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A group for those diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers.

Join if you're tired of being bullied and made fun of and laughed at.

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As a teen with Autism, I’m tired of being bullied by my classmates for liking MLP. I don’t care, because having ASD is amazing. We can talk about our favourite topics all the time! It’s a superpower to be autistic- we can all be our own heroes.

I was diagnosed in 2016 and since then, I’ve been trying to show what it means to be autistic through writing.

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As a person who struggles with Asperger's syndrome. I appreciate this group.

374396 really. You make it sound like the flu.

I was diagnosed at 21 months. Proud to have it.

I contracted Autism once when I got inoculated against Polio, but I cured it by consuming a carb-free gluten-free all grain diet.

I am autism incarnate.

I thought I had Autism once, but it turned out it was just the flu.

This group seems 100% legit.

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