Kaoru to loose focus and exhaustion from the fight quickly follows. But despite the seriousness of the situation, Kaoru's thought are right now on the person that he made a promise to.

Not "loose", but lose.

'What happened? Everything is dark, I can see or hear anything.'

Can't or cannot instead.

I tried to move my body, since I am clearly consious in some weird way, I thought that would be possible. But I can't feel anything. It's different from that time when I fell into a coma after getting shot in the head. When I was in a coma, I could still hear what was happening around me, but now... there's nothing.


" Well for now, you call me God and the reason you can't feel your mouth or the rest of your body is because you are indeed dead. We are currently in limbo and are talking telepathically. "

Feels like it should be: "can" call me God.

" Four years later and after the Maximum tournament, which was a martial arts tournament were everything was allowed, you decide to fight a deathrow inmate and nearly lost your jaw. "

Either Maximum drops the capitalization or tournament gets it as well.

" I mean, you only just reached 20 and you thought it was a good idéa to have a 'fist vs sword' fight against the most famous samurai in your country's history without knowing any martial art. Which ultimately lead to your death. "

Led instead of lead.

" To tell you the truth, you were not suppose to die in that fight and because fate made a mistake, I must now give you a new life. "


" Yes, you will forget everyone you've known through your life, including this entire conversation. However, you will not forget the impact those people had in your life. As a foal, you will be smarter than average, your personally will mostly stay the same and you will keep some of the traits from your previous life. Like your insane strength, near invincible body and kindness that you show to those that deserve it. "


The green flame that made up Gods body


If it were the main timeline-

I believe this entire section is not needed. It can be explained in some other way. After all, the tags already tells us this an 'alternate universe'.

your personally will-

I believe you meant to write 'personality'.

And hey! You explained the name thingie I mentioned earlier. I can understand a bit now.
Honestly, I'm really interested in how this turns out.

Good, now do more.

Let us see the new Standing Stallion...

I already have a good feeling about this series

my... if that wasnt a violent "Get yo cold ass hooves off me!!"

Do any of the female characters in Baki Dou throw any punches?

That ending was completely unexpected.

Great! That's exactly what I was going for. :pinkiehappy:

Excellent work keep it up

Hehhehehe I had to suppress my laughter because I’m on the bus right please make more of this I really like it

From that author's note, I'm getting the feeling you're across the pond from where imperial measurements like ft are actually used. My assumption is based on the fact that metrics exist in nice and neat intervals consisting of multiples of 10, while imperials are all over the place. Case in point, 5 inches is not half a foot. Oh, and while I'm at it, shorthand for foot is not a comma. It's a single quote mark. N and a half ft would expressed like so: n'6. A foot is twelve inches, and the number that follows the number of feet in that format is not a decimal number, but the number of inches left over that are less than a foot.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, would be a shame otherwise." Mayor said with a smile, though I could sense a bit of hidden meaning behind her words which brought some concern.

Really mayor?! WTF! :ajbemused:

You are right on the money, I grew up using the metric system. But with that said, does that mean that Kaoru would 5'6 and ponies like Big Mac would be 4'6?

This fic is an alt. universe story, so events from the show will play out in no particular order and their will be a lot of time skips since this is meant to be a bit more slice of life than my other stories. The exact season doesn't really matter, but it does play out from the earlier ones.


So that's why Tempest Shadow's and Trixe's show up. But if so, what about Starlight or the Princesses/Shining Armor?!

Luna and celestia should be involved to couse he's a BIGBOY

Yep. 5'6 is short hand for 5 feet and 6 inches. On a related note, double quote marks are shorthand for inches, but that's usually reserved for imperial measurements of distance less than a foot. Just so you know.

Aww yea, now this is a story I can get into! :rainbowdetermined2:

yeah i
maybe us(Readers)
prefer this story than any of your previous story..
no offense, but this is more interesting one...
imagine, his mama protective about his safety that if some mare want to 'taste' him...
iam just curious, will he punching or in this case kicking a mare?

Does the update answer your question? :trixieshiftright:

Awesome story. Also, its Physique not Physic.

"honestly I'm not sure why he grew to be so big since neither me or his father were like that or had relatives with of similar physic."

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out. :twilightsmile:

Thanks again K-A for another amazing chapter. If the first chapter didn't have me hooked into the story this second one definitely did. I'm excited to see the next chapter and wish you the best of luck with writing your next instalment. Cheers!

Me imagining Big Mac and Kaoru meeting each other and later on fighting beasts together

Can’t wait for the next chapter

Even though I haven't watched the anime yet or read the manga, i'm liking this story more and more after seeing everything in Kaoru's wiki page and all the possibilities that would entail his presence in Equestria.

Keep it up!

Man, I know nothing about the Anime this is attached to, but this is looking fucking metal! Keep it up!

How did the Banana trend start?

What are you talking about? :applejackconfused:
Why would you asked that question here?

Please let him be a father figure for Scootaloo

but what happened to his dad?

Currently a bit busy IRL, but I've already started on the chapter and I'll try and update as soon as possible.

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