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Changelings in the clocktower, this is the first story i've read including one as a real character. Sure there was the explanation with the firehive badges but no real changelings. Can't wait to see more!

how can I proofread this for you?

this is a really great story, wish there was a second chapter thou. it got a little weird with the eggs thou over all would love to se a sequel maybe?

This story truly deserve a Thumbs up:pinkiehappy::heart:

Towards the end of the sex you missed an I in an

7788559 can you show me the sentence?

Each thrust sent shivers down her spine, the feeding sent waves up[/] her spine,

I think you messed up the closing tag there, everything after that is in italics.

7789011 the comment didn't react like I wanted I was trying to show you the italic close error

Nice to see a story involving the changelings. And one that was pretty hot overall~

Huh... Thanks Nova, now i think I have an idea of how to make sex scenes with ponies that are sexy :D

This story, while it does not start out as such, is pretty sweet. Only minor grammar errors I see (I am on a phone so I cannot point it out) too.

We need more clopfics this sweet.

it was a good read

“Thats a good morale.”

I think you meant morsel.

Her captor levitated something out of the sphere container, a vile previously hidden behind the eggs floated out. This vile contained an orange liquid that seemed to sparkle, taking the vile the changeling walked behind Honey disappearing from her field of vision. Honey could hear the ‘pop’ as the cork was taken out, but she couldn’t feel the liquid being poured anywhere, and that made her even more nervous.


Honey just glared back at the changeling as he approached her, he just stared at her for a long moment, Honey was beginning to wonder just what he was planning, that train of thought was quickly answered when she felt him latch onto one of her teats.

The moment she opened her mouth the bottle was quickly inserted cutting off her protest, the cool purple liquid flowed easily into her mouth and down her throat.

“Horseapples, y-you poisoned me, t-that’s what you did!”

Honey didn’t get any farther with her thoughts, before she felt a nip on her teat again.

“However you taste a bit sour, we’re going to have to do something about that before I really feast.”

“S-so t-that's your p-plan? Y-you're going to e-eat me?”

from his spot in front of her the changeling’s tongue was could easily reach all the way inside of her sensitive folds.

Honey became very aware of her new position,

Honey turned to glare at him,

the same shade as the changeling’s eyes and back plate, the same green as changeling magic, they were changeling eggs.

“Is it not clear? I’m going to insert them into your pussy,

Honey hissed as she felt his tip push past her cervix, and finally into her womb. Slowly over what seemed to be an eternity, her captor pried her open more and more. It had seemed like hours,

was she blushing at the praise?

With each stroke, each thrust, Honey’s orgasm continued, she was compleatly lost in a sea of bliss where time lost all meaning, yet the changeling mounting her didn’t let up. Eventually Honey began to come down from her high, and yet she could feel another orgasm comming on, this one built faster than the last, bringing the promise of even higher bliss. Honey felt the changeling on her shift, putting more of his weight into his thrusts, she new what that meant. Just as her climax was starting to peak, Honey felt the feeding sensation again, but it was VERY different this time. Each thrust sent shivers down her spine, the feeding sent waves up her spine, the two sensations meeting and conflicting, her entire body shuddered uncontrollably. The silky sensations over her body was ten times more pronounced, it felt like each hair in her coat had turned into an extremely sensitive silk sheet, and it rubbed her in all the right ways.

as the hardest orgasm she could remember slamed into her like an angry wave on a battered shore.

After several moments her vision came back into focus,

Honey started to move to get her treat,

wondered why she felt so hungry, she froze with her hoof over the small bump in her belly.

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