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Twilight calls her friends to the library to assist her in a spell she wants to try out. Her friends freak out when the spell turns out to sound a little more serious than initially assumed. They soon find out, however, that their fears were entirely unfounded.

Featured at The Round Stable on November 30, 2011.

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#1 · Nov 18th, 2011 · · ·

Well that story turned out exactly like it said it would.

sudden thought: this could be the 2nd attempt. First time worked too but only their minds shifted. All the ponies had to shift around to make sure when the same mistake was duplicated they got back to their own bodies.

So, this time they'd be like "What, again? didn't we try that already?":rainbowderp:

Also: yes this was funny. and cute.:twilightsmile:

Finally, a definitive answer regarding "What are friends for?" from our resident friendship researcher, Twilight Sparkle.
They're guinea pigs.:twilightsmile:

Now we need a story where Rainbow Dash gets in a horrible accident and injures her wing, then follows Redheart's instructions and is good as new after a week or two.

I had to laugh at the group's panicky reaction to the very IDEA of the teleportation spell. "Nooooo!" :rainbowlaugh:

Nice to see Twilight get a spell right in a fic. (I admit, I've written the "teleportation spell gone wrong" thing in a fic. :pinkiehappy: ) I think she gets misfiring spells in fanfics so much because FIM is so lacking in evilly-evil villains to magically screw up things for Our Heroes. Although maybe now that Discord has been revealed . . .

Actually it's kind of strange Trixie isn't behind more "botched group teleportation spells", now that I think about it.

Twilight pulled a prank! atleast i think she did XD

Sounds like a good start for a series if you ask me.

*wild applause*

This is, of course, a one-shot. No fanon could ever dream of Twilight performing a SECOND spell that goes just fine!


#9 · Nov 18th, 2011 · · ·

You should write one about Rainbow Dash getting rejected from the wonderbolts and being totally cool about it, or one where Pinkie doesn't murder all of her friends!

We now eagerly await stories about Rainbow Dash not breaking her wings and losing flight for life, Pinkie Pie not becoming a psychotic murderer when something goes against her and Celestia being a perfectly adequate ruler with a rather modest sex life.

Meanwhile, Trixie remained a oneshot character that would never show up in the Mane6's lives again.

and shipping. their wasn't any.

This story was a heap of fun, short and sweet. Well done!

Quite an amusing story! Great execution of the concept given. Just the right amount of everypony flipping out before nothing bad actually happening. It's that kind of anticlimax that I like. I disagree with anyone that said it should be a series. I think this story suits a one-shot better. Still, very good work! :twilightsmile:

Though I did find one line in the story I must challenge.

"I've also teleported across Ponyville, but again, only with myself."

I must ask... which event are you referring to? If this is referencing Episode 3: Ticket Master, then I must make a point that she teleported with Spike.

I know this story is just for fun and I had a lot of fun reading it! :pinkiehappy:

I was thinking of Ticket Master, and I recalled she had Spike with her, but I wasn't sure if I would consider that teleporting "across Ponyville." So she's basically mentioning an event that didn't happen in the show... Or she just forgot about Spike. :P Whichever works. I may change the line later, regardless.


Ya there ya go! Wherever there is a plot hole... a unicorn did it...:raritywink:

I dunno, I still wanted to turn into clop or have a pentagram appear beneath them during the spell and send them to hellworld or something insane like that.

This is like the first minute before the credits. Lots of freaking out for a little gag. I'd love to see this in the actual show! GG DOOD

#18 · Dec 7th, 2011 · · ·

So Much Tension
and then, right at the end it turns out just fine.
Like #4, #9 & #10:

you should write some more stories with this mundane stress feeling where somethint would go horribly wrong in the show, but it turns out just fine in the story.

Good writing and all.

P.S. what does everyone think about the new (antibot?) Pony Question field? (Maybe it's just for guests.)

Thanks. I may do more silly stuff in the future.

And yeah, you got it, it's an anti-bot feature that's only for guest posters.

milkey! like putting a fish on a hook!

aww poem faaaaaaaaaillllll!! better luck next time!

still an interesting twist to what has no twist.

Now someone write, "Twilight preforms a spell that goes wrong, but the result isn't really a big deal."

I still want you to fix your typo, dang it!:rainbowlaugh:

Anyone notice that Owlicious is for the most part forgotten nowadays?
Anywho, it's actually kinda refreshing to know that somewhere, somewhen, Twi is getting a teleport spell one hundred percent correct. :twilightsmile:
No Humans or mutated pony friends for you, Twi.

Aha, I remember this, it was the inspiration for my first bit of MLP fanfiction. Funny stuff!

awesome! :pinkiehappy:
i know you said that everything was gonna go exactly the way twi wanted it to go and nothing would go wrong, but nonetheless i kept expecting something to go wrong! :pinkiegasp:


The title seems so sarcastic (or whatever the term is) But everything does, indeed, go fine. Great Stuff :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like she trolled them all. XD:rainbowlaugh:

I felt tension while reading this, even though I knew how it would end. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

This story was awesome, trollight is best pony.
And you applied rule 8 of pony fanfics "if pinkie is involved in any way, shape or form she must break the fourth wall and/or the story must contain a referance to cupcakes"

I would ask for more, but then i realised that if you havent written anything more to make this a serie for 40 weeks it would be a little pointless -.-

No... this is impossible...

I enjoyed an anticlimactic story where it wasn't used for comedic purposes? You have completely turned my world on its head, Scy, and I like it.

at first, I thought that the the title refered to the colored cushions:rainbowlaugh:


I see what you did there... :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by NachoTheBrony deleted Feb 18th, 2013

it was ok
I give it a mustache and a rarity out of five mustaches.

Some quickie bulletpoints for this quickie!

- Some people have probably told you this but there's a small tense flub in the form of "The five immediately go for the door".
- Good descriptions of Twilight's physical and mental exertions during spellcasting! I don't know why but I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff.
- Fainting Couch: the real star of Friendship is Magic.

All in all, does exactly what it says, yet still manages a mild twist. Fun times. :twilightsmile:

No one's pointed that out, actually. I'll fix it later.

Thanks~ :rainbowwild:

Title says it all

WOW, this story is (roughly) five years old!


I was about to say da fug you were talking about, but then I remembered how old this post was

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