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This story is a sequel to The Monster of Canterlot

Sixteen years ago, the Lachances lost their only child in a flash, literally. What they didn't know was that their son Christopher was being cared for by Princess Celestia as if he was her own foal. Now, with Christopher's upcoming nuptials with Fluttershy, the family needed to be whole again. What could possibly go wrong?

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I have been waiting forever for this story I loved the first one and all of the mini stories as well.

So, no complaints or anything, but, are we going to see the rest of the initial encounter between Chris and his parents? Or are you skipping right to this?

Just curious :derpytongue2:

This was an extremely pleasant surprise, the long awaited sequel has finally reared its head, and WOO BOY have the tensions already risen.

Great to see this going again. Also you misspelled Applejack as Applejcak.

Strap on people, its the battle of the moms, oh I know it will not happen but god I wish those 2 move to Canterlot, I just want to see the antics of Celestia and Barbara competing on who is the best mom, I would even love if she and Steve gain powers from Discord or something as in 'even the plain field' for Celestia and Barbara.

finally!! it continues!! woo!! love the start of this one.

7058556 I think I'm skipping Earth
7058586 new character


Just wait until they find out he is engaged.

It has begone:rainbowdetermined2:, give it two more chapters then I'l start reading it.:twilightsmile:


Did I forget about Chris's meetings with the elder dragon and the seapony princess? Or is there a sidestory I missed?

Dis gonn be gud :)

Wait, where's Fluttershy?

7059516 I only mentioned Celestia taking Chris on trips as a child on her back. I said nothing about seaponies, but I said that the dragons respected Celestia and liked Chris.

7059881 with Twilight on their Hatfield and McCoy episode

7059890 Thankyou SO VERY MUCH for the sequel to "The Monster Of Canterlot" story.

7058822 That's gonna be REAL fun....

7060143 Psh, just wait till they meet Discord, AKA Fluttershy's crazy ex-boyfriend... wait a second, I forgot already, was he?

Wooooo! Sequel!

I'm so excited you should give this story a picture like the others

The Element Bearers are here, except for Twilight and Fluttershy, they are away on a mission.

I think we all know how well that went.

7060193 They were never romantic, at least in canon, he was just crazy jealous of his first friend.

7060545 I meant in your canon, as in I forgot how you portrayed their relationship in the previous story.

I hope that the Lachances adapt to Equestria soon. I would very much like the whole "this world is new and full of horses that aren't horses but rather sentient ponies, pegasi and unicorns and other bizarre stuff" phase to be over quickly.

Also, while I can understand the mother being upset about not being able to raise her son, I don't see her attitude towards Celestia as justified. I can actually point out the moment where she went too far:

“Screw your condolences. You stole our son away from us.”

“Barb, calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Steve! This horse took our little boy!”

No Barbara, it was an accident. Don't blame Celestia for something which was no-one's fault.


I can’t say don’t be mad at her, but I can say don’t insult her around me.

No Chris, you can say don't be mad at her. Stop being a Gary Stu and take a freaking stand in your life for once.

I should have said this in your previous story, but Chris is one of if not the biggest problems with the Monster of Canterlot. He's a complete Gary Stu, and if his character was fixed the story would be a lot better. Not to say it's bad, I once had it in my favourites. But when I read better stories, the story couldn't hold up, and Chris was one of the reasons for it.

With all of that said, I will be following this story like I did the last one.


she can blame celestia for not returning chris when she could, in all legal definitions, celestia is guilty of kidnapping

I'd like to see more of the encounter with his parents on earth....

7058613 I for one, am glad about this decision. There wouldn't have been ponies for a while and it would have probably have been dull. Besides, if you need to, just sprinkle in that bit of backstory as it comes up!



I can’t say don’t be mad at her, but I can say don’t insult her around me.

I have not read the chapter yet cause I'm waiting for two more, but I don't see why his saying that he can't tell her not to be mad at celly makes him a gray stu, and if you read back in the story he was vary mad as well, and it will most likely continue to upset him about what happened throw out the series.



A previously unknown entity ends up in the fields of your country, crying because he doesn't know where his mom is or what just happened to him, you tell me how Celestia was supposed to send Chris back.


did we all forget that luna confronted celestia when chris was 16 that she knew how to send him back years before he was 16?

is this something we forgot?

when the heck was that? :rainbowhuh:

Wait... never mind. I found the original story... looks like I have some reading to do! :twilightblush:

7061307 That one sentence alone does not make him a Gary Stu. But he is a Gary Stu. He was one during the last story, and this showing of him being on both sides is showing him to be one in this story.

I don't know man, it's hard to explain. I guess the best way to explain it is that he is mature, but never felt like he earned it to me. He has never grown as a character into maturity, he just always was.

if you read back in the story he was vary mad as well, and it will most likely continue to upset him about what happened throw out the series.

I can't quite make out what you're talking about here, I guess you're taking about when he found out that Celestia kept secret that she could have sent him back years ago but didn't. If so, he's made amends with her over that and I don't think it will bring him any problems. Otherwise, you're going to have to be more specific.

7061418 I didn't forget that. But I don't think Barbara knew that fact. If she did, her anger would be justified, but it was never made clear that she did know, rather it seemed to me that she was just choosing to be mad at Celestia to vent her emotions. But if she did know, or learns later, I'll be much more understanding.


however, us readers know what celestia did. basically we heard "oh hey, look i know i took your kid.... BUT! look at how well i raised him, you're welcome."

7060594 no, they never got together.

7061765 she doesn't know who took Chris or that he could have been sent back. she's pissed because he was taken from her and now seems to care more for Celestia than her. She's mad at the world.

7061989 Yeah, it's ultimately a minor point; a nitpick. I understand her being mad at the world and taking it out on Celestia. It's just...

...Yeah, never mind that point. I already knew why she was mad, I just needed it clarified for some reason. I wasn't even complaining about the story, just telling a fictional character that she's wrong.

Thanks for the clarification.

7062007 it's cool :moustache: though look out if the truth is ever found out. :rainbowderp:


this response explains so much about what is going on in the comments section right now.....

Celestia was happy that her son was having fun, but she just her biggest buffer.

Missing word?
Also, THAT could have gone a lot better.

About time! *throws confetti in the air, gets out a milkshake, and flops onto a bed to read*

7062210 'lost' her buffer :derpytongue2:

Chris is inconsistant when it comes to his reaction to seeing his parents again. I mean, wasn't he very upset with his mother when she told him how he came to Equestria? It bothers me that the human psychi is basically abandoned for the sake of convenience.

Chris should be even more emotional of this whole reunion, instead of 'okie-doke! I met mah ma 'n pa, 'n now it's time fer the weddin'!'.

That's horrible writing. That's lazy writing. That's shoving everything important aside and bulling your way through plot holes that will only get bigger and bigger unless you address them.

I really hope you do something to fix that.

Mum Vs Step Mum/Adopted Mum

I get what you mean by him being a gray stu already, but his not always like that. as for what I said about him being upset about it, there will always be that hiding pain deep down for what was done, both to him and what he did in response to it.

And I quote my self.

You don't know pain, till you feel it inside you.


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