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Trusting Hasbro · 10:00pm Feb 15th, 2013

Ok, so recently hasbro has... let's face it been punching the fandom in the gut a bit. There are three things that contribute to this and im going to talk about each of them here.

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I like all three Ideas from This and I hope one of them will be coming.

343254 not a problem, it actually turned out alot more deviant from the dark i was expecting. but good none the less. i know this sounds odd, but the mistresses assistant (cant quite remember his name) kind of reminds me of a boss from a tales game for some reason

Thanks for faving "Obsession and Regression" :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the favorite! :scootangel:

286250 i wrote that while recovering from a drinking problem i had, please leave that abomination in the past, please :'(

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