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This story is a sequel to The Maretian: Equus Tales

In this alternate take, Opportunity continued to live on after 2018. In the days following Mark and his friend's launch, Sojourner waits for her new mission, killing time by dreaming. When her mother comes calling during one such night to tell her Oppy was about to die, how will she cope? And what discoveries will she make about herself?

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“No,” The young girl said, tears filling her eyes as she ran over to her mother, clinging tightly around the older woman's waist. “Not Oppy! He has survived so much, things that should have killed him thousands of Sols ago. Every time something threatened him, he laughed in the face of danger and carried on with minimum damage. Dust storms, amnestia, stuck wheel… You name it and he not only had it, but also beat it. What happened for Ol’ Grumblewort to come claim him?”


Iasu crater => Iazu crater
i => L

Sol Invictus is a Roman sun god. I think it fits better. Can't go with the more usual Sol, because that would be confusing.

“My battery is low and my screen is getting dark.” -Me, 2019

very well written. I mean the last message the Rover sent was technically not words but you know what I mean

A pity the humans can't negotiate directly withn the spirit of Mars. Ye gods, (literally) what has to have happened is that millennia human belief, acting on the human universe's very weak magic field reified what was already there in potentia and created a genius loci. And his motivation for wanting to destroy the life that's come to Mars, because he's jealous of Earth being the one to spawn life, and feels like it's mocking him to have it come there...

H G Wells was right after a fashion. 'intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes'.

But if Sojourner can let them know what his beef is, maybe they, or possibly the Equestrians could get him to change his mind, that rather than being an insult, this could be the realisation of his original dream, to be a life bearing planet. Get Mars onside, and great things are possible. A planet that wants to be terraformed or rather viviformed, as then it's making Mars able to support life rather than just bewinf a copy of Earth, could make things happen far faster.

I can even see how you could accomplish some short cuts. Use a Sparkle Drive to shunt some large (kilometre sized) chunks of ice into Equestria's universe, where the Princesses can wrangle them to where Mars surface would be, then flip them back. Match velocities beforehand and you can put a lot of additional water on the surface without bombarding it.

original brothers

this referring to the mars landers?

And I now have more cut onions.

most of all of it, although that song stands out.

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