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Welcome, all fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising and before games! This is the group for you, and all Kid Icarus Crossovers go here. As we grow, we'll talk about Kid Icarus more; the characters, the plot, and the possibility for fics! It'll be a blast, and to deal with haters of this game series: always remember...

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334642 thank you for using my picture!

I need to get a recording of that video so that, whenever someone tries to denounce something I just did, I can just play it.

334637 Why thank you! I'll try to get it to fit perfectly when I have time!

If it's not a fight, then I can see a situation work. Let's say that Phosphora's sister, Lightning Dust, told her that Rainbow Dash is one tough gal. It could intrigue Phosphora into challenging Dash.

331247 Just do a "Viridi hates ponies and wants to blow the nuts out of them" story! =3


And I want to write it. One problem, though. I like for my stories to have some kind of plot, and after a year of brain-wracking I still can't think of one. :raritydespair:

330498 DEWWWD I wanna read that (as much as I don't like Phosphora)

Well, I still want to rewrite whole chapters of what I have so far, but I guess this is as good a place to put by Uprising adaptation as any other.

...I still need to write my Phosphora vs. Rainbow Dash fic.

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