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Dark doesn't always have to be depressing, morbid shouldn't seem so mundane, and romance without regret just sounds... insane, rather than sweet.


You have to wonder, what kind of parents could have brought such a great, gracious, and powerful pony into the world? One who came to believe she deserved to be seen on stage, seemingly worshipped. Well, truth be told you know the showmare's family quite well, perhaps even better than you think.

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Wow. I love how it has the feel of poetry without the rhythm or rhyme. Good job. (I wish I could say more about this, but my mind is blanking.)

This is wonderfully written and very original. Congratulations are in order.


I don't believe in the concept of "original" anymore, but thank you for your gracious words. :twilightblush:


I try to avoid rhyming at all cost, but that's just me, I still need to work on my /rhythm/ though. And thank you, your sentiment alone is more than enough. :twilightsmile:

I would be very interested in seeing more of this, though I know it is more a prequel than anything else.

Well crafted, well done.

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yeah luna is trixie's mom

Oh holy shitknuckles. That was an awesome idea. I would love to see more on this.

Interesting word choice... and thank you for your kind criticism. :twilightsheepish:

I just may expand on the idea after I've started my other fic, seems like 20 times more than the number of those I expected really enjoyed the concept.~

I enjoyed reading your story! In fact, I featured it in a blog post of mine. It's not much, but I hope it'll get you a couple of extra views. Keep up the good work! :trixieshiftright:


I'm terribly sorry reciprocating so late, I hadn't even noticed until now, its embarrassing really. Thank you, really, every little bit helps. And I'm glad you enjoyed the story, also flattered that you'd share it at all.~

You're welcome! I've just re-read Born What I Will Be - still as good as the first time! I also see that you've come up with a couple of new stories. That said, I'll be definitely checking this long fic about Luna.

Have a good day! :raritywink:

Very.. poetic and metaphorical. :D I love this.

Beautiful little story.


Thank you, I'm surprised it's been so well received.~ :twilightsmile:

An honest mix of pose and poetry
And a great read from start to finish
Great work, my friend

Okay. I am completely baffled. What did I just read?:applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:

This is beautiful :ajsmug:

This is a beautiful little origin story. Not too complex and not too simple. Very nice work. :twilightsmile:

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