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Who here thinks that Derpy Hooves is best background pony? Well, if you're one of those ponies who love Derpy with all your heart, then please join!

Derpy Hooves is best background pony, in both the fandom and in the show (The reason why I love the 100th episode of Mlp Slice of Life, is because she spoke! And Derpy's voice is sooooooooo adorable, don't you think, also because most of the scenes that had Derpy in it made her look sooooooooo adorable. And in that episode, the doctor was in it, he spoke to derpy in most scenes, it was so cute when Derpy put her hoof around the doctor's neck and complimented how he looked in his scarf rather than his suit, and U know I totally ship it!)

Oh, be sure to join if U LOVE muffins as much as Derpy Hooves does. (I still don't like her name being Muffins in the show, or Ditzy Doo, I really prefer Derpy Hooves.)

Ok, now that I have said those, let's move onto the rules:
1. No calling Derpy, Ditzy Doo or Muffins, it MUST be Derpy Hooves.
2. Don't hate on Derpy.
3. Put Derpy stories in the correct folders.
4. If you find really cute Derpy pictures, then please post them in the forum.

Thanks for joining!

:derpytongue2:: Here have a muffin!

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Derpy is best background pony:heart:! Period:scootangel:!

Had to join. Muffins + Derpy = the perfect group!

I like muffins! :derpyderp2:

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