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After returning from a rather paradoxical adventure with Twilight Sparkle, the 11th Doctor begins to question his ability to keep her safe. However, before he can find an answer, he's called back to Equestria. Summoned by the Princesses, The Doctor arrives just in time to witness both past and future events repeat themselves in the present. Faced with a terrifyingly familiar enemy, The Doctor must team up with a few unlikely allies to stop them. But even with their help, will he be able to stop the one pony that hates him the most?

Note: Inspired by the actual DoTD special, and the Discorded Doctor Tumblr
Secondary note: This Doctor has always been a pony. (This is important)

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Secondary note: The Doctor has always been a pony.

That must be confusing for the Companion. How does she tell the diference between the regenerations?

After returning from a rather paradoxical adventure with Twilight Sparkle

Does that make this a sequel? If so, could you please link to the foregoing story?

5674623 Nah. What I meant by that is that this takes place right after the ponified events of Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

I'm trying to think up a joke revolving around a very polished, reflective throne room floor and somepony wearing a skirt but it's just not happening, :twilightoops:

Wait a minute, the brown stallion.... oh, that's my tenth face! Man I loved that face! :pinkiehappy:


Please tell me that it isn't the Daleks who demanded the Doctor's name? Please!

“Let us hope that the first rule does not apply in this instance…”

I'm assuming that means Eleven's first rule, 'cause Tenth's was 'Don't wander off', :trollestia:

Oooh, this is getting good!

i know of no other being that says doctor like that! Oh boy we'er in for it now and que epic doctor theme. :pinkiehappy:(:twilightsmile:

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