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Nyx is best Alicorn OC



When Nyx woke up to find Twilight missing, she must release her inner detective and find her mother
(Nyx doesn’t have a cutie mark yet in this alternate universe)
Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
First of a series
(Cover image created by SuperSamYoshi)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 209 )

Well, this is something! Nyx gets her first mystery right after finishing that detective book, and it is a big mystery indeed!

I can't help but feel that Twilight hasn't been kidnapped. What I'm thinking is that she's using chloroform and alicorn feathers in a science experiment taking place in the basement, but left some of it on her bed by mistake.

Let's see what is the truth!

Don’t forget about the dark green fur which also has the chloroform smell.
That’s a huge red flag.
Plus, if Twilight wasn’t kidnapped, why would they both the feathers and the cloth be in her room instead of where she had the experiment.

Oh yeah, another object with the smell makes things more fishy.

You're right; what I said there doesn't really make sense. I can't think of a way the feathers and cloth could get to her bedroom if that's not where she was doing the experiment.

Well, as I said, we'll see what happens in future chapters.

What do you think about the story?
What is your favorite part of it?

when you say she don't have her cutie mark do you mean this story take place in the middle of "Past Sins" or that she get it later on?

Alternate universe story

I'm liking it. I'm excited for more.

My favorite part was when Spike said "You can count on me, Nyx!"

Are there any stories featuring Nyx and Spike interacting one-on-one?

I can use that tag filtering technique I was talking about earlier. 👍

And if there isn't such a story, well, I am a writer.

Yeah. Maybe this could be that story that doesn’t contain any of the general ideas that you prefer to write about

True! :pinkiehappy: Good reminder!

Also, the tag filtering doesn't seem to really work in this case because Nyx is an OC, and as such, no individual tag for her.

Do-do-do-do, Inspector Nyx.

Detective Nyx is future best detective

Great first and can't wait to read the next chapter

Thx. Do you have a favorite part?

It’ll be released tomorrow

Do you even know what that's a take off of?

dont think so atm but it would be good to see what happened during the time Nyx and Twilight were apart but it is your story so do whatever

Thanks for the head up

Here's a hint, Go-go gadget.

NOOOOOOOO CLIFFHANGER! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! Anyway this story is interesting. My first detective story ever. AND I ALREADY LOVE IT!!

Nice. But just know that you weren’t the only person that read this

The hint was a line, the actual name is Inspector Gadget.

Hmmm very mysterious I wonder who could have taken Twilight and whoever this Pony has use a lot of chloroform just to keep Twilight at Bay so its up to nyx to figure out who did it and why

If I was the detective in this story, I probably would have given up early in this chapter. I don't think I could handle interrogating a loved one.

(Nyx doesn’t have a cutie mark yet in this alternate universe)

But, wasn't that the case for most of the original Past Sins?

This series takes place in an alternate universe separate from the Past sins universe

Not Nyx, she’s too determined

Shes so cute in that detective outfit

Thanks, though I didn’t create it

She sure is. Something to admire her for.

A hole I see, you claim Twilight went missing at night didnt you, but Rainbow Dash was training during the day.

News flash, ponies can lie to cover up their crimes
Nyx had to make sure

But that contradicts the fact. Rainbow was training during the day, so what was she doing at night? Still training?

Whoever kidnapped Twilight was at Sleepy Head's store the day before Twilight was kidnapped
Rainbow dash was busy all day that same day

Her name was Nyx, and she was the best of the best of the best of the best of all detectives, and she is still solving mysteries today.

Was that an error?

"Everything you need to know to become a detective: Updated version." Said Nyx, reading the cover. She opened the book and began to read it.

This girl/pony got every book known to man/pony.

"Okay, but she could have accidentally gotten some on her and then started sleepwalking." Replied Spike

That’s one of the most bullsh*t excuses I’ve ever heard.

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