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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis' unexpected child

Clear Spark, now a young stallion, has overcome his troubled youth to become a smart and intelligent resident of Ponyville. With Zecora's help, he developed an aloe hybrid that has accelerated healing properties and aims to try and find a way to grow the new strain on a mass scale. However, even with Apple Bloom's sudden pregnancy announcement, things are not as they seem on the surface. Foes both old and new lurk in the shadows, and threaten every step as he tries to show even the blind can see the good in life.

Written with permission from coto616

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Glad to see the story continue. By the way [ex[osed]. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

fixed, and you pointing that out lead me to fixing 5 other errors so thanks ~Lily

“Little Bloom got da right of it,” Granny’s tone carried one of knowing, concerns that she had herself when she was pregnant with Pear, and also had to reassure when Pear was pregnant with Big Mac, albeit in a slightly different form. She had broken her hip a few years prior from a nasty incident involving a timberwolf attack, so the fact both her and Pear had been perfectly fine was a miracle in itself. “Goin’ to be nice bein’ able to foalsit a youngin’ again, so don’tcha worry about a thing.”

Was Pear Butter originally part of the Apple family? How can she be Grandma Smith's daughter if she had a son, Bright Mac?

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