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Thank you to editor EverfreePony for taking the time to edit this story.

Another old short from several years ago that I never published.

Publishing just for the few fun moments and sweet parts that made it worth sharing.

Want to discuss the story? Follow me to the Scoundrel’s Settlement on Discord...

(And a fun little share of some Customer Care interactions at the end)

All good things,

Dusk Hoof.

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Ok, I haven't even finished reading this and it's already adorable! Poor, frazzled Mrs Cake~

Heeee! Thank you <3

I love! :heart: By the way, those customer service experiences were kind of funny, I worked at a Chick Fil A restaurant for six months and some people are awful, but sometimes when you look back on those interactions they can make a pretty funny story

THANK you young Skywatcher :D
I find time and perspective to work wonders for bad memories.
Some of my most horrid happened whilst I was there, but I remember the laughter and jokes I had there as well.

Of course! I also wanted to thank you because I saw in my notifications you are now watching me! Although I should be upfront, I don't post anything on this site besides occasional comments, so there's not much to watch lol, not to mention I've only been on this site for a couple of weeks so I'm still kind of new. I'm not sure if I'll ever write anything in the future, I just know I don't have time for writing in my life right now :facehoof:

It is quite alright!
I watch people for numerous reasons. For you it was to say, "thanks you Skywatcher for reading my story, I hope to see you again!"

Hehe thanks again! Your story about Flim and Flam are on my to-read list, I've just been hooked on alot of fallout stories so I haven't gotten around to it yet lol :twilightblush: once I get tired of the apocalyptic gore then your other stories will be the next ones I look at!

Ohhh I just realized I've also already put your fallout story on my read later list! I literally have over 50 stories there and didn't notice the authors but I just looked through your stories and recognized your artwork! I haven't read it yet but it's one I've been excited to once I get around to it :pinkiehappy: I searched "fallout" and went through the list of what interested me and yours was one that stuck out in my mind when I found it :twilightsmile:

Haha , thanks! I am working on the next chapter of my Fallout tale right now, I hope to get it out for the weekend. :D
Thank you again, it's great you're enjoying what I have to write.

This actually brought back memories of my childhood when I would spend time at my parents' bakery after tuition lessons. We've had our shares of Truly types and the Author Note made me remember some customers who were just like that, but face to face which made it extra awkward.:twilightsheepish:

Thanks! Yeah, was based on my own experiences face to face and on the phone to customers too. A lot of folks seem to like this one, might have to write a sequel at some point...

This had been a short, lovely read. It’s nice to see this sort of everyday adventure once in a while. It has also managed to bring a smile to my lips many times, so thank you for that!

Spotted quite a bunch of random errors and typos, as well as some ill-used punctuation and upper/lowercase letters in dialogue tags. However, since this is an older story, I guess those are irrelevant by now. Still, I can explain more and help you fix it, should you want that.

And also, that Author’s Note :rainbowlaugh:I can imagine none of these conversation were pleasant, but in hindsight, it was really fun to read.

Yes, It's a bit like toy story, they all come out of your wallet at night and have conversations about your credit rating.

I just love this :pinkiehappy:

Oh! Thanks for that! Unexpected but really nice to see someone reading these. You might enjoy the Flim-Flam story in my bookshelf too.
I’d be happy to accept your advice if you’d like to give it. I have considered another one of these as well as following Shy x Pinkie’s story.
Thanks again and all good things,

You are welcome! Also, thank you for the follow :twilightsmile: I’ll make sure to check that one out!

As for the help, I’d be more than happy to share my knowledge of grammar. Do you use Google documents? I find it useful to explain via comments in there, so you can see the issues in the context of the story :pinkiesmile:

It’s almost midnight where I live now, so I’ll read your response in the morning. Have a nice day!

I’ll PM you :3 thanks

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