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Bound by memory, shall meet it’s toughest challenge.

Twilight thought she had experienced it all. From heart wrenching to sweet and savoury, from east to west. And she has the right to say that- albeit false. She has yet to overcome everything thrown at her. Say for example, death.

A more....figurative one.

Twilight and Sunset will conquer one of the most struggling moments of their relationship. One tries to delay as said the ‘inevitable’, one tries to seek the light at the end of the suffering.

One of them has been broken; the other will resist.

Both will be placed back at Square One.

The question is: will they ever get out? Or will their relationship die trying?

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

Ah! Car crashes! Always ruining a perfectly good relationship...

And I should know!

I'm excited for more. <3


Never actually planned that well on the tragedy part, since it’s meant to be a one-shot at first.

And don’t worry, more is coming.

The crash sounds so realistic

Oh light. I hope Sunny pulls through.


Let’s see how that goes out in the next chapter.

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