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This is an alternate take on Irrespective's "This Nose Knows". Celestia, after discovering that the Bean the search squads had found was a changeling, goes to the Flame of Destruction herself to strike a deal for his safe return. Problem is, Daybreaker needs some persuading.

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Not a bad story, but it could do with proofreading and some minor editing.

Aww... I wanted to read the inevitable Curb-Stomp Chryssy deserves...

NO! NO! NO! One more chapter Please!!!!! The whomping and stomping. and the pain AHHH. It was just about to start,

The symbol of imperfection?

I agreed with you, but I haven't even start on reading this story yet.

I considered that Celestia might link Bob up the sun as a verification of his true identity. Since Irrespective gave the thumbs up for publishing this, we can safely assume that he won’t have that happen.

I toyed with that idea, but realized it would have been greusome

This would have been a great branch of the story. I honestly like this better than the endless string of cliffhangers we are currently getting.

I appreciate that, maybe I will revisit this for part two down the road (12 hour shifts at work really leave me no time to write)

Someone's bout to be a dead bug

A great fic i must say, i am a little dissapointed that we could not see what happend once Daybreaker met Bean.

It occures to me that in the episode, Feeling Pinkie Keen Twilight get's so frustrated with her inability to understand how the pink pony functions, she blows a gasket and goes all Daybreaker for about two seconds. You don't suppose she picked up some of Celestia's magic while her student?

No, she just evolved into Rapidash XD)

An interesting alternate take on events, and I enjoyed Bob's role in the story and your depiction of Daybreaker. What typos there are don't detract too much from the story, but I would still recommend some edits.

Also, Celestia threatening Daybreaker with giving birth... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

.... Okay, I gotta admit. I did NOT see that one coming. Asking Daybreaker for help? She must be desperate to take her husband back. Of course, not like I will understand her, I'm not married next r a wife. Or a girl. Or whatever. Three cheers for the Bean stories!! Weeeee!!

Corrections, Purple Pony Princess turned into a Ponyta. A rapidash is tall and hot (not that kind of hot). A Ponyta is cute and adorable.

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