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I only hope you enjoy my work. I appreciate all the comments and especially the favorites and follows. They make me happy.


After his mysterious arrival in Equestria, Rick made great friends and had great adventures. But when he dies on one of these adventures, he gets reborn. This time, he is not human but a unicorn. What will this mean for him and the Mane 6? Will magic make his life easier, or will his adventures get more... adventurous?

Sequel to A New World, A Fresh Start
Continued in An Earthbound Honeymoon

Please let me know of any grammar or spelling errors.

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Cliffhangers!!! Damn it! :twilightangry2: Your writing is truly amazing, many smile and tears from me :fluttercry: ;) Thanks for your amazing stories. Keep it up! :D


CH2 Now

2707748 I'm glad you like it. It's the reason I write.:twilightsmile:

2710849 I'm working on it. I want it to be right.:ajsmug:

I wood like you to know that this story is a good one. It has a lot of hart in it.I do hope you rite more of it. Whit well happen Next? Rick Rhinstone is now a pony whit magic. with the training he got from Zecora and a human perspective on it's use, he seems to be able to multitask with his magic in a way that Twilight has not seen. This sows the grate poltencholl he has in his ability. Twilight seems to be in love whit Rick well he return her love it the way she wont ? Now that he a pone can he help himself not to give in to his new in stinks of his body? Well he wont to? His strength has got applejack impress to. Is she in love with him? All the girls love him in there own way. Well they all share him, or well there be sparks flying when they try in seducing Rick. Can Rick marry more then one pony? He love them all and wood give his life for them. It well be fun to watch whit happen next. what is his cutie mark? Is he going to earn it? Princess Celestia is steel not't sher if this pony is Rick Rhinstone. Whit will Luna do? Well she invade Rick dreams to make sher that this is Rick Rhinstone? Well Rick react in the same way he did when Twilight did the same? It well be fun to see whit is next. I hope you keep up the good woke and I look foreword to the next chapter.

Rick × twilight its gonna happen

Moar please ill keep giving you sad appleblooms untill you make moar :applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry:

2747654 there are many events in the works. some shocking, some lovely. we'll just have to wait and see:raritywink:

Now we shall see if Celestia well believe that this is Rick. Well Celestia need more proof that he is Rick reincarnated or well she make a test for him? If so, what well the test be?

The chapter was a bit short but steal good. Keep up the good work. at lees I know that he dos not have a cutie mark. Well he git one in the future? Well he join the cutie mark crusaders? They are his friends as well. I do hope there well be a new chapter to this story soon. I wait with grate anticipation.

Perhaps Twilight teleports in while court is underway. And they will have a heated argument whilst at it.

oh god this was good i cant wait to hear more about there discovery of alcohol

Hopefully he won't regret introducing ponys to alcohol.The girls mite be a bit mad at him for the hangovers they are going to have. It being the first time drinking alcohol they wood fine it a different experience. Well they remember whit they did when they where drunk? Is it something they want to remember? Is it the best nite of there lives? Keep up the good work and I do hope to read more to this good story soon.

“why is the sun so loud?!” Does that mean Celestia was laughing?

Was probably Twilight. She still used the memory spell and found out about it.

2790502 there are five possibilities, we'll have to find out because right now I'm not even certain.

It looks like he has a problem. He loves all the girls and doss not wont to hurt them. Can he have more then one? This is a different world. They may have different laws? It will be fun to see how he will solve this problem. keep up the good work and I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Wow that was a good one! Are the girls going to share him? Or are they going to fite over him? I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for posting so quickly.

I hope, for his sake, this story takes place in an equestrian where a stallion can have more than one marefreind.:twilightsmile: That would certainly solve his problem.

update must have update please lol:rainbowwild:

It looks like I am the first to leeve a comment. ferst off a Grate chapter. It has a lot of hart in it and I look forward to the next chapter. It seems that Rick has put a large wait on his back. Now that the girls know of his problem, they may decide to share him. It well be fun to see his reaction to this seen. Of cores this is your story. I steel don't know why Rick has not ben presser in becoming a Crusader? Maybe his is to old for them to want him in the grope? Of cores this again is your story. Keep up whit the grate work.

I must see more, please make this happy for him somehow!:fluttercry:

2842439 as always, things are in the works. You'll just have to trust me.:raritywink:

2842997 You are the author, I am so looking forward to the rest. :pinkiehappy: Thank you for an amazing story. :twilightsmile:

2844764 I'm just glad even one person enjoys it,all the follows and favorites are merely a bonus. Thank you for reading and the comments.:twilightsmile:

2864129 Your welcome, and thank you for a very entertaining story. :pinkiehappy::yay::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

awesome story cant wait to find out how rick handles the girls.... and was that Trixie he saw? lol

Another nice chapter, keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

You are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next chapter so, I hope you have the next one out soon.

:rainbowderp: just what was rick about to do with those hands to trixie...in the middle of the woods.:twilightoops:

All well that ends well. look like the girls have found Rick but why did they not tell Rick there decision? Is it that they all harbor hope to be the one pony Rick wood have as his sumpony? It will be fun to see whit happens next. Is Rick not being payed for his work? If not, then Why?

2912924 he's only worked three days, it takes time to make money.

I reread the story and found that Princess Celestia has given Rick a salary as there defender. I just did not see how small amount of time it had's been this time of the story.

I like to know if you are going to add more stuff on Rick truck? Twilight can help him run the truck on Magic or alcohol. It was vary much in demand when he was human. With him being a unicorn, he can use his Magic to control the truck and power it to move.

I can't wait to see when he gits his Cutie mark. whit will it be? I still seeing the cutie mark crusader trying to git him in there club. of cores this is your story and you git to write it the way you whon it. So keep up the grate work. I do hope to see an new chapter soon.

Now it look like things are working out for Rick. I haven't seen any trouble on the horizon but this is new territory and any thing can happen now. You don't have the show as a framework to base your story. Are sum of the old bad guys cumming back or are you going to make new one's for your story? Is Rick going to pick one or all the girls, now that he know the he wont brake there friendship if he picks one or all of them? There is exploring herd dynamics to take in to account. Rick has so much love aimed at him that Queen Chrysalis mite make him a target. She wood love to have revenge on the girls for all the trouble they have made for her. Keep up the grate work and I do look forward to the next chapter. :moustache:

Now that was a hart worming end to a chapter. Is it the end? Is there going to be more to this story? You have a wonderful framework of a story to add more chapters to. There is new frets to Equestria all the time. Is Twilight brother going to teach him to defend Twilight and the Elements of harmony? Princess Celestia has task him with the Job and Twilight is a Princess as well. I like to know where Twilight guards are? Rick is a major part of there life's and I can't wate to see how things will tern out in the new chapter. if you decide to make more?

Keep up the grate work. I do hope to see more Chapters to the story.

2963322 more to come, no worries:ajsmug:

I WANT MORE!:flutterrage: please :pinkiesmile:

2974035 working on it.:ajbemused: I don't want to rush anything.:raritywink:

How the hell will this work out

A wonderful slice of life. It was a bit short but good. Keep up the good work. :raritystarry:

Oh great, what did Sweetie Belle get into now? :unsuresweetie:

I am enjoying the story very much but my complaint is that the chapters are to short. I was hoping to see the reaction of the ponys in town to Ricks costumes. Is Luna going to show up? This chapter shooed have so much more. Keep up the good work.

3039074 You ask a lot of questions that can't be answered without spoiling the plot. :raritywink:
The chapters are short, I'll admit. With my schedule, I don't have a lot of down time to write, so this is the result.
The next update should have a couple surprises in store.

Will thank you. That is good to know. I do hope to see a new chapter soon. If your schedule permits. :pinkiehappy:

a good chapter as all wees. I am loving this slice of life you are writing. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

3065346 I'm glad you liked it, it was giving me trouble.

It looks like the changelings are at it again. I am surprise that Applejack wood not detect Rick sincerity. I wonder what the changelings game plan for Rick and the Elements of harmony? Is it just to git revenge? Kidnapping Rick wood have dun that. Keep up the grate job you are doing whit this story.


i bet its the changeling he saw at nightmare night

As I suspected. it was The changelings at the hart of this. It is interesting that Rick can see threw the Changelings spells. This is quite a elaborate plan that Queen Chrysalis came up whit for revenge. Good job on that. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I like to know if Queen Chrysalis plans work? Has the connections to the elements of harmony been broken? Jealousy can make pony do things that they wood normally never do. It look like they have lost a piece of there innocents. I can see that Chrysalis can manipulate emotions like a master. I look foreword to the next chapter to the story.


PS. I love the slice of life stuff but I am glad something is happening in the story.

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