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This group is made for writers who want to group up with other writers. Working with other writers is pretty fun. Ones you find the perfect writer to work with send him a idea and tell him you want to work with him or her. I think this will be good for all the new writer because I think it can help them get the experience of writing. There will also be people here waiting to collaborate with someone else. Enjoy!

-opuscon789 (Leader)

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Hello. I’m a bit new and kind of need/want help.

I need another writer. please message me if you are interested. :twilightsheepish:

where do i post that i need a collab partner for a story? also can i put my story: celestria chaos here as its a collab with a guy: calls212 but he is not in this group?

328764 There's a variety of ways to do it. You can PM each other and write every other chapter, or what I've done with opuscon789 is used Google Drive to write simultaneously. The only problem is finding time to get on together...


how do you collaborate stories?:rainbowderp:

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Great idea opuscon789!

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