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Starlight's new life with Twilight has been steady. She's making new friends to fill holes she didn't know she had. But there's one friend who's been missing for years: the one she misses the most, the first one she ever had. She hasn't seen him for years and doesn't even know if he remembers her.

With a new leaf turned, Starlight decides to try to rekindle her friendship with Sunburst. But will he remember her? And will he accept her for who she is now and in spite of what she's done?

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Omg we have another Pinkie RUN......:pinkiegasp:

This was a great story.

This was the only non-grimdark finale fic I've seen. I liked it.

For some reason, the stuff Sunburst said makes me imagine him speaking in the voice of Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible. Nice job. I do believe I'll be favoriting this.

Why do I get the feeling that Sunburst reminds me of one of the Weasly Twins from Harry Potter? Is it the way he speaks, or is it the flameless fireworks?

Awesome story. Nice characterization and I really like the personality for Starburst.
And for some reason I really really reaaaaaly wanna ship it, I don't even like shipping.


You don't even know how much this is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED

This is officially canon in my head now. I don't even care what the show says about it. Totally canon. Sunburst is new fav stallion. You really nailed the interactions, and I like how you addressed the elephant in the room (that whole starting a cult thing) by not making it okay, but making the others understanding enough to forgive her and move past it. And the reasoning for why they lost touch and it all went bad made sense, and sadly could totally have happened.

A+, Gold Star, 1000 cookies of your choice flavor.

Well, this is officially the most positive fan interpretation of grown Sunburst yet.

I liked this! The depiction of Sunburst gave enough depth that I noticed he's kind of full of himself. Not quite a male version of Trixie, but leaning in that direction just a bit. I think the world would be in trouble if they ever met... So now I want that to happen!

time travel’s all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey like that, so…

I see what you did there. :derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

As good as canon, if not better! Glad I read this. :)

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