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Because all must remember what happened on that infamous day in Stalliongrad.

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all the bronies all across the world should unite in a revolution and create a land for bronies to go if anti-bronies were taking over the world.

death to the anti brony bastards

Onward Comrades!
Armies of the Soviet Union!

I'm writing a story about a communist revolution in Equestria, and I was wondering if the senior members of this group would allow me to add it to the group's stories. So, would you? :duck:
Cheers comrades, and happy new year!!! :pinkiehappy:

297296 I was just messing. he is my douchey friend

Shut the fuck up, I know it's German.

Greetings my little soviets, how are you doing this fine red Octo- er...May

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