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Unable to have foals, Mr. and Mrs. Cake turn to a new technology. It works, and Pumpkin and Pound Cake are born as a result, but unfortunately, it also opens up a whole new can of worms with regards to parental rights when Pumpkin Cake's biological father tracks them down. Family ties are strained, friendships are tested, and the very foundations of Equestrian law are shaken in the resulting conflict. Meanwhile, how is this affecting the foals? Who is the true parent- the biological father, or the father that raised them?

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Times Gabriel's reading difficulty happened: 0. *Fluttershy yay!*

I'd like to see where this goes. Tracking. Oh and yeah, it was a little suspicious yesterday. Though with some other pairings, I'm sure it's not that unusual. Given the Ponies must share quite a bit of genetic information with each other, I'm sure if (hypothetically speaking) Dash mated with an Earth Pony, the baby could either be a Pegasi, a Earth Pony or some kind of hybrid between the two. It's genetics 101.

Having said that, yes Cup and Carrot cake's babies being a Unicorn and a Pegasi was a little suspicious. But again, the story he gave does make a little bit of sense - though the Pegasi and Unicorn genes would be recessive genes, so something like this is practically a genetic fluke.

137259 Yeah, genetics can be kind of crazy- my younger brother looks absolutely nothing like any living relative on either side of my family, and people who know the rest of us often ask me if he was adopted, since he doesn't look anything like me, or my parents. But my grandmother says that he looks a lot like her grandmother, so I guess there were some recessive genes there that just skipped three generations or something. And it's the same thing with Labrador retrievers- in a litter of puppies you can have black Labs, yellow Labs, and chocolate Labs, even if both parents were one kind of dog.
And while I'm sure it would be possible for ponies to have foals that are different from them, the odds of two Earth ponies having twins where one was a pegasus and the other a unicorn just didn't seem all that possible to me. But like I said, in a show for little girls, the writers probably wouldn't want to touch issues like infertility or infidelity with a ten-foot pole, so all things considered, in canon the twins probably are related to both Cup and Carrot, and his explanation was the truth.

Thank you for reading! :twilightsmile:

137775 Well yeah, we're all into a show about Candy Coloured Ponies in a make belive world here. However, I just worked out a logical reasoning from some bizarre memory I had back in a Science class many years ago. Long story short, it's possible but the odds are (as you've pointed out yourself) VERY slim. Then again, genetics is more or less a game of roll the bones.

Time's Gabriel's reading difficulty acted up: 0 *Fluttershy Yay!*

Another good chapter - certainatly interesting stuff.

Though one has to wonder, if you've been to a clinic like the one above.

MLP is a show ware a gaping plot hole isn't nesasarly a bad thing.
I find that said plot holes quickly get filled in by storys like this. Don't get me wrong, I like MLP, but the reson I became a Brony was the fanwork.
(The good stuff, not the horrbly bad stuff.) Stories like this add to the show for Bronys like me, ansers qustons the show will never, and are fun to read.
Keep up the good work,

No, I've never been to a clinic like this- everything in this chapter was either made up completely or taken from information provided by Google, so it's probably very inaccurate. Thank you for reading!

Pedantic note: they're different races, not species. Species would refer to biological incompatibility.

Ah, thank you! I'll keep that in mind!

new chapter today, cant wait:pinkiehappy:

I've been wating for this chapter for a weeks, hope you have more free time to work on chapter 4

pony names are hard, I started a fic with a OC named Iron Will, only to find out that thats going to be a chaiters name in a futer ep

Time's Gabriel's reading difficulty acted up: 0 :rainbowkiss:

Yay, an update! Finally something to cheer up my depressive mood! Oh and, uh...nice to see it's not dead or anything.

192528 Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better and am going to have some free time this week... with any luck it won't be as long between chapters this time.

192940 No, it's not dead, I've just been extremely sick, and extremely busy for the past few weeks. But I'm feeling better and no longer have to work 10-hour shifts, so I'm hoping it won't take me as long between chapters.

And I hope you feel better soon!


Appreciated. Hope you get well soon :pinkiehappy:

Why the fuck cant the husband see what the wife is choosing?

Dr. Scientific Method has... issues. She's rather unstable, and kind of views ponies who can't have children with unmitigated contempt. She doesn't exactly look down on Cup, since she can have foals, but since Carrot can't father foals, she kind of views him as useless. Normally, yes, the husband would be able to see who his wife picks (from what I understand it's like that in the real world too), but because this particular doctor has her own personal hang-ups, she denies him the opportunity.

The doctor has problems, and Cup actually did want Carrot in there with her to make the decision. But yeah, looking back now I probably should have made the doctor's problems a bit more obvious.

I hope this made sense... :unsuresweetie:

shoulde have known the baby cakes showing up last ep, was a sign of a new chapter near futer, keep the chapters coming. I need something to do for the next two weeks.

keep this story coming, it's starting to get good.

Daww, it got real sweet real fast (and by that I mean even sweeter than before)

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Vinyl Scratch was DJ-ing, and almost as soon as she'd gotten started, Pipsqueak and Dinky Doo got into a dance-off, much to the amusement of the adult ponies.

I'm sorry, who are these ponies?

Were they introduced earlier in the story?

328410 Pipsqueak was introduced in the Nightmare Night episode, "Pipsqueak the Pirate" & "Dinky" is Derpys daughter.

Art of Shadow beat me to it, but yeah, Pipsqueak is the little pinto colt from Nightmare Night- he's the one that tells Princess Luna that she's his favorite princess after she scares everyone by pretending to be Nightmare Moon again. Dinky Doo is the little unicorn filly that is often seen with Derpy, so she's often considered to be her daughter. Vinyl Scratch is the unicorn DJ that appeared in the fashion show episode with the crazy clothes in season 1 (I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head).

Sorry for any confusion!


No, I know who these ponies are, but you didn't explain who they were in the story, you just put them in out of nowhere, and thats just horrible writing.

Fuck you.

Just kidding, aside from that, this story is good.

Dear Sweet Kerensky, so much I've missed!

Gah, I'm not going to be able to keep pace now. Sorry!

I can't blame Pinkie. I'd be confused too.

I smell foreshadowing of ignorant dumbass ponies.

Worse comes to worse, the town will break into song.

'Cause you've got infidelity, right here in this community!

differing logical reactions. nice.

What could go wrong?
Your own semi-selfish desire to know your foal could result in them going bankrupt.

This is developing very well. Your story has a strength very few stories of this sort have: Good OC's. I loved the hacker ponies, and Moneybags is very interesting: An upper-class antagonist who isn't made a villain by things like greed or snobbery. Thus, unlike the canon upper class twits (Diamond Tiara, Prince Blueblood) he is actually likable, in a "smooth criminal" sort of way, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I am very glad that you like my OC's... I know they can be a really hit-or-miss sort of thing. And I'm so glad that what I've been trying to do with Moneybags is coming through alright. He is technically the antagonist, but I don't really see him as the "bad guy." He really does think he's doing the right thing, and it's coming from a place of genuine concern and desire to make sure his foal is safe, not from a selfish desire or anything. I was really hoping that was coming through, and I'm glad to see that it does! :pinkiehappy:

And the hacker ponies were a lot of fun to write. They're loosely based on someone who I greatly respect in real life (he is an information security professional- companies pay him to hack into their systems to look for weaknesses. He also has the craziest personality of anyone I've ever met).

Again, thank you for reading, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

Dammit, Ideal, You didn't even ask who it was before claiming she was a whore. Don't you have any Prying Etiquette?

Although he knew it would do absolutely nothing to ease his troubled mind, Carrot picked up a three-year-old copy of Cosmarepolitian and began to read an article on “25 Ways to Please That Special Stallion.” But, to be honest, he couldn’t for the life of him begin to figure out why he might ever need to know 25 ways to please another stallion.

I literally could not stop laughing at this line.

I just noticed a continuity mistake here. You refer to Ditzy/Derpy as Ditzy Doo in the first chapter, but Derpy Hooves in this one. That's kind of a big gap there.

I don't see Moneybags as an asshole. A rich snob, sure, but as far as rich snobs go, he's rather bearable, kind of like Filthy Rich. Rather, I feel bad for him because of his somewhat forced marriage to a Ideal Diamond, who, ironically, is far from ideal.

And as for Steel, he's just a poor father trying desperately to support his daughter and injured wife in any way that he can. If anything, that's the complete antithesis of assholery, and though he has to withhold a bit of the truth for his daughter's own good, he's a good stallion. His reaction to the letter is understandable, obviously, he doesn't want to pay child support, but it's not out of malice, but rather desperation. The fact that he feels disgusted and degraded for ever having to do such a basal act says more about him than any text ever would.

It's amazing how you have 13 chapters and only 15 people have liked your story so far, well I can fix that!

:pinkiegasp: I didn' see that com-

Actually, It occurred to me during the hospital chapter. Nevermind. :twilightblush:

958195 Yes, it is a serious problem, but you can make a difference.
simply tell two people you know to read the story, and then tell them to tell two people. by the whole 'six degrees of separation' thing we could theoretically have the entire world reading this fic by 2015. well, everyone except tom cruise, but he's too uncool to have capitalizations, so who cares?

958701 Damned scientologists. Where do they get their crazy theories anyway? Reverse-aging children? Alien-ghosts possessing every living human? Immortal alien overlords? The fuck were they drinking? And where do I get some?

958775 I think you mean, what were they smoking

958815 Nah, I don't smoke. And if I'm gonna start drinking even casually, I should try something strong at least once.

But seriously, that's actually what they believe.


Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

YAAY, another chapter! Nice cliffhanger with this one.

But anyway, like I said last month: EQD. Do eet.

Wow. That was... That was intense...:pinkiesad2: Poor Pinkie.

Quick! Bring in the hacker ponies to lighten the mood!

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