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This story is a sequel to Imbalanced: New Age

War is raging on the continent of Zebrica where a new warlord has risen, using immensely powerful magic to subjugate clans and countries.

In Equestria, conspiracies tying princess Celestia to Corrupted are running rampant, princess Luna is investigating an ancient alicorn legacy pertaining to entities called only 'the enemy' and 'the herald', and princess Twilight Sparkle is trying to keep Equestria together despite the rising panic.

In the Griffon Empire, both Black Ops and Imperial armies are in a losing battle against spreading Corrupted territories transforming the land.

And knowing nothing about any of that, there's Harriet, a young dragonpony in the Griffon Empire whose life is about to be shattered by a group of ponies seeking something from her father's hoard that would make all the previous threats to peace a small beer.

UPDATES: Hopefully monthly.

EDIT: Added AU tag, since this takes place some three hundred years (give or take) after Twilight's alipopcornification.

Chapters (37)
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Comments ( 87 )

This is a REALLY good intro for the next story. Its consistent with what has happened while simultaneously allowing new readers to know there are other stories and the major plot points which had happened before.

This might need an AU tag, since the griffons don't have an empire in canon

There isn't really much known about the world outside of the little map of Equestria, but true. At this point in the storyline I guess I should add the AU tag.

I tried it with New Age, which worked rather... poorly, but I want this one to be readable on its own as well as the finale of Imbalanced.

Young Harriet is a dragonpony living on the eastern edge of the Griffon Empire. Her peace is shattered when dragonslayers attack her father, and her mother gets killed in the crossfire. Filled with grief, Harriet wows revenge.

I'm surprised that no one has yet to mention the "Harriet wows revenge". Normally I ignore these minor errors, but it's part of your short summary.

Woow, I completely missed that. Pun intended,
Fixed, thanks.
And the reason is simple, there's like negative six people reading it. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually really like this story for one that I randomly clicked on to see. For me the pace of the character development sometimes becomes desynchronised with the pace of the plot, like the change in Harriet's take to her body and her moving across the world. Still thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next chapter!
Btw is the universe this story is set in new, or is this just a continuation?

It'S my Imbalanced universe (check profile page for contents), but I intend this one to be readable on its own to a degree. If this is your first book and you know nothing about the world, don't worry about that. If you want to learn more while waiting for updates, there's a lot of surrounding lore.

Anyway, the plot still hasn't moved anywhere, and Harriet still thinks she's ugly but now knows there are some crazy guys around who might be into it :D

Good to know, I'll check them out now!
Also I would definitely include myself with those crazy guys ;)

So now there are three instances of Blazing Light? Our Blazing Light is from another world, who killed this world’s Blazing Light and then died to Nightmare, who summons another Blazing Light from yet another world?

Also, Cromach becoming a pool noodle explains his portion from the last chapter. The trio are almost back, just need to pull Joy from that orgy pile now.

In a volcano.
Probably Mistake.
10 seconds because this is MLP.

Technically there's ony one instance of Blazing, and that's the one NM pulled out of her ass for fun.

Wait, magic nullefying, true dead, slashes that take away magic. If this is who I think I can only say that there is no rest even in death.

I disagree. it is negative seven now. :scootangel:

One day, we might reach the fabled heights of two and a half reader. :pinkiegasp:
Flow doesn't use true death. What he actually does is very different from draining magic.

It took a while. Changelings are too much of my time.
They'Re cuddlier.

What happened to the original realm that Blaze came from?

Who knows? Sombra and Scream died in the Crystal Heart explosion, Void was released from Tartarus, and the balance between gods didn't get ruined by Blaze. I guess it's doing fine.

It has been only a week since the last update.

It has been almost a month since the last update.


A bit strange to see this word. Most brony using "dracony".

Added AU tag, since this takes place some three hundred years (give or take) after Twilight's alipopcornification.

I don't think future is counting as AU.
And didn't others had this tag?

he spell dissipated a short distance away from its target. Bladedancer grinned, knowing her memory hadn’t failed her. There really was some… field around Flow which nullified her spells.


through swords and tentacles

I almost see what you did here.

“FAAAAAAAAAATTTRAAAAAAAAWRGH!” her draconic roar made everyone stop. Unfortunately for the griffon who had pointed Harriet out, he didn’t restart quickly enough.

I don't want to meet this girl...
Or I want... I can't tell.

and they straight up can’t handle heights. They just… collapse or melt.”

I thought only Corruptors had that much problems with heights, others takes it a bit easier.

- I've never used dracony. For me, it's dragonpony or a dracon (from Wizardry series).
- A while ago, few ppl started hardcore bothering me with AU tag on some stories, and I got tired of explaining what the AU tag is for, so I slapped it on to shut them up.
[poiler]You thought I would spoil who the baddie is this early?
- Yay.
- I think Harriet is sweet.
- All of them get screwed, but Corruptors take it the worst, true. You gotta realize that the mercenaries aren't overly experienced with Corrupted, at least not on the level of Twilight and her analysis.

-Ok, i will call it Mistake.
-I based mostly on Blaze's and Corrupted... experience. But I see.


  • Name: Nicolai Irongrip
  • Species: Griffon/M
  • Color: Sandy coat and feathers, grey beak
  • Cutie mark: N/A
  • Standing: Excellent
  • Threat level: Average
  • Damage type: Physical (sword, pistol), Thermal (beam rifle)
  • Notes: Crucial contact, ally, friend

System status:

  • Overload: 0%
  • Damage: 0%
  • Energy balance: +95%


  • Retrieve artefact 33xb-3: “Herald’s Seal”

Hi Bucket.
Hm... Such a little threatment, since he supposed to have magical time-screwing sword and be a Corrupted with Corrupted "bodysuit".

Defensive method: True death field

I thought you said in comment somewhere he can't use true death...

> Material analysis: Robe - base Silver Sun issue, either the same manufacturer or straight up the robe.

I was sure it will be it.

Species: Unknown (Physical characteristics of a Corrupted earthpony)


The Bucket in the center of the room looked different. His body was sleeker but bigger, more armored, and the shimmering white metal same as Flow’s mask showed his entire chassis was made of istrium as well. His horn wasn’t a single crystal anymore, but a polished metal cone with crystalline spiral engraved into it. Bucket’s main body had to cost a fortune enough to buy a small country or two.

Oh, so Buket can change his bodies platforms now? Kinda reminds me Ultron.

It… looked like a floating noodle in shape,

Oh no, it's Noodle Monster! Equestria are doomed!

It had legs near the tail end, each different. One could possibly belong to a griffon, and the other one was draconic like Harriet’s hind leg. With scales still on, she couldn’t help noticing. The upper… or front pair of legs was mismatched as well, with one looking like it would be at home on a griffon, talons and everything, and the other one once again draconic ending in claws. How it was floating without wings was beyond Harriet’s knowledge, but after what she’d seen recently, she suspected magic. It’s face, though, was familiar and yet far off at the same time. It had a pony muzzle like she did, only longer and thinner, a single long fang protruding from one side. By now, Harriet could hazard a guess that there was no other fang mirroring that one on the strangely mismatched creature. She also noticed two horns on the back of the creature’s head, not like unicorn ones on their forehead, one being a jagged, long, thing, and the other a dull, cow-like stub. Its eyes were the most normal thing on the creature.

Another draconequus? Interesting.

As far as I recall, we haven't had a single dragonpony join the Order, so he'll be curious, and satisfying Bucket's curiosity is… difficult but rewarding.”

I thought it's Nightmare using Discord's soul or something like that, but... Blaze?

“I am… old, Harriet, and I’ve lived through far too much. I’ve seen Corrupted rise and destroy Equestria two hundred and fifty years ago. I’ve been there when Nightshade reclaimed their freedom, and I’ve also been there when Twilight and Nightshade liberated Manehattan from the Griffon Empire. At this point, I’m not sure whether to consider myself lucky or not.”

Who the hell are you?!

Harriet’s head started spinning.

The last name on the wall was one that by no logic should be there:

Red Wind.


Harriet’s vision blurred, and she found herself standing several more pony lengths away from the masked equine, Hastur’s forelegs putting her back down on the ground. The draconequus flew between her and the pony, an oversized two-handed battle axe appearing out of nowhere, accompanied by crackling lightning.

Ah, Cromach.

Flow was fast, rolling to the side, grabbing his damaged mask in one motion and putting it on before they could get to him.

Looks like important artifact.

- I didn't say Nicolai still had Suitie on him, did I?
No, seriously, did I? Because if I did... that's bad. Like unpublishing the story for plot holes bad.
- No one says Bucket is right.
- It's a white robe, not the recipe for secret herbs and spices mixture that KFC uses.
- Nope. Heavy is working for Bucket.
- Bucket has a lot of money, knowledge, and contacts. He got upgrades. Still no jetpack, though.
- Chaos noodle!
- Not really.
- None of those, or is it?
- A chaos noodle!
Plot dickens.
- Funny how people recall the axe and lightning before the color scheme.
- Totally! Such artefact! Much import!


- I didn't say Nicolai still had Suitie on him, did I?
No, seriously, did I? Because if I did... that's bad. Like unpublishing the story for plot holes bad.

In what I did read for this time didn't.

- It's a white robe, not the recipe for secret herbs and spices mixture that KFC uses.

When Bladedancer was mentioned is looks familiar the first I was thinking is Silver Sun.

- Funny how people recall the axe and lightning before the color scheme.

Completely white with glowing green eyes without pupils... Yeah, you will definitely think about certain character...

“It’s called the Soulstealer.”

-Let them come! Frostmourne hungers!

blond mane waving around as she turned her head to find a way to get rid of the tailing duo, and her emerald green eyes narrow, scanning her surroundings.

Hey, I know you!

“The chaos powers are making this a bit annoying.

And where did you get it?

“Aaaaaah!” she looked at the sun which was now significantly lower than the time spent inside the cave should allow, and rushed down the mountain in the fastest way possible that didn’t involve a sheer drop.

Wait, time inside must runs slower, why it's looks like it's runs faster?

The random, semi-regular grey stripes and spots weren’t the only zebra-like feature, as Harriet looked more down which gave her a clear line of sight of the mare’s round and wide hips. In fact, the changeling did have that kind of hourglass figure for which even someone as non-violent like Harriet would commit a genocide or two. Not the one with impossibly narrow waist. In fact, she was somewhat round even around her belly, but it was firm, not chubby or hanging down, and her long legs looked anything but skinny and weak.


- Oof!
- Well yeah, but she can simply be wrong.
- That joke was supposed to be there eventually.
- Just a random hippogriff mercenary. :twilightoops:
- Nightmare DID mess with him at the end of New Age.
- It runs in whatever way the owner wants it if they're powerful enough to control it. Since neither Joy nor Scream are there right now, it acts strange.
- Yep, she survived everything.


- Just a random hippogriff mercenary.

She stole somepony's sweet roll, I know it!

- Nightmare DID mess with him at the end of New Age.

But replacing his nightmare powers on discord powers... still strange for me.


But replacing his nightmare powers on discord powers... still strange for me.

Girl just wants to have fu-uuuun.

This is amazing! I cant wait to see this story progress more.

Wait, really? Harriet's part seemed dry even to me, an I wrote it.

As Gem’s horrifyingly sharptoothed jaw dropped, Harriet turned her, only to see several fleeing ponies get dragged underground almost instantly. What’s worse, a dripping, black equine mare with bat-like wings and a horn making even Harriet feel small formed from the ground nearby, her eyes glowing red.


As the whole group moved out of the way of the new Corrupted and into what seemed like relative safety, a mane-less female equine covered in black scales with the build of a fitness trainer emerged from the ground, laughing.

And I alway imagine her with with werd alicorn-like thing as mane...

Blaze didn't start to saving wolds right away

Hello! On her case more like "Hisss, blrlglb!"
Nope, bald an scaly, or some tentacle dreadlocks, depending on the mood. Considering she can change shape pretty much at will, it doesn't really matter. She would have tried various styles over the years.
Well, even mundane things can be written well, and even epic scenes can feel dry and emotionless. But hey, it doesn't matter what I feel from it, if others like it, that's what really matters. I have a tendency to be overly critical.

Yes, but much better looking (since Corrupted are super seductive to all senses), more slick, and in one long braid :D

It took me awhile to read all of your imbalanced series. I got to say that I love every chapter so far.:twilightsmile:

So, just to make sure, the original Blaze got erased from existence by Nightmare? It doesn't really specify what happens to him at the end.

That's how it looked, definitely. Specifically, as if dragged under the surface of pitch black ink, and no one has seen him since.
Now, answering that clearly would ruin so many fun theories about what's going on.

“Oh no no no, nothing so violent,” the vendor shook her head, “It’s a tiny part of a living Corruptor treated with amazon potions. You touch it, it spreads over your leg. There’s so little corruption in it that it can’t cover more of you than that. See?” she grabbed the hem of the ‘boot’ with her teeth, and started peeling it off. The boot apparently got the message soon, and slipped off, transforming back into a black disc, “They wiggle and rub your legs when you’re not walking around.”

Gryphon technology?

“Hey, Harriet, we’re off to the Badlands as well. Mayor Crimson Heart asked us to measure some anomalies, and we were about to find a guide ourselves, but if you landed Desert Shade herself, we could get much better readings from deeper into the center of the area. We’ll split the costs.”

Well, that will not ends well. Or maybe will, but the process will be difficult.

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