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A group focussing on or relating to The Rejuvenation Play and its sequels by Purple Patch.
You may ask questions, suggest and discuss ideas, request or submit fan-art and generally talk about what's being written in this series.

For those of you who don't know yet, the Rejuvenation Play starts with the birth of Dinky Doo, the daughter of the muddle-headed Ponyville mailmare, Derpy Doo, and the scruffy time-travelling stallion, Doctor Whooves, and takes place in the middle of the Rejuvenation Play, a minor but prominent holiday celebrating the birth of Laurelore the Firsticorn, the first alicorn Princess of Equestria.
News of this event bring evil forces into the fold, ponies who want nothing more than for Derpy, Dinky and the Doctor to suffer.
With the help of the Princesses, the Bearers and many other friends and allies, the Doo family must thwart this foe and ensure Equestria is saved.

We hope you are impressed.

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