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Started writing stories as a way to escape from reality for a few moments, will mainly focus on crossovers and alt. Universe stories with Adventure, Drama and Romance.


Serious Question · 5:41pm Jun 29th, 2022

Out of all my stories, Equestrias Wild Card is the one that I just can’t seem to move forward with, no matter how long I sit down and write. Mostly because of the setting and overall plot so far. I am considering that it might just be the story that I will unfortunately have to cancel. Which is sad for me because it’s my second most liked story and I know people really like it.

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#LoveForLimey · 3:11pm May 10th, 2022

Let’s keep it going! Trend started by this guy!

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I've been thinking, really hard. · 11:48pm Apr 8th, 2022

So I've been thinking for a while now and before anyone gets worried. NO, I'm not leaving this site and I'm not going to quit writing.

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I AM STUCK! · 10:48pm Dec 21st, 2021

I am in deep need of help regarding a decision in "Equestrias Wild Card". Last chapter, I dropped a pretty solid hint on who is the first of the Main 7 to become a Persona user. I'm gonna add a spoiler warning to those that don't want to be spoiled, because this will help me in deciding what persona she'll get hopefully.

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Where are the Bicorns!? · 8:46pm Nov 23rd, 2021

Why are there no more than three stories on this site about Bicorns?
For those that don't know, bicorns are often described as fabulous beasts that are part-panther, part-cow creature with a human-like face, according to European satirical works of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
However, modern media have created a more equine version of the beast.

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Question about the T and M rating. · 12:47pm Oct 20th, 2021

Should Equestrias Wild Card be T or M rated? The story is meant to be relatively light hearted with some drama and violence, but nothing that would be too dark. The reason why I changed the rating to M was because of the bath scene in chapter 6, but it isn't exactly anything extreme that happens, neither is it that detailed about how the characters are exposed.

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New story!!! · 11:42am Sep 13th, 2021

I just submitted my fourth story, and it's a Baki crossover featuring everones favorite giant yakuza, Kaoru Hanayama reincarnated as a colt in RGR Equestria.

I wanted to post a story about an extremely manly character in RGRE, so I asked myself: "Who is the manliest man that has ever been a man in fiction?" And three names came to mind as I asked this.

Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star
Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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New chapter is out! · 5:27pm Aug 30th, 2021

Sorry for the accidental post that happened a couple of days ago. :fluttershysad:
The Edit button is right next to the Publish and I clicked it on accident. :ajbemused:

Hope this chapter satisfies you all, don't forget to comment! It is what keeps us writers motivated and I want to hear your thoughts. :twilightsmile:

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Looking for a Displaced story · 4:30pm Aug 16th, 2021

Displaced stories have been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. The unified agreement of the Merchant from RE4 sending people away as fictional characters is rather cool in my opinion. These fics seem to be just as loved as they are hated on this site. Most likely because a lot of them are rather simple in their writing, but I like them.

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A little help with my HiE story · 8:59am Aug 15th, 2021

I've been writing for a while now and I've so far made 3 stories, one of them being a crossover with Kengan Ashura.
I've rewritten the first chapter and added more details about my OCs, but I can't decide on the story itself. Should it be anthro or normal ponies?
When I started I wanted this story to be the first of mine to have regular ponies, but then I got unsure and added the anthro tag.

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