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One night, Sunset Shimmer falls into despair. She feels an overwhelming sense of nothingness and doesn't know what to do. Even when she goes to school the next day, she doesn't feel like herself.

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Godspeed to you in dealing with your struggles. Depression is a monster, but, as someone who has lived through it and lives a fulfilling life in spite of periodic episodes, I want to assure you first that it can get better, second that life can still be good even if it never goes away entirely, and third that you are courageous for facing it.


To anyone reading this who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide, please know that you can be helped. Your life matters, and the world will be emptier and darker if you are gone. Even if by some twist of fate no one noticed (and it's almost certain someone would know and care), there would still be a phantom pain - an absence that no one would know the source of, but would be felt all the same. We would be diminished by the loss of you. If that wasn't true, then why is it that people willingly choose to spend their days professionally helping complete strangers to realize their own self worth? You matter. Please talk to someone who can remind you of that.

If you're not struggling, but you know people who might be, please share this, especially if you write stories dealing with this subject material - I have therapist friends, and they advised me long ago to pass this along in case the content is a trigger for people.

Suicide Hotline: Link
List of International Suicide Hotlines: Link

Thank you. I think writing will be a good outlet for my feelings.


Writing out your feelings is one of the best ways to deal with your feelings.

I think the story is a bit inconclusive and abrupt, but I feel you are off to a good start anyways.

I was considering making this a multi-chapter story, but decided to leave Sunset's state of being ambiguous. I think I did this because I myself am unsure of where my depression will lead me.


I guess. But the ambiguity is a bit....ambiguous.

The way you wrote it makes it feel incomplete. An ambiguous ending has a mixture of finality. Like Sunset at a crossroads, or something like that.

Maybe I'll do a sequel somewhere down the line.

Deep down Sunset knew that what she was saying wasn’t true. Deep down she knew that her friends would rush to her side with all the love and support they could give. But the despair was telling her otherwise, and it was so loud that it drowned out her logical reasoning.

Depression in a nutshell, right there.

This is one of those stories that I wish didn't exist. It's so painfully true to life that it could only have been written by someone who really, truly knows what it's like to sink into this kind of dissociative depression. I wish you didn't know what that's like. But you do, so here we are.

All the same, thank you for sharing this story. Selfish as this is for me to say, it's kinda nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one who feels disconnected from the world sometimes.

Also real talk, the part where she's too tired for pajamas hit me hard. Like a quarter the clothes I own are cute pink jammies but they just go to waste cuz I'm such a lazy bean.

Never feel like you're being selfish for wanting to be understood.

As someone who has Autism, ADHD, OCD and Aspergers Syndrome I KNOW all too well what it's like to deal with despair, depression and anxiety.

One minute I'm cheerful as can be, the next my mood changes I feel so down and low along with negative thoughts and emotions which is very annoying and frustrating to move on from it. Usually a good heartfelt laugh helps me out as does saying a prayer.

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