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Okay. Not even past the first paragraph. Several errors. Most of it was the fact that the first paragraph was nothing but a run-on sentence. The other things were: using the wrong version of their/there/they're, using the wrong version of your/you're, and some typos such as 'of' instead of 'off' in the sentence that included, "powered your phone of." Also, you need to capitalize Anon because that is the name of the MC.

My advice, have someone else read and check your work before you post it.

Thanks for that, I’ll keep this in mind for the next chapters and stories to come

excuse me, can this be tempest's new theme, please?

Good so far.
Grammar needs some work in my opinion.

I’m very aware of this fact, and I’ve cleaned up mostly spelling errors, grammar mistakes I’ll have to show to brother to proof read or something like that:twilightsheepish:

Great chapter!

Is Tempest and her crew are aware that there’re five Alicorns (Flurry Heart) or no?

I would say no considering flurry heart is a newborn and was absent from the movie

Hot damn, that was good!

This was a wild and interesting beginning it has me super intrigued to see where this goes.

This was beyond wild chapter and there first meeting ,the escape had me on edge.

This was heart pumping epic it had me on the edge. This probably should have death tags.

It does now, I would’ve probably forgot to put it there, thanks:raritywink:


This fic is in dire need of an editor, if only to fix the spelling mistakes.

This was a wild heart touching chapter. Drama alert you mite need a drama tag to. I hope in this universe she does get her horn back.

That went quite quickly.

This was a beautifully epic ending I'm so happy for them and that she got a new horn.

Good ending. A continuation would be nice but I am fine with this too.

Well that escalated quickly.

Eeeh, the Mohock's were a violent British street gang, nasty bunch. The hairstyle however is spelled Mohawk.
Don't mean to sound like a jerk, Just thought you should know.

Autocorrect sucks, it doesn’t correct shit

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