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Sunset Shimmer answers a knock on her door one day to find Adagio Dazzle standing on the other side of it. When she inquires as to the reason for the Dazzling's unexpected visit, Adagio answers by saying she's in need of her socks.

But why?

This story brought to you thanks to: Insomnia

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Man, that was a really good plot twist.

Considering your previous stories, I did suspect what Sunset suspected: Adagio was too poor to afford them.

I did not expect a puppet show, or that the Dazzlings wanted to entertain children.

I'm going to guess Adagio wanted Sunset's socks because the puppet show is about the Rainbooms, but maybe we could have a sequel that shows that?

Huh, I was half expecting this to end with some weird kind of fetish story. Glad to see it ended in a pretty wholesome way and the explanation makes enough sense. Adagio obviously doesn't have much money so she probably doesn't have many socks, but the little twist at the end with the sock puppet show was surprising.

Umm... okay then...

I like the idea of Sunset watching Bob Ross videos.

Awww! Something good did happen after 2:00 a.m.!

I am not sure what I was expecting, this was not it

I agree with the sequel idea.

well you definitely put a sock in it:pinkiehappy:

It took Sunset a few seconds to fully process what Adagio had just said, and even then she still felt as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles.

This sounds like something Applejack would say and I love it.

you managed to paint a smile in my face :twilightsmile: what a nice way to start my day

You can't just tease a puppetshow and not deliver. Chekov's puppetshow is very clear on this. A puppet introduced must be used!


Well this was a nice little read. Short, cute, and just a little bit silly. I didn't except that would be the reason Adagio wanted the socks.

I agree with 10470224

This needs a sequel where we get to see the Dazzlings performing the little sock puppet show for all the kids. I bet that would be cute and hilarious with Sunset and Rainbow's reactions to the whole thing.


Guess I have to do a sequel then.

oh, *SOCKS*. I thought you said something very different. Y'know, Sunset, Adagio, having socks...
Sorry for misinterpreting it as socksual inuendo, it was was fun story.

While Sunset considered herself more of a street artist than a traditional painter, she still found the act of putting brush to canvas to be a very calming and relaxing experience. Especially when she painted along to a series that promoted the joy of painting, like she was right now.

Instantly made me think of this. Some laughs, a smile, and a good time. Things I enjoy about Bob and now your story too.

Me: Reads to the end of the story laughing the entire time.
Flips last page.
Me: wait. What?
:facehoof: lol That was good. :pinkiehappy:
Yeah if you do a sequel I’m so there. :twilightsmile:

I was not expecting Bob Ross in a pony fic. I approve.

R.I.P. Bob. You are missed by many.

Huh, interesting twist. I wasn't expecting the sock puppet bit... I'm kinda looking forward to reading the other stories in this series now. Thank you for the entertainment!

"Ha-ha! Sock it to me!" - Adagio

Now I want to see a bit where the "Equestria Girls" cast (and/or their pony counterparts) do a "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" parody.

Aww, that was actually sweeter than I thought.

I like the Bob Ross reference cute story

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