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I only hope you enjoy my work. I appreciate all the comments and especially the favorites and follows. They make me happy.


After losing his family a year ago, Rick Rhinestone could no longer take the loneliness and decides to end it all. It appears the universe has other plans for him as he finds himself in a strange land filled with talking horses. How will he manage?

Continued in Home Again

Please let me know of any grammar or spelling errors.

Chapters (22)
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A bit rushed, but good nonetheless.

JFK #2 · Jun 4th, 2013 · · 1 · Chapter 1 ·

Good Job


Could you leave a line in between paragraphs, it's rather difficult to read. Also, you've got some spelling errors in there.


Just what redneck ponies like Applejack needs: a truck! :rainbowlaugh:


“Believe me, I completely understand. After I ran from the farm, I came across a yellow and pink pony with a white rabbit. She hardly said five words to me and I panicked and ran.” Rick started to chuckle, then the pain kicked him in the ribs and he stopped.

“That must have been Fluttershy.

You already said that in the last chapter.

Aaaaaand despite getting knocked unconscious and bleeding, he instantly forgives Rainbow Dash. The protagonist just moving past any injuries caused to him is completely illogical, somebody busts you on the face with a hammer and you just say "Oh no worries man, it was all just a misunderstanding"? No, I didn't think so. I'm done.

Comment posted by drnkntst deleted Jun 5th, 2013

For Christ's sake, not another "suicide ends up in Equestria, learns magic of friendship" thing.

That is so unbelievably overdone. It's nothing but dull.


Aaaaaand despite getting knocked unconscious and bleeding, he instantly forgives Rainbow Dash. The protagonist just moving past any injuries caused to him is completely illogical, somebody busts you on the face with a hammer and you just say "Oh no worries man, it was all just a misunderstanding"? No, I didn't think so. I'm done.

I share your sentiments

Let me gess-- "Welcome to Ponyvile" Party?:pinkiehappy:

2675277 There, it's fixed.:derpytongue2:

This is a really great story:pinkiehappy: Nice job!

2675437 Maybe Rick is just a more understanding and patient person.:duck:


It could have been better if you slowed down the pace, it felt very rushed and it didint allowed the reader to get into the story. Its not bad but it could be better. I suggest a rewrite when you get the chance. If you need some tips on writing here is a link to 2 videos and some advice. Im going to favorite this, since this story does have potential.

So where did chapter 17 thru 19 go?

Comment posted by drnkntst deleted Jun 7th, 2013

2680980 I added them in now, they are under 'Chapter 7' Thanks for the notice.:moustache:

Hmm. My guess will be that Fluttershy will save him. It is the most logical way.
But ofcourse everything can happen.

Still i find it rare that the ponies are not starting to get romantically attached to him in any kind of way.
That tends to happen when you get so much affection from someone.

You amazing bastard this cliffhanger is to much for me to handle I need more from you in forum of this story.

Well i guess there will be romance now :)
Just make sure you do not rush them.

Looking forward to it :D

2692853 I will be careful. I don't want this to become a clopfic. I have nothing against them, I just don't want to write one.

are u splitting the story? or am i just looking for the next chap.:unsuresweetie:

2694450 It will be a sequel. Rick as a human is done, But Rick is alive still... again... Rick's back.:eeyup:

2694743 sweet. so when can i expect the turn-out date? also im sensing a little ricktwi in the mix. eh?

How this story turned out it could end into a full blown harem lol.
All of the mane six like him aswell as Celestia and Luna.
And perhaps he will get transformed into an alicorn later on. With him having all the aspects of harmony.

2697301 It is a possibility. :trixieshiftright:As I said, We will have to see where the story takes me. I certainly want more characters from the show.
*Spoiler* I'm working on Zecora right now.

My only problem, and it is a small one in my opinion, is that your paragraphs aren't spaced out. Other than that, this story is pretty good so far.:yay:

Run into Pinkie Pie will you? Oh boy.

Um...Equestrians use eggs for cakes, and since it's alright to consume unborn chickens, I'm sure they won't find eating pigs to be wrong; in fact, why do you think AJ has pigs on her farm? She butchers them, and sells their meat to the Griffons and Minotaurs; and of course, Fluttershy was seen feeding ferrets fish. Pinkie once said something about hotdogs, and in A Bird In A Hoof, there was a sandwich on the table AJ was eating with lunchmeat on it.

They also have watches in Equestria.

I was thinking that Rick conked his head on the door from jumping in surprise.

You do know that if you get knocked out once, let alone more than once, it means you're going to die unless you get immediate medical attention.

Skin that one Rick, and I'll go find you another!

A very nice story, filled with love, compassion, kindness; wonderfully done.
So where's the sequel? Done yet? Huh? Huh? Huh? :twilightsmile:

2723909 The sequel, "Home Again," is a work in progress:pinkiehappy:

2729885 - WORK FASTER!! :flutterrage:

*ahem*, I mean, "ooh, can't wait!" :twilightsmile:

2732855 there are two chapters already:fluttercry:

I wonder how they will take it when they found out what happened to his daughter and his wife

damn, rick should be dead from being knocked out that many times

Wow I wouldn't be surprised if shining armorial is relieved from duty

I have to admit I did not see that coming... well played:trixieshiftright:

Hahaha maybe they should just set a permanent room up for him in hospital, he has realy shit luck

nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo not the truck!

I can't help but get the feeling that you like this guy getting hurt...

Yep, you're almost bang on, but the eggs thing. When it's unfertilized (what we eat) it's just proteins and stuff chickens need to survive and grow. Fertilized ones are the ones that are unborn chicks. We don't eat these, nor do I believe the Equestrians do.
Still, that's not your exact point, so just a minor fix up.
* I would chalk up the hotdog reference to it either being:
a) just a little human flair (since we made it and these things have a way of slipping in) or:
b) Pinkie Pie just being Pinkie Pie

Just my two bits.

2999849 Oh I know, it's still a usable saying to people who think that meat is murder but eat eggs.

“Us? Yes, this is us turning Midnight Moon back into Princess Luna.”

I think you mean Nightmare Moon. :facehoof: Other than that this is a great story and I am enjoying the sequel. :yay:

3265529 I know, :applecry: I caught it late but am going thru to fix the story.

Why is it that when a human meets cute talking ponies, they run like little pussies? :facehoof:

3275990 because they aren't parrots and shouldn't be bright colors let alone talk

3275990 Perhaps it has something to do with the fact thats its completely shattering the perception of reality on top of being in a strange new world, the stress of leaving things behind.. lol

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