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Welcome to the group for all the Bronies out there who have both a FimFiction account and a YouTube account. This is the place to go for help on your latest video, to collaborate with other users, get some friendly advice, share your favorite videos, and more! Post your stories in the "looking for readings" if you want another member to make a reading on YoutTube. If you know of stories with good readings (even ones that aren't your own) go ahead and post them in the "stories with great readings" folder.

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I'm looking for an animator for two videos I want to be done for my channel. One is a Twilight music video called As the Guards Change and for that, I want Twilight singing as she walks down a hall through the royal guards and her brother, the captain of the guard. I also want it to have a scene where she is standing in front of a stained glass with her image on it. The other one I want is of Applejack and Rainbow Dash singing Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun. For that, I want AJ in her gala outfit and the picture of Rainbow Dash with the awesome black shades. If you do well on these, I might have you do the rest I have planned in the future as well. Also, I need someone who doesn't mind doing it for free since I'm broke. So, who's interested?

Yeah this I can already tell is a very quiet group. Does anyone even talk in here?
If so, please respond. I am a proofreader, and I help edit stories :0

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