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Reading order/list is on the profile page. Grab a book and don't mind me. I just mop the floors here, and put boards over the plot holes.


Your name is Frosty Mug. You worked hard, and now you've arrived in the city of Pine Hills famous for the steady flow of adventurers, explorers, and tourists on their way to explore the Badlands, hunt wild beasts, or do something with that rumored huge glowing portal in the fortress situated in the main square. You've got some kegs of beer, some wine bottles, and a deed in your hooves.

You're not the hero going on crazy adventures, but if you work hard, they will pass through your future tavern and tell you their stories. Maybe you'll even say the right thing to change their course of action. You might even encourage them to brave dangers they wouldn't otherwise face, or ruin their efforts completely.

But most of all, you are here to listen and make money.

(An attempt at mostly dialogue-driven story with some CYOA elements. We'll see where it leads us. Feedback is always appreciated, since I have no idea what I'm doing as usual. )

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Get over the bar as fast as you can. Reach for the bottle of whisky in your bag. Say a prayer, and throw the bottle at the Corrupted. Hit or miss, doesn't matter. The second the bottle leaves your hooves, run. Get outside of the bar and start looking for either torches or guards. (continue fervent mumbled prayer if so desired.)

Thanks for commenting.

Update will be either tomorrow or on Monday, and will depend on either general consensus or the action most likely for Frosty to take in his state.

It's an interesting concept for the story, though these types of CYOA fanfics rarely work out in execution. I also worry that its dependence on past stories and OC's will depress readership.

As for what to do, if the building is insured than throw the whiskey at the corrupted and try to set it alight, otherwise punch it, then run away and look for help.

We'll see, we'll see (probably yes, though). This isn't supposed to be a main story or anything anyway, so if it crashes and burns I'll look for something else to do at work when I have nothing to do. I'll try to keep it as a "story with suggestions" rather than a full blown CYOA with prompts at each Frosty's step. As for the dependence on the knowledge of the world I've built until now, I do have a habit of tying everything together, but in this case the limited information might maybe eventually prompt some questions from Frosty to his guests.

Anyway, thanks for showing interest, and as I said before - next update will probably come out on Monday.

Skimming your list of stories, I could've sworn this was something new. I know that I never seen this in your stories in my past... and yet...

Is the Mandela effect at work here? Or am I just going crazy again?

I unpublished this ages ago due to lack of interest and me starting writing something else.

Okay. That explains things.

Still, you know what the Mandela effect is? Pretty disturbing overall...

To be honest, I might just be a hopeless case of cynicism, but I subscribe to the "brain can sometimes be really dumb" explanation.

Your tavern will be the old kind, one from before the era of corruption - sawdust on the floors, heavy wooden tables, mugs reinforced by iron, and torches.

I was curious - before of after

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