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It's been several months since the Alicorn Amulet incident, and much has changed for the Great and Powerful Trixie. Her reputation damaged once again, she continues on with her magic act, determined to try and turn over a new leaf. With Twilight Sparkle now an alicorn princess, however, Trixie finds herself plagued with nightmares and a renewed sense of jealousy. Sympathetic to the mare's feelings, which mirror ones she once held long ago, Princess Luna decides to intervene.
Original sketch of the cover image was done by Becca Hillburn at http://www.nattosoup.com/ . Vector of sketch made by myself.

10/16/2014: Now featured on Equestria Daily

8/4/2015: First Time on Featured Box

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 141 )

Hm, interesting pairing, not bad at all. Let's see how this develops.

I will be following this. I like how this is beginning.

This may not be student/teacher or mother/daughter, but it's Luna and Trixie, I'll take it.:ajbemused:

4765214 Don't fret; student/teacher aspects will be there as well.

4765543 Yeah that always makes it ten times creepier when they start out like that and then they cross lines a student and a teacher shouldn't.

4765663 Yeah I thought of that after my last comment ^_^"". I mean, at some level there's going to be a mentor relationship here because Luna's starts off wanting to help Trixie. But yeah, got to avoid getting too creepy. It's one of the reasons I find Princess Celestia/Twilight ship fics odd since Celestia was almost like a second mother for Twilight. But hopefully won't be as big a deal with Luna and Trixie since it's starting off with Trixie already grown up.

I quite like where it's going so far. Can't wait for chapter 2! ^.^ <3

See this is the paradox I like the student teacher cute moments, but that's the parts that would make it creepy when they hock up. So I'm stuck with my least favorite Lunatrix story.

4765939 Well, sorry about that ^_^"". If it helps in anyway, you can see this more in the light of this fics that start with like, say, Twilight helping Rarity with a spell or something and that leading to the romance.

Yeah thanks for trying I'll still read it, but all I've ever wanted was a Luna Trixie student teacher relationship like Twilight has with Celestia.


a character actually doing research instead of having full knowledge ahead of time and just jumping at it? Very nice. I'll be keeping my EYE on this....god that joke is dead...ANYWAY. Do go on.

4802815 Referring to me or Luna? XD. I assume you're meaning Luna in which case yes, I would think it important to do a little research before you try and help somepony. I mean sheesh, Luna had access to Sweetie Belle's past memories of a birthday party to help her out. Obviously she did a little digging.

4807496 If I go that route it would be quite a while XD.

Well, Luna now has an idea of what Trixie may be going through. Now, she has to figure out how to approach Trixie.

Behind the Scenes Fact: That was actually supposed to happen this chapter, but then the meeting with Celestia and Twilight kind of took a life of it's own and so pushed it back to have a full chapter to itself ^_^.

I liked the first chapter, but I think the second falls to much on the side "Trixie's problems are everyone else's fault." I mean as similar as Luna and Trixie's stories are, Luna was still punished for her actions. Even if her actions were the result of dark spirits. As you mentioned before Trixie still sought out the Alicorn Amulet, it should contribute to how she is treated but even if it effected her decision making choices, it doesn't completely diminish her actions.

4955922 I will admit it's something I'm concerned about, and hopefully will explore a little better in other chapters. As it is though, do remember the pony telling this information is Twilight who has forgiven Trixie and doesn't have any desire for her to be "punished", especially since she believes Trixie was sincere in apologizing and making a reform attempt.

So, basically, from Twilight and Luna's position Trixie at least appears to be in a position similar to what Luna was in "Luna Eclipsed": aware they did a bad thing, are wanting to make amends, but ponies aren't really giving them much of a chance. Sure, they could keep harping on her about making the bad decision to go get the Amulet, but what would be the point now?

Now also remember that we haven't exactly seen much of Trixie herself; all information Luna has is either second-hoof from Twilight, who also has a good chunk of second-hoof information from Trixie on how she was treated. Unreliable narrators all the way through!

I have yet to find a story like this that brings up the jealousy and frustration of others ascending to alicornhood (especially if the bearer of these feelings realises it and doesn't wish to feel them). Definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this story.


It may. But never once is it explained that she KNEW what the amulet would do. All she knew in my mind was that the amulet would boost her powers highly and had no knowledge of the dark and corruptive elements.

4958563 No, no, Nagaina has a point; Trixie did intend to mess with Twilight with the Amulet after all so it's not like she had good intentions with it. The corruption just took it to a whole new level, and responsibility for that is much iffier.

I just don't honestly think retribution is a big part of pony justice; sure, they'll isolate threats that need to be (like Sombra or Chrysalis), but otherwise they seem to focus more on rehabilitation and turning threats into friends (like Discord or Sunset Shimmer).

4959281 Agreed. But who's to say to what point she was going to mess with her? Was her original plan to kick her out? Because the moment she entered town her eyes were already red and glowy from corruption. We still have no clue what exactly her original plan was? Was it just to one up her in the duel, say she's the best with her head held high as she leaves to wow equestria, boasting that she is (without a doubt) The most magical unicorn? Or did she have anotheer plan?
Like you said. The whole responsibility is a lot iffier.

This is all a solid point. I hope we find out WHY Trixie went after the Amulet? What were her ORIGINAL intentions for Twilight Sparkle? And what did she WANT to happen afterwards?

Hm, not romance anymore, eh? Oh well...

4968837 Yeah, sorry ^_^". I was working on outlining future chapters and broad story directions and just kind of realized the story would probably work better not trying to force a romance into it.

Okay, took me too long to get to this, but I do like the interactions, but I feel that nothing new was exposited during the time. I can't think of any suggestions off the top of my head at the moment, but I think the scene would have more weight if there had been some kind of exposure. Some startling revelation, or something that made sense to Luna, but not to the others. You might have to invent some kind of headcanon fo that. And of course, I'll bother you with other proofreading tidbits later. My apologies for taking this long to get to it. It's been a stressful few weeks and I've been very anxious lately. Also, Dual Destinies was on sale at the time.

Hmm, fair enough. I'll admit I was using this chapter to get a better feel on how to write some of these characters since they sort of would be around more as the story progresses as well as getting basic information on Trixie to Luna. The difficulty of a brand new exposition is mostly that Twilight and Spike are themselves working on limited information ^_^"".

4968837 4968848 NO ROMANCE?!:pinkiegasp: That's the original reason why I started to read this story in the first place.:fluttershysad:

no romance well go jump off a cliff then hmmp:raritydespair:

Nice to have another Luna and Trixie story to enjoy. The student and teacher concept, which I assume you're going for, I feel isn't given enough attention, frustrating mainly because it offers so many good storylines that go unused.

I'm also glad this isn't a romance (not that I don't enjoy them or they can't be done well). I just find that romances are often more restrictive, having it be more open means not everything needs to revolve around a love story. It allows for so many other possibilities for conflict and character development that are hard to implement in a story where the focus has to remain centered on two characters exclusively.

5149063 Luna and Trixie as mentor/student are some of my favorite stories. Tis why I love the Lunaverse so much, and why I got it to happen on my RP forum that's inspiring this story somewhat XD.

But yeah, originally had a romance, but when I went to submit to EQD it had a section for detailing out how the story was going to go. As I was writing that up I realized this could work a lot better without the romance. I juussst forgot to update the rest of the submission form to reflect that :twilightsheepish:

Tempted to maybe just have a slight fluff piece sometime though with Trixie just having a slight crush on teacher, but nothing serious.

I like the look of this, could be a lot of fun. Luna and Trixie are such an interesting pairing given their thematic similarities.

Actually, I'm kind of glad to see that tag go. I don't mind a LunaTrix ship-fic, but the student teacher dynamic plus romance always squicks me out a little.

5159033 Eh, I think there are times where it can work, but normally I'm not a big fan of it. Celestia/Twilight kind of stories in particular feel off to me. Probably because of the whole Celestia knowing her since she was a filly kind of gives Celestia a second-mother kind of vibe to me *shrug*.

5159857 Exactly, though that does make the potential (though now nixed, apparently) relationship between Trixie and Luna a bit different. Not really any second-mother, known her since she was a foal vibe since Trixie is clearly an adult already.

A lovely little update. Keep it coming! ^^

Hmm this story starts to become interesting. :twilightsmile:

Well, for Trixie, it's a start. Though I have to wonder if Luna got Trixie out of there, or if Trixie did it herself. If the latter, Luna will most definitely want to know more about this mare.

5393795 Trixie did it herself by waking up: it's not a particularly fancy thing to do so that by itself wouldn't be what catches Luna's eye.

5393843 I just remembered this from chapter one:

As the dream world faded back into the darkness of the night, Luna slowly blinked her eyes in mild confusion. She was quite surprised to find that she had been evicted out of the showmare’s dream and returned back to her chambers in the real world. It had been a long time since such a thing had occurred. Normally, it was her that would end the dream, and only after helping guide the pony through whatever it was that had been troubling them. To have failed to even make contact like she had, well, that was troublesome.

And this part of a conversation between Luna and Celestia in chapter two:

“Nay sister, instead I wish this morning to enjoy breakfast with Twilight and yourself . There is a matter that I wish to look into that I may need her assistance with.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” Celestia said, raising an intrigued eyebrow as her horn dimmed, the sun now set on its path for the day.

“Last night while I walked amongst the disturbed dreams of our citizens, I happened upon one that I was forced out of before I was able to intervene,” Luna said, making her way into Celestia’s chambers proper before joining her on the balcony.

"Really now? That is a rare occasion indeed; no wonder you’re interested in researching the matter further,” Celestia said, sipping tea,

So, it was easy for me to think that this was just Trixie leaving the dream world before Luna was done again. That would definitely pique Luna's curiosity, wouldn't it?

Hmm-hmm, yes, yes. Still developing well, very good.

Very inspired idea to use the dream realm to have a friendly show-off. I've always believed that Trixie's imagination is her greatest asset (in stories where she's the protagonist, she routinely wins by outwitting her foes rather than overpower them), so it was a nice way to let her cut loose on a level playing field, as it were. My only disappointment is that she only showed two tricks. Perhaps you can revisit the concept in later chapters, to show her increasing confidence or such.

5393898 Yeah, it piques curiosity because Luna isn't used to getting kicked out by the pony waking up. So it's not like Trixie is pushing her out, it's just she wakes up so there's no dream world left to be in.

5393908 Yeah, originally I had planned on three of them, but as I was writing I didn't like some of original ideas so made up new challenges and then got stuck not being able to think of a really good third one to finish things off. So I went with Luna bringing in an Ursa in hopes of maybe helping Trixie out but instead scaring her (more from trauma than a confidence issue to be honest). Figured it'd help with Luna's characterization a bit more by showing even she can make mistakes, but that'll get explored more next chapter hopefully.

Liking this a lot so far. Fics featuring Trixie and Luna always intrigue me because they could play off each other so well in so many different ways. You stray very true to their characters, and it was a great idea to have them duel in this chapter. Eagerly looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Quite liked the choice of spells here. I really like Luna's characterization here. Professional but not intimidatingly formal. A very pleasant person; powerful but not without her own character flaws. I look forward to seeing how this develops. Good work so far, though ^^

Uh oh, Twilight! Better watch out looks like Luna's moving in on your mare

Ah Luna. Why break the Ice with small talk when you can smash the ice into dangerous sharp shards instead?

Subtly doesn't seem to be Lunas strong suit.

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