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Lyra's public performances continue to fail to draw the crowds she needs to kickstart her career. It takes the love and care of a certain earth pony to snap her out of her rut once more.

Featured at Equestria Daily on August 26, 2011.
Featured at Canterlot's Finest on November 8, 2013.

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A very nice short story. I only caught one little problem though: at the very end, in the last full paragraph, you wrote "touched by Lyra and Twist's gesture". It should be Bon-Bon, not Lyra, there. xp Otherwise, excellent job. Look forward to seeing more of your writing! :twilightsmile:

Gaaaaaah. :pinkiecrazy: Thanks a lot for catching that, and for your comments! :rainbowdetermined2:

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oh my gosh i cried so hard at the end!, i love this. thank you :fluttercry:

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This is the best ponyfiction I've ever read, no joke. I love everything about this, and how you've detailed Bonbon and Lyra embracing, and just..all the emotion in it. ;___; Manly tears.

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:applejackunsure: Beautiful my Friend! :rainbowkiss:

The best ever? :O Not to knock myself, but you really need to read more! There's some fantastic fics out there that make me feel inadequate.

Thank you so much, however. <3

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i love this so very much! you should write more lyra and bon bon, i think i speak for everypony when i say there needs to be wayyy more of it.

Amazing. It's a lovely heart-warming story :heart:. This is what I love most about the fandom, the stories like this. You sir, have made my whole week =D

Y'know, the mix of things here is fairly interesting as far as maturity and idealism are concerned. It's got a sense of fading idealism with Lyra being buffeted by Bonnie's apparent boundless enthusiasm for her friend's music. Then we have the maturity via their reminiscence. Oddly enough, it almost gives this a sort of 'mid-life crisis averted' vibe. It is a really sweet little story though. (for some reason I love that the italic bits read like stage directions)

Think there might've been a few slips in the language/dialogue here and there, but otherwise this was pretty well-constructed fic.
Nice job.
(Wonder if it's odd that I ended up reading Bon-Bon with Rarity's voice... oh well, better than her canon voices)

This is one of the best fictions I have ever read. I mean...Just... Indescribably perfect, I almost cried.

I finally read it Scy, and I'm glad I did. That was beautiful. You're a fantastic writer. :twilightsmile:

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As I said, kinda awesome :twilightsmile: It's wonderful, really. Very sweet without being sticky, I felt the love that Bon-Bon and Lyra had for eachother and Sonata's fangirlyness was adorable :)
Keep writing Scy! :)


Lyra and Bon Bon are one of my favorite pairings
and this was just adorable and incredibly sweet!

loved it :>

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This is probably the greatest thing I've read in my life-time.
Thank you very much for this masterpiece. :raritywink:

You sincerey make me jelly... :pinkiesad2:

i keep thinking more there should be more fanfics about Lyra, and this was beautiful.

This fanficiton was an absolute piece of literal genius. The way you captured the scenes so exquisitely just nourishes my feels towards this story and I believe if this wasn't a fan based story, it would be published as a best selling short story. I am truly amazed with this and the English language doesn't have the words to describe the emotion, power, and universally cherished form of writing this godsend of a story is capable of providing. 10 minute standing ovation for you, ScyStorm. I have never been this impressed since I finished Cloud Atlas. Have my five starts and all my best wishes-

- AProffesionalBrony AKA DiscoBiscuits

You my friend, have a gift. The sheer amount of technical detail you showed with their embrace alone makes me jealous beyond words; you are AMAZING.

This is the first Lyra and Bon Bon fic solely about those two that I have ever read and...it will always stick on my mind, it shows a side of those two that no one else managed to capture.

Keep on doing what you're doing brony. You brought a smile to my face and I'm sure you'll bring about a million smiles more.

This is one of the best fics if you just need to smile. :twilightsmile:

This is a good fan fic and it just hit me I'n the heart I don't know how to explain but I feel it teachs shows a story and let's feel emotion:applecry: my hat is off to you sir:moustache: and thank you

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Great story :raritywink:

But... How exactly did the whole 'Lyra sits weird' thing start? :unsuresweetie:

She's sitting that way in the actual show. It happens in Dragonshy, in the park scene near the beginning. It spread to the internet from there and it's part of her overall character. :twistnerd:

Oh, now that was just beautiful!

Beautiful little piece. I know I'm late to the party but I've been fanfic-binging since I don't need to concentrate on my own anymore. I wish I had something seriously constructive to say about this one, except, I really really like the title. It's extraordinarily poetic.

Thank you very much! I am quite fond of the title as well. The story was pretty much written around the title and the ending scene. Perhaps that's part of why it worked so well. :)

Beautiful, nothing less.Thank You.:pinkiesad2::twilightsheepish:

You made Lyra Heartstrings my fav pony. How did you do that?You're amazing.Thank you.:ajsmug:

Absolutely amazing!
Your words resonated very deeply in me, especially since music is a huge part of my life.
You captured so many powerful emotions so perfectly, it struck a chord within me.

I especially love the progression of Lyra's vision.
Often music is used to bring forth a feeling, and an image.
However you painted the vision so well, that it brought forward her music.
(If I knew how to play the lyre, I would write a song inspired by that vision)
And as it progressed! Absolutely beautiful development.

The world needs more fics like this.

This was the first Fanfic I ever read in this fandom and I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever read. Your story got me into reading again and I can't thank you enough for writing such a heartwarming story.

Well, I finally got around to reading this fic and I must say... this is truly beautiful. This is easily one of the better fics out there. Kudos to you, Scy.

Awesome. :pinkiehappy: Very emotional and very well done. :pinkiehappy::yay:

Sonata is adorable. :twilightsmile:
OH YEAH, the rest of the story. I'm not lying, manly tears were shed on this day. :fluttercry: Beautiful.

I find myself on a pleasure reading binge this morning. This is a special little piece, and I've been waiting to read it since I saw it pop up on EqD. It did not disappoint. Very well done, if a bit short. It certainly sounds like you have a lot of detail planned or unwritten (or unpublished :raritywink: ). Nonetheless, good work, and I would love to see more.

Actually this story is done for. :B Sorry if you found it to be short! I think 5400 words is a nice length for a simple one-shot. Glad you liked it, though. :twilightsmile:

I may write more Lyra and Bonbon in the future. :heart: Feel free to pay attention~!

awww that was nice

I love this sweet little story and your portrayal of the characters; I found the little "french kiss candy pass" scene to be hillarious and sweet too.

I hope you write more LyraBon in the future, when you have time.

Well-written...you put so much detail into every scene. That makes this story much deeper than many stories.

A writer must be at least somewhat skilled to even accomplish this and you've done it. Good job comrade! :pinkiesmile:

Silverstein222 out!

Very sweet! Solid four stars.

So heartwarming! :twilightsmile:

almost crying it's just such a sweet story

And see, now I have this little goofy grin that I can't seem to cure myself of.


58 weeks worth of comments, wow.

Anyway, fantastic work on the story.

The imagery was beautiful. :raritydespair:

You right well and your fics is very easy to understand.

You deserve a thumbs up, 5 stars, A+ 10 of 10 :twilightsmile:

Of all the romances i have read so far, this is perhaps the, best, possible, one!:raritycry: Kudos Sir, i tip my hat to you!:heart:

Wow this was just amazing.:pinkiegasp: The amount of detail and the flow of the story were just perfect. The loving relationship between Bon-Bon and Lyra were masterly written. Thank you for such a wonderful story. :twilightsmile:

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