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Quoth the raven: "CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW" (Patreon)


Ok, let's start with the fanfic. It was a beautiful day in Ponyv...
Why is a pink pony looking at me from outside the window?

First, the fic was edited by Mikomouse. Then, The REAL Princess Luna followed her and helped me with this, and then came Agonist Agent. Ten thousand million thanks to all of them!

Rated "teen" for language.

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 560 )

that is entertaining I like this

My Little Pinkie: Reality is Magic

I was suppressing giggles.

I'm not a fan of AppleDash, but this is hilarious.:pinkiecrazy:(Why do I put that emote in every post?)

not a big shipping fan, but you did a good job with this.

I approve. Keep up the good work!!!!

This isn't on the featured page yet?


Not bad, here goes my thumbs up!
Although I could swear I've seen one or two eerily similarly themed fics around. But can one have enough author-annoying, fourth wall-breaking Pinkie Pies? :pinkiegasp: I doubt so!


Believe it or not, I've seen some similar fics here too since the very moment I submitted this. But, really, I hadn't read them when I wrote the fic. Pinkie Pie swear!!
And, hey, in those fics the other characters don't break the fourth wall like AJ and Rainbow, right? I hope so.

i have three characters that can break the fourth wall Pinkie:pinkiehappy:, Celestia:trollestia:, and luna y there no luna icon. Anyway i thought that all the caracters rebeling is funny keep it up

Tracking because Pinkie breaking the 4th wall is sooooooooo her.

When I saw the title, I was expecting another strange and entertaining story from RatherHomley (author of Mystery Pinkie Pie Theatre 3000). I am suprised. Will read later.


No, she's not. In fact, she make me cry because of that.
Really, I don't know if this is funny or not.

I like the word 'kumquat'! :pinkiesmile:

...That didn't solve anything.

385735 do you know whats funny, pinkie was sitting on my desk while i read this... and she was laughing the entire time. she said it was funny reading a fanfic about writing a fanfic, and being a part of the fanfic writing fanfic.

This story seems a little familiar... :trollestia:
Anyway, as a big fan of fourth-wall shenanigans, nice job, it certainly brought a smile to my face.
Although I did cringe quite a bit at your grammar, though I'm not sure if the errors were intentional or not considering Aragon is a bad writer. Oh crap, I mean... Since the Aragon in the story is a bad writer.:pinkiehappy:


Familiar? What do you mean?
*click on RH's profile*
...Oh, shit. You have a story that is just like mine, but TEN TIMES BETTER. Damn. I swear that I've never seen it before. Really. And I thought that I was being original...

For the bad language/poor writing skills, it's intentional. At least for the most part. I'm spanish, so my English can be a little... ehem. Horrible. But yeah, the Aragón in the story is an awful writer, so he sucks.

I wouldn't say 10 times better. Maybe nine. :trollestia:
Don't get so down on yourself! I enjoyed it, and, as of now, so did 28 other people!
If you ever need some help with that english of yours, try getting a prereader to read through your stuff before posting it.
But yeah, the Aragón in the story is an awful writer, so he sucks.
Redundancy is redundant.
:pinkiesmile: : Hey Aragon, you wrote that the story you is bad at writing twice.

nice job. you need to update the story more often

You did it again... I just can't believe it. I'll pass, but maybe somepony else would post something "nice". (If you know what I mean :trollestia: [M?])

Hmmmm... creo que las palabras subrayado son la historia en sí. (En Español para mantener el secreto si no me equivoco. Y porque necesito practicar.)

Every time i see the word "plot" I laugh.

The guy (that's supposed to be you I assume) is really pushing his luck. I mean cmon, he was basicly asking for it the entire chapter.

Since I can't speak in the chapter (you know, the whole If-Pinkie-reads-the-comments-you're-doomed), I'm answering here. Huh. It seems strangely logic.

Hey, I do what I can. I'm not a machine.
Well, maybe. I can't be sure of everything. At least It seems like you liked the story.

...Hell, you're some kind of an evil monster with a Chewbacca avatar? Son't say things like taht! Some people can hear you and do what you say!
No, really. Now I'm scared.

OOC: Maaaaybe. Or maybe it's just a crazy character. Who knows. It's an invisible underlined alicorn after all. Oh, the mistery...
Y oye, tu español no está mal. Aunque el adjetivo es "subrayadas", dado que "palabras" es femenino y plural.


You mean my chapter, or the post you have just above you?

Hey! I wasn't! I just enjoy shipping. And now it hurst when I blink. Or breath. Or exist.
...the pain...

Dammit. This is what happens when you don't speak a language for nearly two decades, then attempt to write in it: you give the word "words" a sex change.

i think i may be inspired to do something like this.

Ok, my arm is a little broken just now, so I won't be updating in a few days. Like, two. Or maybe just one. The chapter is almost finished, but hell, it's har to write just with my left arm!
Argh! It hurts, and that makes me angry! :raritycry:

...Hey, that picture is cool. Maybe a Sith Luna would be a good add to the story... Huh... I guess Pinkie can read the comments now. But I think Luna is actually ruling Equestria. Why conquer it once more? For the fun? It will be fun?

Also, why are your comments more popular than the entire story? The fifth chapter hasn't got any comment! My god!

Well... I'm BIG Star Wars nerd. So Sith in the story...

And About popularity...
I really dunno. I'm trying to write my own MLP story, but hell proofreading is killing me. And English is my third languge so It's rather difficult to me to write it without grammatical fails.


Heh. I also think that a Sith Luna would be cool.
Hmmm... Maybe I have an idea...
Oh, by the way, MY ARM HURTS LIKE HELL, so I'm answering comments. Why not?


I'm amazed I didn't see this comment earlier. If I can inspire you to write something, then... Go ahead! And let me know if you do something related to my work!


Hey, it could be worse. Look at me. I need an editor for almost everything I write.
Y la palabra "palabra" puede tener un cambio de sexo si lo desea. ¡Éste es un país libre, maldita sea!


Good. That fills me with joy.


You know, after today's chapter, I find your comment hilarious. Take a look and you'll see why. Same thing goes to 408184

...and that's all.


514876 thanks. it might take me awhile though, i have alot of stories to make that are made from a heck of alot of stuff that inspired me. i'm easily impressionable.:pinkiehappy:

and then we stopped him because her writing was just horrible. Aragón, changing genders in 10 seconds flat.

*Looks at the coment*
*Looks at the chapter*
Oh, I have nooo idea what are you talking about :pinkiehappy:
(Err... thaks for pointing the mistake. But, what do you think about the chapter? Gimme an opinion, goddamnit! :twilightangry2:
I mean... please :scootangel:)

515023 I'm tired. That is all. G'night. (Not trying to be rude, so tired I can't really form much of an opinion.)

Characters created by characters? An advertisement for this site within a story on this site? Oh dear god...it's FIMception

As for the story :pinkiehappy: Brilliant mind-fuckery. I have no idea what's going on but for some reason it's hilarious

to learn that your entire life was a lie. a "truth" fabricated by another person...

how does one truly react to that without going insane.

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