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This story is a sequel to Imbalanced: New Age

War is raging on the continent of Zebrica where a new warlord has risen, using immensely powerful magic to subjugate clans and countries.

In Equestria, conspiracies tying princess Celestia to Corrupted are running rampant, princess Luna is investigating an ancient alicorn legacy pertaining to entities called only 'the enemy' and 'the herald', and princess Twilight Sparkle is trying to keep Equestria together despite the rising panic.

In the Griffon Empire, both Black Ops and Imperial armies are in a losing battle against spreading Corrupted territories transforming the land.

And knowing nothing about any of that, there's Harriet, a young dragonpony in the Griffon Empire whose life is about to be shattered by a group of ponies seeking something from her father's hoard that would make all the previous threats to peace a small beer.

UPDATES: For now, random. Once Exercise in Management is finished, this might change.

EDIT: Added AU tag, since this takes place some three hundred years (give or take) after Twilight's alipopcornification.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 10 )

This is a REALLY good intro for the next story. Its consistent with what has happened while simultaneously allowing new readers to know there are other stories and the major plot points which had happened before.

This might need an AU tag, since the griffons don't have an empire in canon

There isn't really much known about the world outside of the little map of Equestria, but true. At this point in the storyline I guess I should add the AU tag.

I tried it with New Age, which worked rather... poorly, but I want this one to be readable on its own as well as the finale of Imbalanced.

Young Harriet is a dragonpony living on the eastern edge of the Griffon Empire. Her peace is shattered when dragonslayers attack her father, and her mother gets killed in the crossfire. Filled with grief, Harriet wows revenge.

I'm surprised that no one has yet to mention the "Harriet wows revenge". Normally I ignore these minor errors, but it's part of your short summary.

Woow, I completely missed that. Pun intended,
Fixed, thanks.
And the reason is simple, there's like negative six people reading it. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually really like this story for one that I randomly clicked on to see. For me the pace of the character development sometimes becomes desynchronised with the pace of the plot, like the change in Harriet's take to her body and her moving across the world. Still thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next chapter!
Btw is the universe this story is set in new, or is this just a continuation?

It'S my Imbalanced universe (check profile page for contents), but I intend this one to be readable on its own to a degree. If this is your first book and you know nothing about the world, don't worry about that. If you want to learn more while waiting for updates, there's a lot of surrounding lore.

Anyway, the plot still hasn't moved anywhere, and Harriet still thinks she's ugly but now knows there are some crazy guys around who might be into it :D

Good to know, I'll check them out now!
Also I would definitely include myself with those crazy guys ;)

So now there are three instances of Blazing Light? Our Blazing Light is from another world, who killed this world’s Blazing Light and then died to Nightmare, who summons another Blazing Light from yet another world?

Also, Cromach becoming a pool noodle explains his portion from the last chapter. The trio are almost back, just need to pull Joy from that orgy pile now.

In a volcano.
Probably Mistake.
10 seconds because this is MLP.

Technically there's ony one instance of Blazing, and that's the one NM pulled out of her ass for fun.

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