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This story is a prequel to Craftworld Equestria: Luna's Quest

Between myriads of stars, in the infinite void of space, drift the Craftworlds. Space ships the size of small planets, created to protect the remnants of a dying people, the Eldar.

Amongst them is one that is smaller and older than all others.

Its inhabitants left the Empire of the Eldar long before first signs of the impending doom came to light. And over millennia, traveling between the stars changed them. Today the other Eldar call them Pho’niy’ess. What roughly translates to “those of our people who are not our people”.

These are the stories of first Craftworld ever created. Stories of the Eldar who call themselves “Ponies”. Come, sit down and listen to what the Craftworld Equestria has to tell you.

Today we follow Equestrias supreme Farseer, princess Celestia to her garden. We're about to see how she spends her free time after her sister takes over for the night.

I'm a huge Warhammer 40k fan and after collecting Tau for quite a while I decided to start another army, after checking a few criteria I ended up with either Eldar, Grey Knights, Space Marines or something Chaosy to choose from. Chaos was out right away, same for normal Space Marines. And after the idea of painting my new army in My little Pony colour schemes I had to take Eldar. I mean, these guys are made for bright colours, they look fabulous! :raritywink:

Anyway, as time went by I came up with stories about all units I painted up. This here is just the first story I put to paper. And Celestia always makes a good starting point.

I will put out more stories based on my Craftworld Equestria so I hope some of you will stick around to read more.

The cover image was done by me by the way. :pinkiehappy:

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This is funnier when you remember that Nicole Oliver, Celestia's VA, also voiced an Eldar Farseer for one of the 40k video games.

I guess Discord would still be imprisoned or chucked into space in this 'verse.

So, is this an Anthro setting, or are Celestia and Luna only Humanoid under certain circumstances? I get that it's a 40K crossover, but if the Equestrian Elements are more or less the same then the tags should reflect that.

I didn't actually know that. Gives the entire thing a little humorous twist :trollestia:

Discord will eventually explained in other stories, but I changed his alignment with all the chaos stuff a bit :raritywink:

Well, there is no "human" tag because, when you ask me, they are Eldar. And telling an Eldar you think he or she is a human would be a capital offense of unimaginable scale. :derpytongue2:

The anthro tag however. Well I imagined them as essentially Eldar with fur ...
In my mind that isn't anthropomorphic, but I guess you're right and it could be seen that way. I'll edit it in and keep it in mind for future stories from Craftworld Equestria. :twilightsmile:

Very enjoyable.^^

Also, an Eldar army with an Pony color palette hn? Suits them weirdly enough, all them colors. Hmm, maybe I give my Dark Eldar army a Changeling pattern.

That and the day after you posted this, Iowaforever posted a new chapter to his God-Empress of Equestria series

I am going read your story first, but I must say that you did a great job on the Farseer Celestia figure.:coolphoto:

She voiced Farseer Macha, Taldeer, and Caerys.:pinkiehappy: And do you know what really is weird, but cool? Our good family friend, Mr. Cake? He is the voice...of Warboss Gorgutz!:rainbowdetermined2: Brian Drummond himself!

7341636 Hence why I used the word "Humanoid":twilightsmile:. I am well aware of the stigma most races in the 40K setting hold towards "Xenos", with the possible exception of the Tau, though even that is debatable.

Well, if you need more ideas or are just curious in general, you can check out all I have so far here:
my DeviantArt :raritywink:

I stumbled across that one today and tagged it directly, I hope it will make for a good read these days ^^

thanks, I hope you liked the story as well ^^

well, from a political standpoint Craftworld Equestria is quite liberal, it's more the mindset of humans that makes them take it as an insult :rainbowlaugh:

I weep, for my Space Marines will never look as beautiful as that figure :raritycry:

This is a nice introduction to your universe, though I would suggest getting a proof reader; there are a few spelling errors and misused homonyms here and there, but none that took away from the story.

Best of luck to you :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the praise, but rest assured, I'm not an exceptional painter, I just try and retry over and over :derpytongue2:

I tried to get a proof refer a few times, but I never found a proper one. Anyway, I'll go and search some more.
Thanks for commenting and have a great day :twilightsmile:

I like that eldar-ic feeling of harmony here... it blends perfectly with ponies :D I didnt expected it to work but it does. And yes, I'd absolutely love more of short stories like this. Keep up the good job :)

Great work on this story.

Eldars do match ponys bright colors quite well indeed, I can't almost picture the howling specters with Rarity's color and the dragons with Sunset as their exarc

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