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This is the Official group for all the FiMFic users who happen to also have YouTube channels (or enjoy YouTube in general.)

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Excellent question (albeit someone's FINALLY getting to it)! This group is for those who have YouTube accounts and/or simply love the content (pony related or otherwise) that YouTube provides!

Is this for people who have a YouTube channel yet don't have pony content on them?

Perfectly Insane

I was hoping to find someone who does fanfiction readings on youtube, and would be willing to do readings of some of my fanfics? Pretty Plz?

To answer your inquiry: It i for those who either have an YouTube account or simply love YouTube in general.

Query: Is this group only for those who are well established in the youtube scene?

I'm looking for an animator for two videos I want to be done for my channel. One is a Twilight music video called As the Guards Change and for that, I want Twilight singing as she walks down a hall through the royal guards and her brother, the captain of the guard. I also want it to have a scene where she is standing in front of a stained glass with her image on it. The other one I want is of Applejack and Rainbow Dash singing Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun. For that, I want AJ in her gala outfit and the picture of Rainbow Dash with the awesome black shades. If you do well on these, I might have you do the rest I have planned in the future as well. Also, I need someone who doesn't mind doing it for free since I'm broke. So, who's interested?

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