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Just a guy who likes to draw and recently found a new passion in writing stories of his OC in his adventures with Pinkamena.

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Mane in his anthro form


I'm still alive, but... · 5:25am Apr 15th, 2017

Hello followers.

I'm sorry for my absence.
Life sure is a sea of roses. On top you see the pretty flowers, but underneath It's torns and pain. And you don't float in this kind of sea.
I'm back to my country after a huge series of events that changed my life. Now I'm trying to settle down and start again.
I recently got a laser surgery to my eyes, I'm recovering well.

Getting to the point...

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A bit about me

What can I say?

I'm just a guy who likes to draw, and sometimes I like to write.

The stuff I write, I can give a explanation here.
It's basically my own world of MLP, where the timeline is completely different, and my OC and other fandom OC's exist and they kinda have special roles in that world.

My writing skills improve bit by bit, every time I write a chapter, so if you find some mistakes, please consider them some tolerance.
Literature is not my thing, you see, but I'm willing to give a try.

The first time I tried to write was about my OC's story, which failed miserably, and lead to giving up on writing for months.
Until I returned with some fresh ideas, instead starting from the beginning, I'll start ahead of the time, and make mentions about the past.

And if you happen to read my stories, I really appreciate and all comments to criticize are welcome!

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