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I yet live. · 1:40am Jun 23rd, 2015

As the title would suggest I am still alive and working on stories. I would just like to apologize to everyone who is keeping up with my stories. You see its kinda hard to worry about all this when im trying to get into college and factor in real life crap on top of that(job and family to name a few). So needless to say im kinda stressed and finding myself with little free time or motivation. But Im still working on my stories and doing my best to get them up on the site. I cant promise

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1138713 no problem I love your story The Witching Hour and cant wait to see more. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Thanks for the favorite on Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my blogs.

Brony on!

583694 if "Show Stopper" is any indication im sure you will :twilightsmile:

583679 I hope to continue to impress.

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