• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Mare Of The Moon - tom117z

Everypony knows Celestia's star student, the young unicorn who aced her entrance exam. But who is she really? Who is Twilight Sparkle?

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2 - Early years

Castle of The Two Sisters, 17 years before Nightmare Moon

"Mommy!" shouted a three year old Twilight Sparkle as Luna walked into her bedroom.

Luna dismissed the servant who had been foalsitting Twilight before giving her daughter an affectionate nuzzle.

"Where is he mommy?" asked Twilight giving Luna the most adorable puppy eyes she had ever seen.

From behind Luna in a magical blue aura came a grey stallion doll in blue shorts with white polka dots.

"Smarty Pants!" Twilight shouted grabbing the doll in the biggest hug she could give.

Luna laughed warmly. "Now be careful my little star, we don't want to break him again so soon after mommy fixed him now do we?"

Twilight nodded before running up to Luna and hugging her left foreleg. Luna knelt down to Twilight's level and scooped her up with her wing into an embrace of her own.

Neither noticed as the doors opened and another pony walked in.

"Enjoying yourselves?" asked Celestia with a warm smile on her face.

"Aunt Celestia!" Called out Twilight, freeing herself from Luna's embrace to give Celestia a hug equal or possibly greater than the one she gave Smarty Pants.

Celestia chuckled. "Well aren't you in a good mood today Twilight!"

Twilight looked up at her aunt. "Mommy fixed Smarty Pants!"

"So she did," Celestia remarked looking up to see Luna approaching, Twilight quickly moved back to her mothers side.

"Tia, how was the day court?"

Celestia snorted, the mask she wore in front of the nobles had no part in her family life. "Dull, though a little more annoying than usual"

"The Bluebloods?" Luna asked knowingly

"Yes, out of all the nobles they are the family I have the least patience and respect for"

"Well at least they never come to my night court..."

Luna's mood fell slightly. "Not that many pony's come to my night court anymore anyway, only the bat pony's really come for my help".

Celestia shrugged not registering her sisters sadness. "Oh well, all the less bothersome nobles for you to deal with."

"Not the point..." Luna mumbled before giving a sigh, many pony's had begun to shun the night and Luna herself, or sometimes even
Twilight just because she was the 'Daughter of the night', and Celestia despite clearly caring for both Luna and Twilight deeply was blind to this, blinded by the limelight that shone on her and her sun.

"Come my little star, lets go get something to eat." Luna addressed her daughter, both walking out of the room with Celestia following shortly after.

Celestia was blind to how her sister felt, and she could not have possibly have known how much she would come to regret that fact.

Castle of The Two Sisters, 10 years before Nightmare Moon

Twilight sat in her bedroom, inside the book fortress she had constructed looking through spell book after spell book as she did most afternoons. However today was different, having not yet gotten her cutie mark Twilight had decided, somewhat foolishly the best way to get it was to magically raise the moon like her mother. Twilight had naively looked through dozens of spell books from the deepest part of the library she had access to, she even had 'borrowed' some books from Celestia's secret study in the library and a few other hidden rooms accessed via that stupid organ.

No luck

Twilight growled in frustration and chucked the book she was reading away, all that she had found in that was some sort of 'want it, need it' spell that seemed more trouble than it was worth. However Twilight was one determined filly and decided, once again somewhat foolishly, to try it anyway.

In another area of the castle Luna walked out on to the balcony readying to raise the moon, which she began to do with flawless grace that she had done it with for centuries, and then she felt it.

Somepony else was tugging on the moon with her, trying to wrest control, however while it was impressive they managed a connection in the first place it was not nearly enough power to raise it never mind overpower Luna, the moon came to rest in its proper place in the sky and Luna let go ready to go find and punish whomever tried to steal HER moon.

And then Twilights bedroom exploded.

Panic swept over Luna as a magical maelstrom formed around where her daughter was likely located and she took to the skies in that direction as fast as she could.

When she arrived she entered through a new hole in the wall and found Twilight levitating next to her ruined book fortress, her eyes glowing a bright white as uncontrolled magic spewed from her horn.

Luna walked up to her daughter and touched the side of her head gently with one hoof.

"Shh my little star, I'm here for you, you don't have to be scared anymore..." she cooed

It worked, the maelstrom quickly died down and then disappeared all together, leaving behind an alicorn filly with a guilty look on her face.

"I'm sorry! I thought if I could raise your moon I could be like you and then I would get my cutie mark and... I'm sorry!" Twilight burst into tears and buried her head in Luna's chest.

Luna wrapped a wing around Twilight to comfort her, both their heads turned to face Celestia as she burst her way into the room.

"Luna! What happened here?!" Celestia asked looking at the devastated room.

"I'm sorry!" Twilight cried out again

"Shh, Twilight," Luna cooed to her daughter. "Sister, my daughter had a magical flare when she tried to raise my moon by herself, I have it under control there is no need to worry now."

Celestia gave a sigh of relief, but then she noticed something that brought a smile to her face, "It would seem one good thing came out of this event after all," she said, pointing at Twilight's flank.

Luna looked to see what Celestia was talking about, and there sat a starburst cutie mark.

For the first time in many years Pony's all across Equestria looked up to the nights sky in wonder as a newly created constellation sat in the sky shining brightly.

Canterlot, 2 years before Nightmare Moon

Princess Twilight Sparkle walked through the small city flanked by a small escort of Lunar guards as she liked to do every Saturday. She liked to visit a small shop near the city centre called 'Joe's', it was a family business that had been set up to sell a recently invented food item called donuts.

She mainly did this because, other than the fact donuts were delicious, to show she was not just some noble who thought herself above the 'common pony', but rather was a pony like any other. She had begun this practice three years ago and had at first been warmly received by the community, but as shun for the night increased the inhabitants had come to welcome her less and less until only Joe and his regular patrons who Twilight often conversed with would give her a chance.

Twilight couldn't understand it, all she and her mother had ever done was bring about the night and make it as beautiful as possible, Twilight herself had put much work in creating new amazing constellations ever since she took charge of the stars a few years back. The hate they were unjustly receiving had begun to take a toll on them both and yet Celestia remained blind to it.

Twilight sighed as she came up to Joe's shop, at least the pony's she hung out with there were friendly AND appreciated her work with the stars, the only others were those within the Lunar guard which by this point was mostly Bat-Pegasi.

"Hold up your highness..." Captain Steel Blade warned, pointing out some solar guards which stood outside Joe's.

"What is it, Captain?"

"They should not be there, I don't like the look of this"

The Solar Guards spotted them and the lead one whistled, several more solar guards came out of the alleyways either side of them, all had their weapons drawn.

"Oh horseapples! To arms!" Steel Blade shouted to the other three Lunar guards.

Over a dozen solar guards surrounded them now, the Lunar guards drew their weapons and Twilight's horn lit up with a lavender aura, her wings lifted in a threatening manner.

The Solar guards struck first

Several threw spears at the group which Twilight deflected with ease, Steel Blade and the solar guards ringleader crossed blades and began to fight, the other three Lunar guards quickly had their hooves full and began to get overwhelmed before Twilight got the majorities
attention with a few well placed spells.

"Princess!" Steel Blade shouted wiping a bit a blood off his muzzle, witnessing the solar guards surround Twilight while a couple kept them from assisting her.

Twilight prepared to defend herself but shrieked in surprise as a loud 'Clang' erupted among the group, interrupting the fight as all turned to see its source.

One of the solar guards slumped over unconscious having been hit hard with a frying pan wielded by Joe who was flanked by several of his patrons whom Twilight recognised, all wielding makeshift weapons.

"See here, I really don't appreciate you bothering my most high profile customer like that, so I'm asking you nicely to stop," Joe calmly stated

The solar guards ringleader approached the group. "Civilians! This has nothing to do with you so, er, please leave now we do not wish to harm you!"

"Not gonna happen, get em'!" Shouted Joe to his patrons.

The battle ended quickly after that, normally solar guards could deal with angry ponies with frying pans quite easily, but the solar guards reluctance to hurt them (and the groups lack of reluctance to hurt the solar guard) combined with both the Lunar guard AND an alicorn princess attacking them at once, it was over within the minute as all the solar guard lay unconscious on the hard stone road.

The news very quickly spread about an attempt on the young Princess' life. But if any believed that would be the end of it, they were sorely mistaken.

Even as Twilight's safety was ascertained, that evening was one of anguish and rage for her mother.

"CELESTIA!" shouted Luna as she barged into Celestia's private study

Celestia looked up with a serious expression on her face, she had just been going over the report of the attack on her niece, and she was not in a happy mood, Luna less so.

"Sister, how is Twilight?"

"Fine, no thanks to you or your guard!" Luna shouted angrily

Celestia was taken aback by that comment. "Me? Luna I had nothing to do with this, neither did the Solar Guard in reality! Those who attacked Twilight were a group of fanatics who broke away months ago!"

"Fanatics who worship YOUR sun 'dear sister', and attacked MY daughter!"

"It will be dealt with Lulu!"

"It had better, things are coming to a head so you had better hope things get better for if anypony ever lays a hoof on my daughter again I will rip apart all of Equestria if that is what is necessary to get the fools responsible, understood!"

"Lulu I..."

Luna turned and stormed out of the study, slamming the door behind her.

Celestia let out a long sad sigh, they had been such a happy family the three of them once upon a time...

Castle of The Two Sisters, 0 years before Nightmare Moon

Celestia had claimed that she was doing everything in her power to stop the fanatics, to stem the hatred towards the night, but then they were attacked again, both of them this time, and then Celestia had the gall to make more empty promises, promises Luna no longer cared for.

Twilight had been reluctant, but after all she had been through she came around and decided to stand at her mother side, this was it, the final day, and the night...

The night that would last forever!

Author's Note:

And so come Nightmare Moon! Next chapter will be all about the banishment and then we get more onto the present day stuff.