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This story is a sequel to The Monster of Canterlot

Peach Pit is a young earth pony that just joined the work force in Canterlot Castle. Unfortunately, she gets herself lost. Worse than that, she finds herself in the one place on the one day that nopony is allowed to be there. And she finds that she is not alone, for nopony is who she finds.

Oneshot based on The Monster of Canterlot.

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ah... the 'soul mate' idea. where fluttershy is reborn and the affect of touching the mark will happen only for her new life. i like it.

Thought of Fluttershy (and the other Elements) being dead -- Sad.
Thought of Fluttershy being "reincarnated" -- Sad in a good way.

This was an interesting spin-off, or future look, if you will. I like the idea of Dust Bunny's family being Chris' maids for the rest of his life. Cotton Tail would be an excellent successor to her mother, and so on. Ditto for the Captain of the Guard being more or less hereditary, if I read that right.

(Hope work on Family Reunion is going well. Can't wait to see how Chris will get talked down from wanting to roast his parents where they stand.)

8046366 We all know that there is only one who can reach him in that state :yay:

I guess it was true that Twilight would not outlive her friends. Good thing Chris still has Spike and Discord, as well as his mom and Aunt. Makes me wonder what happened to his Birth parents if this is the same universe, only in the future. But that might spoiler Reunion, so I'll just leave that alone.

Love that they are still Soulmates even in her next life. God and fate drew her to him, exactly when he needed her.X3

8055083 :raritywink:Twilight not outliving her friends is cannon according to Meghan McCarthy, one of the show's writers. I always try to keep close to cannon

8055168 I'm glad you stick to canon as most people pick and choose what they follow to fit their story. On that note, are your Changelings in this time of the reformed love sharing design? Even if your story branches off before that, the changlings learning to share love seems like it's something natural they'd learn in the climate of being accepted into Equestria. First they get enough love to feed themselves, then adapting to pony culture they'd share love. Maybe they'd just get sparkly like Thorax did before he changed being well fed, but they'd never think to directly give the love they collected like Thorax did in desperation when Chrystalis was trying to drain it from him

8055854 At this time, it's just past the 100th episode. Thorax hasn't even made it on the scene yet and the rest of the changelings are still locked up. I might do something with that, but I wanted this to be a short story and I don't think I could fit it in.

8057709 I understand. A bit too much world building for a one shot. As for the main story, I eagerly await to see how it plays out.

I hope you continue this story arc.

8132315 I won't, but StormHoof32 will be

I look at allicorns from a biological perspective. Celestia and Luna are immortal and allicorns therefore Twilight, being an allicorn, is immortal too.
I also don't subscribe that they are goddesses that only look like allicorns.

True, Celestia and Luna are immortal, but one of the writers confirmed on Twitter that Twilight would not outlive her friends. Accended ponies are not immortal.

When I went over to StormHoof32's page I couldn't find the story did he not start on it yet or did he decide not to do it?

He (or she) asked permission to continue this story, but he (or she) said it would take some time.

Not to nerd it up :twilightoops:...but according to the show there has only been one "natural" born alicorn being Flurry Heart. So, If I had to give a logical reason, The Tree of Harmony, or the Elements just gave her the power and form, not lifespan when Twilight ascended. I don't think the Elements would intentionally do something as cruel as force Twilight to endure the end of her friendships by death for centuries.

Plus, Megan McCarthy, one of the writers for the show, verified in a tweet that Twilight would not outlive her friends. As far as the natural born alicorn thing goes, by the time that episode aired, it was already too late. The show has ruined many of plot points from my stories. IE Thorax, the entirety of S6E05 Gauntlet of Fire and S5E08 The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone.

I cried while reading this

“Not even Chrysalis says that and she one killed him. If Luna or, Creator forbid, Celestia heard you call the prince that… well, you would save a lot of money on your funeral.”

“Not even Chrysalis says that and she once killed him."
“Not even Chrysalis says that and she killed him once."

It's what I do when I find errors, and may I suggest using the second option?
“Not even Chrysalis says that and she killed him once."

This could literally be like the continuation to the story after the the sequel makeing it a trilogy.

I could have been, but I wanted to have just a single, touching, follow up.

This was a well done short. While a side story, it's also nicely self-contained and can be a stand alone. Enough is implied that most people can get the implications without reading the original.

Well done.

The Monk
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