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I've been so looking forwards to seeing this. That is a LOT of art.

Is Manifest playing favourites? m(>3<)m

7641928 Actually I think she had a lot of fun playing playing with her new drawing tablet, and used this as an excuse. :twilightblush: Although its mostly the first chapter that got a lot of art. I do hope you enjoy it though~ ;3 waiting for the other 3 chapters to be edited atm (Writing is actually already done.)

She instead focused on the little show she was providing them with, her flank pressed against the bars and her cheek nuzzled into the the cold metal floor, the cool metal bar grinding between her damp labia. As she rocked her hips up and down against the steel, her arousal dripped down the bars making a small puddle at its base. She was letting out the most adorable mewls of desperate need.

I don't know what's hotter, this bit or the picture that comes with it.

Not just saying that because I drew it, nope, totally not.

7641928 Hush, sweetie. Now that I have my art tablet you're getting double the arts for your story, you know that~


Not just saying that because I drew it, nope, totally not.

ofcourse not, that would be a spankable offence :raritywink:

This is one of the hottest things I've ever read. Submission, petite mare, pegasus, and upcoming "training" just pushes all my buttons.

P.S.: If one of the editors is reading this, please stop reading random comments and finish editing the next chapter. I can't wait much longer. :fluttercry:

7642174 Nooooooooooos! please Sparkles! Don't torment us!

7642002 I am glad you like it, I do hope the rest will be to your liking :heart:

Congratulations on the feature box! You deserve it! :pinkiehappy:

7642002 Eek! :applecry:
Gets back to writing while chained to his desk in the salt mines.

*smuggles the editor a cookie*

So much unf...

7641960 Yes, that's all she talks about these days. We need to feed her more stories to draw cute porn for <3

Oooh, this is a lot more tense and exciting than I expected. It's got me all tingly thinking about the 'Quiet'. They seem really chilling and threatening in a very sexy way. Knowing it's all roleplay somehow makes it double exciting, kind of imagining how they plan and choreograph it all to be as realistic as possible.

Next chapter please!

Just curious, I'm not really too into modern BDSM standards. What does each color signify on a collar?

7643220 Here's the collar code used in the story:

Collar Base Colours
Red: No owners. Not interested in a permanent owner. Similar to friends with benefits.
White: No owners. Seeking permanent owner. AKA ‘Collar of Consideration’. Reds often change to white as a form of courtship. This is similar to dating.
Black: Has a named owner. AKA ‘training collar’. Can be offered by a dom or sub as a form of courtship. This is similar to being boyfriend/girlfriend.
Adamantite (Deep purple): Permanent ownership. AKA ‘Eternity collar’. This is similar to marriage.

Bare/No Studs: Not interested in free use
Silver Crystal: Free to use by everypony
Ruby Crystal: Free to use with permission

Colour Border
No Border: Bisexual/No Preference
Dark Blue: Heterosexual
Dark Purple: Homosexual

Colour Band
Orange: Roleplays unwillingness, resistance and non-consensuality
Gold: Prefers to be petted, spoiled and cared for lovingly.
Purple: Prefers to be objectified, abused and firmly trained.

Collar Padlock
All collar padlocks are heart-shaped.
Personal: Engraved with the owner’s cutie-mark.

And the safewords used:
Staircase: Slower pace. Coded by 3 safety bell rings.
Clockface: Pause. Not necessarily requiring equipment to be removed. Coded by 5 safety bell rings.
Towertop: Full stop. Stop, drop, unknot and comfort. Coded by 7 safety bell rings.

We do yes! I swear she's on an art crusade at the moment. I swear Harmony is trying to secretly kill us with adorable art!

And yeah the quiet send chills down my spine as well. The thought of being dragged off to the unknown is quite thrilling~ Next Chapter will be up as soon as it's been edited :twilightsheepish:

7643563 xD we were typing it at the same thing it seems! **edits her post**

Lovely bit of tension going on there. Has me wanting more that is for sure


Is suddenly thinking about the multiple sexual ways how Cherry will be broken most of them tentacle-related :twilightblush::moustache::scootangel:

7643673 Trust me, I have truly seen enough hentai of all kinds to come up with multiple outcomes. In this case, since we're heading down God knows where... I am thinking of something of alien origin, monsters, or just something that warps one's mind... I have gone crazy :pinkiecrazy:

Manifest approves? Well, I'll have to check this one out when I get the time~

7643563 You seem to know a fair bit about the background behind the story. Is this Clocktower Society a thing somewhere or is the color of the collars and so forth being pulled from elsewhere?
If it would be better to continue this conversation in private messages, then I'm cool with that.

Really interested in the story so far. Just don't know what to say about what attracts me to it, save for 'all of it'.

7644379 It's actually a setting created by Manifest Harmony, The original story can be found here (It has world building chapters which explain the collars and such.)

If you like consensual bdsm kinky goodness you should definitely give that a read :twilightsmile:

I am so disappointed in you all, they are called the Quiet. In Dr. Who there is a group called the Silence, why am I the only one who saw this?

I will now sum up my opinion of this story via movie quote :

At first you had my interest, but now you have my attention

7644418 I am glad I have your attention dear :raritywink:

Oh my god, that lowering scene works so good!

7644611 Wait 'till you see the art for it. :raritywink:

7646323 You know I would write "first reply" here if I weren't so trashy... :ajbemused:

Wait... :rainbowderp:



did you just call yourself "trashy" mate?

how long till another chapter.

I had a feeling it was Gale, but Cherry just dared a stallion who knows all of her presser points and has the will to use them any way he sees fit, she's not going to be walking straight for a year.

Also Gale's not some kind of Alicorn right? after all Cherry did feel magic, but he's a pegasus, right?

Aw, my thoughtful hopes of tentacles were dashed... but at the same time, this makes too much sense :moustache:


Actually he's a unicorn, but that's explained mostly in Chapter 3. so no he's not some kind of Alicorn.


Hehehe I should probably write about the tentacle pits sometime. :twilightblush:

Goddamn it! I thought all I wanted was this chapter of the story, but with this ending now I want the next chapter even more than I wanted this one. You need to stop writing something so hot before my mind breaks from the anticipation.



But sir, that's her job! And as her editor, it's my job to achieve the maximum edging without making you go over! :twilightsmile:

7646469 I'm starting to think that the people who are really getting tortured in this fic are the ones reading it. It's just too damned good!

There is a word I have for this... and that word.. is *pomf*.

But on a more serious note... the pacing with this is fantastic. And the developments between these two are setting the stage that there's way more to the events happening for the sake of kinky events happening. The pairing with the art is also swag. Keep it up.

The quote at the begining... shouldn't the word "woman" be replaced by "mare"?

Also: Fallen Ceasar refrence...

7646551 Oh yes thank you very much, grabbed it from my collection and didn't think about changing it!

Edit: yeah I am a massove fallout: equestria nerd! XD

7646543 Thank you very much! :heart: I do hope the next chapter will be as good!

7646580 I'm lookin' forward to it.

7646580 I see a few of other refrences along as I read. we'll see. i try to comment on each new chapter, so keep them coming.

Seeing Pegasi use the style is intresing. A user not restricted by air and one fully used up to his wings [Not what the fetishes give] sounds pretty scray from a tactical standpoint...

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