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Queen Chrysalis, aka "Public Enemy Number One", is a dying mare. It has often been said that "In the most dire circumstances, the best solution will be discovered., and in her current situation she has come up with a plan that will not only alter Equestria's and the changeling race's paths, but the destiny for the Elements of Harmony.

This is set in an alternative timeline after the defeat of Tirek but before Thorax came into the picture and where the failed plan at the wedding cost Chrysalis more than anypony realized.

Chapters (12)
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Will Thorax be appearing in this story?


for now no, but maybe later on

i like it and i can't wait for the next chapter plus chapters after that

blueblood seems.... off... for a mostly canon timeline... no complaints .. im just surprised to see him NOT be a whiney jerk


If Flutters can reform Discord, why can't Blueblood be perfectly civil in an (as I tagged) alternate timeline

Be careful there is another fanfic similar to this


What's it called? I had no idea there was one

Comment posted by Headlock1_0 deleted Feb 13th, 2017

That was beautiful.


and there will be more coming

7944828 Awesome! Can't wait for more to come.

Oi... Creepy, but awesome nonetheless. I'm seriously looking forward to the next bit Sandstorm.

nice. hope you plan to make this a long fic... i enjoy reading sagas more than stories.... no offence to story writers


plan on it being multichapter, don't know how long yet

This chapter was better than the first one, but there are still some lines of dialouge that seem out of place. I don't know. I'll remove my downvote on the story, but I can't say I'm sold yet.

curious question: does Twilight still go to help Sunset Shimmer face the Dazzlings, a la "Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks"? personally, I'd think that this plotline would put an interesting twist on the whole thing, especially seeing how the Sirens are essentially a dark mirror of the Changelings...


I'll give that some thought...

7950492 :twilightsmile: thanks in advance, regardless of what you decide in the long run...

Chrysalis ex machina, Chrysalis....OUT OF NOWHERE!

that was apparantly a ludicrously fast change for the CMC.. why were there no questions about that? just asking because that seems off

next chapter that will be addressed

Are we going to see what happens when the CMC go back to school? That may be a little interesting if it is done well.

Themis... Thou art royally SCREWED!

Well that was brief. Like the concept, but the words must be more! :pinkiehappy:

Loving the story so far, will you be continuing it in due time?? :fluttershysad:

NEVER threaten anything under Fluttershy's care, those who do are in deep trouble.


trying to balance my job and fanfics


I can understand that. Just letting you know I absolutely love this story so far.
I eagerly await more, whenever that happens to be. :pinkiehappy:

7944206 don't worry, it's different enough from that one.

7944251 I have read that story it is different from this one.

Funny how I can't balance my life, my work and my fictions... :trixieshiftleft:

I kind of envy you bro.

I just now thought of something...in regards to the new Changeling 6 eating meat, I mean:

"We're used to it.." Rainbow and Pinkie said with a shrug making jaws, including Chrysalis', drop around the room. "Good flavor but get horrible indigestion afterwards." Rainbow added with a shudder.
"Now I can cook chicken with no consequences." Pinkie beamed with a small bounce as Fluttershy promptly fainted and the Princesses teleported bags in for everypony to throw up into.

I can actually believe that: with Rainbow being fillyhood friends with a Griffon, I suppose it would make sense that she's at least TRIED meat if she and Gilda did that "trading food items at lunch" thing that I'm sure most of us partook in during our school days; as for Pinkie Pie...it's Pinkie Pie: there need not any further explanation...

hello 8001896 Question. The queen is the mother of the hive? I ask because I'm collecting all the stories where the queen is the mother of the hive
Here is the address


The queen is indeed the mother of the hive in this story

welp... themis is going to be outclassed in every way but violent intent

well, it was nice knowing you Themis...well, not really, but it's often said that we should respect the dead :trollestia:

7963414 oh, come on: it can't be that...

"So...it seems like I might have a contender for my throne...but no matter, I refuse to give up without a fight even if it kills me.."

...aaannd, she jinxed it: yeah, she's a goner for sure

Themis is TOAST! :twilightangry2:
If Fluttershy can still talk to animals, she should go recruiting.. in the EVERFREE FOREST.
If all the queens put up a small portion of their cattle, they can pay the animals in meat for their help.
Not to mention Discord will most definitely come to their aid, as well as what will probably be 3/4 quarters of the continent's armed forces, thanks to Equestria's allies.

PLEASE, keep up the awesome work!! :pinkiehappy:

Can we get more chapters?? Im now irrevocably intrigued with the story.

I am Pinkamena Diane Pie...and your number was just placed on my list.

Well Themis I don't care what you've planned you just unleashed Pinkie's dark side. No creature is safe when they anger that side of Pinkie.

I have seen enough points for what Blueblood did in the S1 finale that I can see if either being good or evil in any given story

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