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Yay whit it!!!


This story is a sequel to Chrysalis' unexpected child

After Chrysalis won the trial and was free to live in Ponyville, things went back to normal according to Ponyville standards, this is the story of Chrysalis, Clear Spark, and the crazy small-town community during the ten years that passed until the big news of Apple Bloom.

What do you think happened during those ten years?. :rainbowhuh:

The first part is recommended to read to understand a lot of things.

The sequel of Chrysalis' unexpected child can be read here A Spark of Hope, written by Prismfire , I know you will love it as much as this one and the last one. :twilightsmile:

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Woohoo a sequel!!

"Oooookey..." Replied the changelings without believing the princess too much. "But did you really send that pony to the moon?, I'm no expert in biology but I don't think a normal stallion would live a thousand years."

Luna opened her eyes wide and was silent for a moment before turning on her horn for a second.

"I think... one year in prison will be enough for a pony.... from now on." Replied the princess turning her head to the side avoiding looking at the changeling as her horn lit up a couple more times.

"Princess, did you send any more ponies to the moon?" The changeling asked with intrigue.

"Nnnnoooo?." Luna replied trying to sound confident.

"Are you sure?" Red Bug asked again.

"Ohhhh look, it's the train station." Luna pointed her hoof into the distance before turning on her horn and in a flash of light they were both at the station. "It was nice talking to you Red Bug but I have a lot of work to do at the castle and I need to find a doctor for a completely unrelated issue of malnutrition from being in a sterile environment have a safe trip bye."

I may not be an expert on physics but know that there's no air in space nor the moon and I don't think that Stallion is alive. Also how many did Luna sent to the moon?


In the comic Fiendship is magic Nº4 explains the story of Nightmare Moon and shows the NYX, a race that lives on the moon and taught Luna everything about controlling dreams and entering the dream world, and in the comic Nº5 to Nº8 in the arc of Nightmare Rarity (excellent villain and a great story), the heroines literally go to the moon to save their friend.

I explain this because it shows a race on the moon where they live, work, rest, and eat, and when the heroines go to the moon they can breathe without the need for any spell.

Not much is mentioned in the series about this but it is implied that the moon is not a sterile place like the earth's moon, and Luna is mainly referring that she sent 17 ponies only one pony to the moon but in random places, she knows that the NYX live there and that they could help the ponies to survive but never worrying about if they would find them or not.

I just hope Luna doesn't have to face legal problems for this. :rainbowlaugh:

"I tried to be a normal stallion and live a decent life in indecent Equestria, but I was wrong, the world is cruel, merciless and there is only one ethics in this world, objective, impartial, fair."

He was talking about death wasn’t he?

Try to remember a batman villain who says something similar and has a coin as part of his background.
The same.

I think the best part was Red Bug asking why the holes opened up for her. It's amusing because I like the idea that she got so into being a tourist that she forgot that she technically isn't a tourist.

So... Luna forgot that Ponies normally don't live for 1000 years?

This was a good little look into how things are going on after Celestia's imprisonment. It seems like Celestia has an influence over her guards, considering how racist they are. Either that, or she only chooses guards that agree with her ideology. Either that, or she only chooses guards who were born and raised in Canterlot, resulting in guards that are just as stuck up and racist as many of the Canterlot Nobles in the Racist Capital of Equestria. So maybe her guards are the ones who have the influence over Celestia?

I hadn't thought that the racism Celestia taught her guards would somehow feed back to her, it's an interesting point to consider.

And I remember that once it was mentioned about the reason why Celestia had mostly white guards and it was for simple aesthetics of the series as it reflected better that they were of the royal guard of the solar monarch, but the racism shown by many nobles of Equestria is something that passes from generation to generation as in most cultures, the guards to have a more direct or close relationship with royalty or nobles are also affected in the same way.

curious fact:
When I researched why the color of the guards I found that male and female Kirin are exactly the same and the only way to tell the difference is that the females have eyelashes.

I neither deny nor confirm the existence of a mare protecting Manehattan disguised as the night.

I can't see Chrysalis working at the Spa unless it's full-time. And I feel like a Mail Carrier would be considered coming out of left field. That's not to say it's a bad idea. It's just a little unexpected. I could see her working with Rarity as a Model. But that would involve a lot of standing around, which wouldn't help to alleviate her boredom. Does the School of Friendship exist in this story? Because I could see Chrysalis choosing to become a teacher there. That would still be more of a full-time job, but that would be interesting. So I suppose being a Mail Carrier may actually be the best option as a part-time job for Chrysalis.

Also, we have to see some animal shenanigans happen. Chrysalis may even be good with animals because she could theoretically transform herself into that animal to better relate to it. I could also see her turning into an animal, and Fluttershy thinks she's cute and wants to snuggle her, completely forgetting that she's the Changeling Queen. And I"m sure there would be some Discord shenanigans as well.

I actually like the idea that during Celestia's therapy sessions, the detail is brought out that Celestia is acting like the Canterlot Nobles in how racist she's acting towards Chrysalis. Celestia would take offense to that because she hates how stuck-up the Canterlot Nobles are. But that could act as a breakthrough as Celestia realizes that she's become a stuck-up Canterlot Noble. She's become her own pet peeve. Granted, that can be later on, but it would probably make for a good first step in her therapy.

And that is an interesting detail about the Kirin. I never knew that before. Now I have to wonder if males and females have different voices.

today I was thinking about a way to make the transition to season 8 and the school, it shouldn't be too difficult and I have some ideas to do it in 2 or 3 more chapters.

It seems like Celestia for all her I care about my subjects it's unless I have do the dirty work myself and that why she hates the queen. She was forced to deal with her by herself time and again.

It seems as though Celestia is so obsessed with Chrysalis because it's the only villain that she was unable to stop. But perhaps her obsession runs deeper than just racism. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she's the only villain she's had to face alone. As Red Bug pointed out, there have been many villains that she has faced, many of which were not that different from Chrysalis. All those other villains were either defeated by someone else, or by Celestia in a team. She may not realize that she needed help with those villains that she was directly involved with. I don't think that Chrysalis was ever more dangerous than other villains. She was just the only villain Celestia had to face alone. And she's the only villain that she wasn't able to stop aside from temporary wins. Celestia can't admit that she was no different from those other villains, because that would mean admitting that she's not strong enough to protect Equestria alone. At the wedding, Chrysalis was defeated, not by Celestia, but by Cadance and Shining Armor working together.

The only other time Celestia had to face a villain alone was Nightmare Moon. And even then, she needed the help of the Elements of Harmony. Without the Elements, Celestia and Nightmare Moon may have been no different than Celestia and Chrysalis. There may be temporary wins, but they would be in a constant stalemate in the long run. And when you think of it, Chrysalis was never alone when she beat Celestia. At the wedding, she had the boost from Shining Armor's love for Cadance. It's often portrayed that his love for Cadance was strong enough to make Chrysalis stronger than Celestia. But what if that boost isn't as impressive as implied? I'm sure that Shining's love for Cadance is stronger than average, so she got enough boost to defeat Celestia. But what if Shining's love for Cadance wasn't impressively above average? What if it's still within an average range, or at least nothing phenomenal?

The author's note in the end made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:

Another great chapter! :yay:

I do hope things can go a lot more smoother for Red Bug working with Celestia and I'm looking forward to the next chapter that will focus on the stallion. Keep up the great work!

I actually predicted that the Changeling was just allergic to something. And even though I recognized the similarity to the appearance, for some reason, I never made the connection, or rather, disconnection, between the wing dust and it not being related to her being sick. But I do like that another Changeling just happened to sneeze, and their wings also glowing, causing a panic. But I wonder if Chrysalis caught something from that sneeze, though. Maybe that other Changeling was sicker than she appeared or just hadn't taken root yet. That or Chrysalis could've caught something while she was at the hospital (not a good sign). Or maybe she just got sick from falling asleep with a wet towel on her head and it being cold.

I also like that idea of a Changeling defense mechanism for when they're low on energy. It's technically shoehorned in, but it shows that not all things that are shoehorned in are bad. It's just there for the plot device, but it's a fun piece of lore nonetheless.

I also had a feeling that perhaps Chrysalis had changed forms unintentionally when Discord first spoke. He mentioned that they all look the same, which could imply that for one reason or another, she could've been turned into a drone and didn't have her queenly appearance. But then the mention of her looking fluffy suggested something else. And when the others didn't seem to understand what she was saying, that implied that she was an animal. And for whatever reason, the most likely animal on my mind would've been a bunny.

Also, with the good news with Fluttershy and Discord, as well as knowing how Fluttershy feels about Chrysalis, are Chrysalis's wings glowing now?

And as a final note, now I wanna see a chapter that involves Chrysalis helping Fluttershy and Discord out with adopting a child (I'd find it amusing if they ended up adopting a Changeling). Either that, or Discord and Fluttershy find out that they either aren't compatible (which would lead to the adoption idea), or there's no way for them to be compatible, but they are anyway (Discord is Chaos incarnate. If anyone can represent the impossible being possible, it'd be him.). Who knows. Maybe they'll be compatible, but because of Discord's Chaos magic, Fluttershy will end up being birth to a Changeling, or I suppose it would be a Pegasus/Draconequuis/Changeling hybrid. I know "Changeling" shouldn't be in the mix for a hybrid, but it's Discord. If he can be compatible when he shouldn't be, they can have a hybrid that includes being part Changeling when a Changeling isn't in the mix. Although, the adoption idea is the most plausible because I don't think Chrysalis would be there when Discord and Fluttershy... I'll leave the rest of that comment up to the imagination. Unless Chrysalis helps find a way to use her Changeling magic to somehow convert one of them into the other temporarily. That could even explain how the hybrid could be part Changeling.

Anyway, the FluttershyXDiscord situation should involve adoption. Fluttershy's admiration of Chrysalis as well as Chrysalis suggesting the idea would likely result in them adopting.

I wanna see a chapter involving Chrysalis helping Fluttershy and Discord with adoption.

"I'm sorry." Cheerilee finished saying as she wiped a tear of laughter from her eyes. "It's just that I keep picturing you attacking Canterlot in a brand new adorable bunny costume."

I'm unsure if I can take the Season 2 Finale seriously ever again now.

"Well, ready for a delicious breakfast and the next session?." She asked with a smile, Celestia simply looked back at her.

Is Celestia going to be at breakfast? I doubt she'll be taking part for the Q&A, since Chrysalis will be there... or maybe she will for the beginning while Chryssy's still talking to the ambassadors. Or maybe this will be to get them to interact, and to act as it's own therapy for Celestia by being part of the event. Or maybe I'm thinking to much about it and it's just to get Chrysalis out of the way while Celestia is transferred to a guest room.

After a silent walk, Red Bug and Celestia arrived at a rather large kitchen that was empty, had much simpler and sturdier furniture, and inside the refrigerator were several paper bags with different names on them.

Well, that felt anticlimactic compared to my predictions.

"Thank you." Celestia as she was entering the room saw a tall black figure looking out one of the windows into the garden. "What's going on here, and why-."

Celestia felt someone pushing her very hard into the room and locking the door.


Honestly, this is even better than what I expected.

PS: Lucky Bunny should not worry about the ambassadors because Princess Luna will speak on her behalf."

Chrysalis is never gonna escape that now, is she?

The next story will be about a character that was asked about in the comments, specifically a stallion. :pinkiegasp:

Is the Stallion in question Big Mac? Because if so, I would like to see a story that takes place just after this where Red Bug is with Big Mac as a way to relax after the built-up stress that this and previous sessions (and interactions with Royal Guards).

"I know neither of you are a teacher but let me be a little more clear, my name is Steve Carter, and I'd like to talk to you about my son, Clear Spark."

Damn... Didn't think Clear Spark's birth biological father would make an appearance but didn't think he actually cared or even knew Clear Spark existed.

The sequel of Chrysalis' unexpected child can be read here A Spark of Hope,

But isn't this story the sequel to Chrysalis' unexpected child?

The guy cares more traveling than anything else. He never cared about clear spark or he would spent enough time at home to talk with him. He was even trying to put the moves on the queen despite the fact that she is committed to the child.

I remember seeing the movie at my local movie theatre where I wore a MLP shirt that I had gotten from my local Gamestop to proudly show off my Brony pride. :pinkiehappy:

You did an excellent job integrating Chrysalis into the movie's plot, I'm looking forward to next week to learn what happened to Clear Spark.

So it seems Chrysalis is going to be used to power the staff in place of Celestia.

"Gotcha." Said the queen as she caught the unicorn. "LYRA, I CHOOSE YOU." Chrysalis shouted before throwing the unicorn with all her might as close as she could to the sick changeling, the unicorn screamed in desperation as she flew through the air but landed gracefully and unharmed on all four legs.

"LYRA, USE MAGIC BUBBLE!." Shouted Chrysalis pointing her hoof towards the sick changeling, the unicorn without understanding much of what was happening obeyed instantly, a bolt of magic lightning shot out from Lyra's horn and stopped inches from the sick changeling to expand and form a bubble around, lifting her into the air.

"Excellent, we've caught a changeling, now hold her like this." Lyra now much more in control of her actions nodded her head and concentrated to reinforce her magical bubble,

Okay, that Pokémon reference caught me off guard, and I love it! This story gets a Tracking and an upvote, while you, my good sir, get a follow.

"My cue for what?" The queen asked, raising an eyebrow as she tried to think of what that meant, until she finally figured it out. "Ohhhh no no no no no... I don't sing, that's a colored pony thing." She finished, taking a step back.

Chrysalis you damn racist bug!

"Brian! Nooo!" A soul crushed unicorn cried out as he watched his latex friend deflate to nothing.


Not only would I have thought that he didn't know his son even existed, I thought Petal Dance once said that she didn't even know who the father was.

I would've gone with the idea that he didn't know Clear Spark existed until recently. He heard about him after the trial. He recognized Petal Dance in the trial as someone he knew long ago. The topic of the trial, who Clear Spark's legal guardian is, would've piqued his interest. He would then use his journalistic skills to investigate, learning that Clear Spark was approximately born around 10 months (pony gestation period) after he "got to know" Petal Dance. Perhaps Clear Spark's blindness, and his hearing issue, may have been passed down from Steve Carter's mother who had the same condition. And now that he learned that he has a son, he wants to get to know him. Perhaps not as a permanent parental figure, but just a chance to meet him. (My own father was similar. We had a few times when I was little when I got to spend time with him. But overall, he just wasn't there. I didn't even know he was my father until later in life.)

When Spike mentioned Twilight being OCD, and Twilight's denial of it, I imagined that Chrysalis would troll Twilight by writing on her blackboard "16X2=34". Twilight, seeing this equation, would've stopped her conversation immediately to go and correct the mistaken equation. Chrysalis would then point out that Twilight is OCD. And when Twilight denies it again, Chrysalis asks what she was talking about before correcting the math problem. And I'd like to think that Twilight's thought process was so derailed at seeing the math problem that it took her a few moments to remember what they were there for.

They're both sequels. A Spark of Hope takes place after a time skip, though. So you could say that it will ultimately be a sequel to this story as well.

I love how they put that guy in his place before he got to ruin anything. And he really doesn't get the concept of friendship. All he could see about the magic of friendship was the magic and that equalled power which equalled possible danger for ponies. Never mind the fact ponies have gone to the dark side too.

In case anyone is wondering why I have not updated "A Spark of Hope" in a while is because I am seeing how thing playnout here for a bit to prevent canon conflict ~Lily

"I interrupted Twilight's brother's wedding, Luna tried to curse us with Eternal Night, Discord took over Equestria long ago, and Celestia bewitched a whole village and turned into a fire monster and tried to kill me and my son, but she's much better now."

I don’t think Celestia is a good example in this situation.

Tempest Shadow is going to have to go through 2 years of community service? That actually explains why she doesn't appear until the Season 9 Finale. Is that the reasoning you used? She appears at the end of Season 9 because she finished her community service? Also, will you be taking into consideration the Season 10 Comics?

Ironically, I think that this universe's Celestia better explains Neighsay's xenophobia.

I'm sorry but my dad's car decided to have a one night date with a tree and ended up at the mechanic.

Everyone is fine but with the crash and a couple of trips to the hospital I didn't have much time for other things, and that's adding the $$$$ that the car repair will cost.:twilightsmile:

Today or tomorrow I can upload the Chapter, I just have to translate it but dont have the time now

something seems to me that this excursion could turn sideways for changelings. What prevents "tourists with evil intentions" from installing explosives in the vital points of the hive and destroying them along with the pony throne dangerous for the people?
I'm not sure, but did the tourists really walk around unsupervised?

How many ponies did Luna kill sending her to the moon?

The only thing I can say is that according to official reports from Equestria, she did not send 17 ponies to the moon, only one.

I really thought of it that way to explain why she wouldn't appear more directly in the story. Hasbro has a tendency to highlight some characters and bury others based on their commercial appeal, regardless of whether they have good character design.

And I also thought it would be funny to use community service, because it's a punishment that no one seems to like, and it's something that they would use in Equestria. :rainbowlaugh:

no matter how bad that guard sent to the moon, he has one positive quality that I can respect. he had a "loyalty to Princess Celestia". It is strange that his elimination did not become an occasion for an attempt to arrange a coup d'etat in order to free the "princess of the sun." (You could push the people to this by telling the people that all the other princesses of dust were captured by changelings during the first excursion to the hive. By the way, all the necessary targets went at once).

In the case of Tempest Shadow (and most of the movie characters), the reason they were buried is because of the voice actors. They weren't cheap, which is why they are movie exclusive.

This is also why I asked about the comics. If the characters were never seen again, even in the comics, then I would agree that they were buried. Tempest Shadow and other movie characters do return in the Season 10 comics.

"You already lost the love, and respect of your subjects, and you also lost the love and respect Twilight felt for you, but I believe she told you that yesterday when she said goodbye to you, I would say it was a pleasure to meet you but we both know I would be lying even though I feel a degree of respect for you being one of my most formidable rivals."

actually it looks like a bluff. Because I doubt that people's love for Celestia can end that easily. Moreover, in fact, no one except the main persons saw the incident with the Daybreaker. It seems to me that if I were an ordinary resident, seeing this sudden campaign to destroy Celestia's reputation, I would think that this is not a clean thing. Moreover, if it all started after the "first excursion to the changeling hive", then this would add convincing arguments in favor of my "conspiracy theory".

Does this actually happen in story?

He'll get there in time some folks just longer than others to figure it out.

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