• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Mare Of The Moon - tom117z

Everypony knows Celestia's star student, the young unicorn who aced her entrance exam. But who is she really? Who is Twilight Sparkle?

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1 - Prologue

Castle of The Two Sisters, 20 years before Nightmare Moon.

The castle was abuzz with activity as servants rushed to and fro and a loud scream echoed throughout the long hallways.

The Princess of the sun, Celestia rushed down the hallways almost breaking into a gallop towards her destination, her assistant had just informed her of the very news Celestia had been waiting on for days now, her sister, Princess Luna diarch of the night, was entering labour.

Celestia's thought pattern raced a billion miles-an-hour as both excitement and no small amount of nervousness fell over the solar diarch. Ultimately her thoughts fell on the Pegasus stallion who should have been here to see this, Night Rider would have made a brilliant guard captain and would have made an even better father... if only it wasn't for those damned Griffons and their border skirmishes...
Celestia came to a halt as she reached the infirmary doors, inside she could hear Luna in so much pain and yet she froze, unable to decide whether she should enter or not.

One voice, or rather Royal Canterlot Voice, however, made that decision for her


So now it was obvious Luna wanted her support so Celestia did the right thing and promptly flung open the doors, swiftly entered the infirmary and went to her sister's side. There were doctors and nurses buzzing around the place with one constantly telling her to 'Push'.

"It's OK Lulu, I'm here," Celestia comforted her sister.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Luna shouted in her Royal Canterlot Voice, again.

Celestia suppressed a slight giggle, "Now now Lulu, you don't want to deafen the poor foal moments after the birth!"

"Ha ha very funny Tia..." Luna said, grimacing in pain.

For what seemed like hours Celestia sat at her sister's side comforting her, helping through the pain that came with the miracle of childbirth.

And then at long last, it was done...

"Its a filly!" Shouted one of the doctors delivering the small form into Luna's waiting hooves.

"She's beautiful..." Luna smiled with tears of joy welling up in her eyes.

Celestia observed the small filly in Luna's hooves. She was a beautiful lavender coated Alicorn filly with a dark purple mane and tail with a pink stripe going through both. The filly opened her eyes which were the same colour as her coat, before closing them and going to sleep.

"That she is Luna, what will you name her?" Celestia asked, giving her sister an affectionate nuzzle.

"Myself and Night Rider..." Luna paused slightly at the mention of his name, but she quickly continued, "We had discussed names for if it was a stallion or a mare, we never could decide on a male name but the female name we decided on pretty quickly..."

Luna nuzzled her daughter for the first time.

"Twilight Sparkle."

Author's Note:

And so begins my first non Doctor Whooves story! Enjoy!