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Princess Celestia and Luna are gone... They are now as one. Princess Eclipse

This group is Dedicated to stories based upon the world created by the sisters fusing into this new alicorn.

Feel free to add to this universe with your own stories of this character. Tell the emotional journey she deals with as two minds reside in one body. Or tell the many battles she does against the many foes across the world.

Or.... Want your own take on this story? What if somepony else were to use the Earrings of Solaris? Stories of any characters fusing will be allowed as well to the group.

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I got an idea for a story to add here.

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

I'm working on my own Fusion with the Earrings of Solaris as well. ever thought about Twilight and Trixie fusion? The best name I can come up with is Trixlight. There was another name that kaylathehedgehog from deviantart use, he call the fusion Twixie Sparklemoon. I might stick with Trixlight.

*Put's hooves up*

Just asking what would happen if eclipse gave one of the earrings to another pony and fused with them?:derpytongue2:
Also *puts all forty thousand hooves up* wait what????

this may be a good thing.....

352638 yes, that is completely allowed. Feel free to do your own story your own way

Alright, so just to be clear, I can tell my own story about the two Princess' fusing together, or can I make two other ponies use the earrings of Solaris, and that would qualify for a group posting?

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*Puts hoof up as well*

*puts hoof up*

348416 I approve this comment. Have a like

Princess eclipse is badass whoever agrees put your hooves up

347391 its... i dont know, yet. well just have to wait and see... but still, this is an amazing concept! love this!

347262 well, if you feel like you want to write your own story of this, go ahead.

dude, i had any idea for my fan fics, but screw that! this is way more amazing! ill just stick with my half Dragon, half Pegasus character. woot! cant wait to add adventures! (plus, i had an idea for a character.. maybe a crossover of the stories is in need, after my fan fics get started?

A very interesting idea indeed, i see so many possebilities.

346438 I shall show mine as well.

346438 Anytime, good friend.

346435 thanks for the enthusiasm

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