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The Great and Powerful Trixie continues to try and master teleportation under Starlight Glimmer's tutelage. When she senses her friend is starting to once again get frustrated, she decides it's time for a snack break. What follows is a simple conversation between friends as Trixie reflects on where she's been and where she's heading.


A simple piece of fluff piece inspired by Season 7 Episode 2 "All Bottled Up".

Featured on Equestria Daily on May 27, 2017

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I agree. I really like these two as well. Trixie outright said that she loves Starlight because she's passionate. Considering that, I'm expecting to see some more shipfics and clopfics with these two in the following week. It makes me want to write some shipfics and clopfics with these two. :twilightsmile:

You write ol' Trix with a lotta charm, my friend! Short, sweet, dorable. <3

8099107 Thank you. I've been RPing her for years so I've hoped I've gotten a good characterization of her.

Trixie was thrilled to have finally been successful with her unicorn magic and got a teense carried away. Expect her and Starlight to be paired many more times this season, particularly with regards to her attempts to harness her unicorn magic. :trixieshiftleft:

8099038 Your profile pic, and the word "clopfics" do not go together.

I do like this, though. You write Trixie very well. Boastful, but still likeable.

8101100 Huh? :rainbowhuh: What does my profile picture have to do with the stories I post? And I haven't written anything with Trixie yet. All of my stories so far have featured the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Are you sure you don't have me confused with somebody else? I do plan on writing some stories involving Trixie, though. And of course Starlight will be involved. :twilightsmile:

8100077 I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd love to see more of these two this season. Not only do they work well off each other, but they have great chemistry. :pinkiehappy:

8101115 Sweetie Belle (especially at her apparent age) + Clopfic = [Does not compute]

I'm not trying to criticize, just making a bit of a joke.
As for the Glimmer-Trixie ship, while it's not a ship I'm boarding, it's not a ship I'm at all inclined to try and sink either.

Indeed, this was nice, cute and fluffy even without smooches. Still, wouldn't mind a sequel with smooches. Ain't enough TriLight shipping around

I'm glad this remained "friendshipping" and not "regular shipping".
Starlight and Trixie work better as friends.
Plus Trixie obviously has feelings for Discord and Starlight obviously has feelings for Sunburst.
(I'm half joking about one of those).

As a whole, this was a nice piece of fluff.

That was a nice reading and it fits seamlessly into the show.
I enjoyed it, thanks!

Hey, really well-written fic!! I'm glad you decided to restrain and hold off on the shipping; most people feel like it has to be there, whether it really fits into the context of the fic or not. But you were able to keep the friendship aspect without NEEDING to push it further, and that's an important skill for a writer to have! Very nicely done. ^^

I love Trixie so much. The perfect amount of stupid ego and loving heart. Mmmm. :trixieshiftright:

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