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Celestia had a niece once, not an adopted niece like Cadance, an actual biological niece, the daughter of Princess Luna. Sadly when Luna became Nightmare Moon her daughter took her mothers side and led the their forces against Celestia.

Princess Twilight was killed during that battle, or so history tells us...

Featured on the 11/10/2015! Thanks so much!

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Comment posted by MrSnowWolf deleted Sep 2nd, 2015

Good stuff so far, I am looking fowerd for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Cool story, can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Then why degrade herself by working for the enemy? Better yet, why not kill her after gaining her trust? Better yet, why not kill the Element Bearers one by one, making it look like accidents? :rainbowlaugh:



*open's pic*
Hhng! *grabs chest*
Curse you!

Comment posted by Nectarina deleted Sep 3rd, 2015

"Myself and Night Rider..."

im sorry just his name makes me think this

6386617 How can I resist that face XD New Chapter will go up today! (Hopefully)

why do people keep thinking Twilight's mane is purple. It's a dark blue

6388715 To my eyes its dark purple, don't judge my apparently crappy eyesight :p

6388726 it's like the whole Nightmare Moon having bat wings thing. It urks me.

6388762 Yeah I know what you mean, though I know NM definitely does not have bat wings!

6388881 yet people have drawn with with them or written it. it's a nitpick. Just looked and an actual screen shot and twilight has a pink and purple stripes in her mane and the mane itself does have a purple tinti it's more blue then not. heck it nearly matches Luna's fur.

on another note the fact that luna uses the term Little Star and Twilight becoming Nightmare Nova are you borrowing bits from other such stories or completely random?

Note still eager to see where this goes.

The previous chapter made Twilight sound considerably more reluctant and relatable. But to abandon her own name, to sink to the use of dark magic? Slaughter her own Night Guard who refused to participate in treason--not those who fought her and her mother, but that just didn't join? To laugh at the sight of her aunt's impending death? That goes beyond just standing by her mother's side from filial loyalty.

Also, calling it "the night that would last forever" is a misnomer if its only in the twilight stage. The night doesn't begin until twilight comes to an end.

That's the description down, on to the story!

6388907 If other fics have used 'Nightmare Nova' it is coincidence, I was going to call her 'Nightmare Dusk' but Nova sounded cooler. As for 'little star' its a term I have seen associated with 'mother Luna' fics all over fimfiction so yeah that one was borrowed no idea where it comes from originally.

6389000 For Twilight it began with just standing by her mother's side from filial loyalty, but the corruption just spread from there especially after dabbing into dark magic.

As for 'the night will last forever' that was Luna's original intention but Twilight talked her out of it with a compromise of using a state of twilight in the days stead.

I hope that Twilight remembers her past and it's not just another one where she grows up again oblivious to her former life. The ones that didn't are ether abandoned or badly written.

6389105 Well I had two different possible scenario's planned out but since a couple of you have shown a clear preference to one of them your wish is my command!

6389105 Does that include my story Little Star?

Grammar is probably the biggest problem this story has. Try searching for an editor/proofreader.

6388726 Hell I am color blind(half anyway) and she looks so say she is gun metal!

Would Luna even go the nightmare route if she had a daughter? It would really change up the dynamic.

Celestia shrugged not registering her sisters sadness, "Oh well, all the less bothersome nobles for you to deal with."

But this has the good side effect of giving Luna more time with her daughter.

Twilight must have had a couple ponies she wouldn't be willing to hurt. By going out into public she made a few allies. Would not doing more public things make her more popular?

Her coat remained its usual lavender colour but her starburst cutiemark had turned black to represent the corruption within her.

Since when do people agree to become corrupted?

I'll give this a watch, but it is very tentative. You seem to fly through events a little too quickly.

Interesting, very interesting. One error I note. Nova acciedntly refers to herself as Twilight before assume her disguise.

for on the thousandth day since my banishment


I'm a bit annoyed such ease with such advanced magic and the name and the colors didn't raise any warning bells for Celestia...

But to be fair, Celestia is just as dim about possible threats in canon as soon as they show even the slightest bit of subtlety, so I can't really complain about it. :facehoof:

I do feel a bit annoyed and feel I can complain about RD's sonic rainboom apparently doing jack-squat in this universe, or perhaps never even happening at all. Was that an intentional plot point, or...? :rainbowhuh:

I mean, its not exactly a small moment in canon. The red thread that gave all the other girls their magical puberty cutie marks.

I'm also disappointed... this is taking so long, it's looking like a "Root for the bad guys" story, which is NOT cool.

6464406 ok and did you read the Author's Note

6464324 She's taken the exam on a different day, the rainboom still happened, I made it on a different day since the rainboom wouldn't have much to do with the story since Twilight already had her cutie mark. And believe me Twilight is just as surprised she wasn't discovered :p

6464406 I have collage and I'm a bit ill right now, as for the 'root for the bad guys' comment, not quite... just wait and see...

6464423 Not as in so much time between updates, I meant "The amount of text we're focused on an evil Twilight".

The gender terms for foals are colt and filly. Stallion and mare are for the fully grown ones.

6464746 Well the story was always going to be from her POV for the most part. She is the protagonist, not the antagonist. And no neither is Celestia or any of the 'good' ponys, as I said in my last reply, just wait and see.

1000 views and 100 likes! Thank you all so much! :D

"Twilight Spa..." Twilight stopped herself realising her sudden blunder, "Twinkle, Twilight Twinkle"

Why would this slip-up happen after 2 years of living with the name "Twilight Twinkle"?

6466917 Its a mistake anyone could make no matter how long a time, despite her power and intent Twilight is ultimately just a pony.

Well, all I can say about this

Nightmare Moon laughed out in sadistic glee, but Nightmare Nova did not, for she felt something that she had not expected.


And well she should. They befriended and trusted her, and she betrayed them.

And I would not be too surprised if Spike turns his back on her for what she's done like she did the girls.

And it would serve her right.

Eh, shame might be a bit strong since this isn't exactly a betrayal. She has no real attachment to the unwanted tagalong riffraff that followed her beyond a mild fondness for their nature. One isn't instantly friends upon first contact with another even in this setting much less in reality. Besides, those ponies are a threat to her mother so friends or not they need to be dealt with though are too innocent to warrant death. Or as I've seen it put before, "Betray you? I was never on your side to begin with."

This story is like Oreos to me.
Once you taste it, you can not stop.

great chapter. can't wait for more.

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